Do i have schizophrenia?

Do i have schizophrenia? Topic: Expression to start a conclusion
June 26, 2019 / By Makeda
Question: The 3 symptoms I have the positive symptoms of seeing Shadow of things that aren't there, and i believe that where are under surveillance (Which we all are i know it). Negative symptoms is when im mad i had lack of emotion ( mad is one but i just have no facial Expression and don't care what going on in my surroundings, I am socially withdrawn ( i make my self[reason why coming up]) I feel less motivation. My cognitive symptoms are less memory of my studying for math (and only math class) My early warning signs A change in personality Getting mad easier and indifferent to others And a very low drop in high school performance Environmental Factors are Stress at home and a life changing experience about 7 months ago and had these symptoms every since then. I think i had undifferentiated schizophrenia which is a combination of the 5 types of schizophrenia Do you think i have it?
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Kiera Kiera | 10 days ago
i know exactly how you feel. this started happening to me at age 14. when you go to the doctors they will tell you that you don't have it. just because you know that you are going insane. they don't want to ever tell you that you have it. you seem to be showing very early signs of schizophrenia. but that does not mean you have it. schizophrenia is when you are insane, symptoms of schizophrenia isn't schizophrenia just symptoms. age is a huge factor. if your a teen ager 17 or younger then it could be your hormones. but if your over 18 go to the doctor. because when your a teenager your brain chemistry constantly changes and you can never get a steady diagnosis. so if your young wait it out for a bit. you will know if you have it. you are basically "consciously going insane" diagnosis takes about 6 months. and i think your trying to make the worst of your situation. you probably don't have undifferentiated schizophrenia. because thats very scary kind. you have to have at least 6 months of symptoms (which you have) to be able to be diagnosed. just dont give up and stick to what you think is wrong with you. dont let them convince you otherwise. cause your situation is exactly what i went through. just dont jump to conclusions because schizophrenia is serious and develops over time.
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Kiera Originally Answered: Do I have SCHIZOPHRENIA? Need to know?
u r having psychosis. whether or not it is schizophrenia i do not know. psychosis happens in other conditions too. The best thing for u to do is go to a doctor/gp and get on some medication that can make the voices and the people go away. side effects wear off after time. just take it. the medication that has the least side effects i was told is zeldox. maybe not everyone can handle it. if u end up having schizophrenia - which u should leave to a doctor to diagnose these could be helpful: Nutrition and Mental Illness An Orthomolecular Approach to Balancing Body Chemistry - Carl C. Pfeiffer, Ph.D., M.D. Natural Healing for Schizophrenia And Other Common Mental Disorders = Eva Edelman (Forewored by Abram Hoffer, MD, PhD www.amazon.com < u can buy them books here and: http://www.alternativementalhealth.com/articles/default.htm#S look at schizophrenia article: Ten Essential Lab Tests for Symptoms of Bipolar Disorder and Schizophrenia but u c the article has been taken off but i can tell u what the tests r if u r interested. just contact me on [email protected] they can be done at a herbal doctor/ naturopath. stay away from spiritual doctors. i'm actually really sad to c that article come down coz that could of potentially helped people. another evil of the world today. stick to ur meds and doesn't matter what any book says keep taking ur meds and try other alternative treatments at the same time. n to the ppl who thinking oh just stick to the medicines. haha the doctor couldn't figure out what happened to me, just take panadol. putting me on antibiotics when i had a cold for two years. i have allergies which they could not diagnose but a herbal doctor did. so much for the medical profession in that case, looking pretty pathetic right there. i had all the symptoms. not to say that they are pathetic for everything. someonez losing money at the end of the day, big pharma. it's what it is money and power. forgetting about the people. email me on [email protected] and i could possibly tell u more things that could benefit u... don't be scared u need medication right now just go to the doctor asap. You need to know that the voices are not real... they seem real. that's when u r considered i think dangerous person in society or to urself when u have problems with ur mood, perception, thinking and memory... so when u perceive a reality other than what is real... ur in trouble. the sooner u get on the medication the better and don't cut it down or out until things r way calmer for at least 18 months i think. the longer u go without medication the worse it is for u. so u need to get on medication asap and do some other things while ur on it. don't stress whatever u do... these things can go away ok. oh yes i think the best psychiatrists r in the hospitals - psych ward. doctors can have no idea.
Kiera Originally Answered: Do I have SCHIZOPHRENIA? Need to know?
Sounds like you definitely have some form of a serious mental disorder. It could very well be schizophrenia. Get a psychiatrist. You definitely have something wrong with you. You should either listen to the doctors and take the medication, or IF it's serious enough, check into a mental hospital. Schizophrenia can reach a point to where you're not only a threat to yourself, but also everyone around you.

Jamesina Jamesina
to start with loopy del is fallacious - it may well NOT be cured via treatment. It may also be efficaciously TREATED however there's no remedy for schizophrenia. It is an excessively very difficult ailment to regard. My grandmother has it. She has battled with treatment all her lifestyles and it's nonetheless very difficult for her. She eventually observed a treatment in her 50's that got to work quite good, however her dose has been upped such a lot over time, and she or he nonetheless hears voices from time to time. If the voices inform her that she can not stroll, then she collapses while she attempts to rise up. It regulations her mind from time to time. As some distance because the 25 factor, I do not know however i have heard of men and women having it as early as 22 years ancient. As some distance as youngsters having it?? I do not suppose so - not ever heard that - continuously heard it was once early 20's (identical op_'s reply mentioned youngsters have it) ***btw - very intriguing query!
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Eowyn Eowyn
You could, but schizophrenia is more than just hallucinations. It involves putting names and stories and ideas to those hallucinations, to the point where they become real. If you realize the hallucinations are not real, that is more along the lines of psychotic depression.
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Eowyn Originally Answered: How do you know if you have Schizophrenia?
Schizophrenia is a psychotic disorder when a person usually experiences hallucinations, delusions and extreme paranoia which makes them lose contact with reality and not understand what is real and what is not as they believe the hallucinations and delusions are real. Other symptoms include disorganised speech, catatonia, depression, self harm, suicidal and/or homicidal thoughts, insomnia, anxiety. These symptoms have to be on going for a full 6 months before being diagnosed with schizophrenia. People who have schizophrenia usually have no idea that they are ill in any kind of way and often deny that anything is wrong with them. My friend has schizophrenia and it started when she would say that everything tasted funny and decided she was not going ot eat anything anymore because people were trying to poison her. Then I noticed she would talk to herself in her room even though no one was there, she would sit and stare into space and randomly laugh for hours. She withdrew herself from us (her friends) and claimed we only wanted to be her friend to get inside her head and kill her and that she had new friends now. Her new friends were not real, they were voices and hallucinations in her head. She was constantly on edge and really paranoid, sometimes I would talk to her online and she would say she didn't know me but other days would say things like her friend told her I was bad and she had to stay away from me. The last time I saw her before she was hospitalised she had not slept in days and looked very tired and was very edgey and paranoid, she could not keep eye contact from fear of being killed. She had cuts from her wrist to elbow on each arm which were self inflicted and they all needed stitches. I took her home and told her parents and left. Next thing she was in her room threatening to kill herself and her parents with a knife, she was then arrested and sectioned for just under a year getting better. This all went on for 8 months before she got the help. The internet cannot tell you if you are schizophrenic or not, only a psychiatrist can so if you are worried then go and see one otherwise you will never know. But the fact you are asking this question shows you are not as people with schizophrenia are psychotic and have no idea they are ill.

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