What are your pet peeves about Yahoo Answers/other. 10 points within 24 hours?

What are your pet peeves about Yahoo Answers/other. 10 points within 24 hours? Topic: Welcome to homework help
July 20, 2019 / By Lyndsay
Question: One of my pet peeves is people who ask the question "Am I Pretty?" These drive me insane. So I recently asked the question myself, linking it to a very ugly picture (fake photo, not of a real person). I received a lot of humorous responses, resolved the question by choosing "I'd tap that" as the best answer, but the question itself ended up being deleted a few hours later. Which leads me to another pet peeve... People who have no sense of humor and report the smallest of slights. Seriously butter-fingers, lay off of the "report" button. I've only reported a violation once, and it was because someone told a depressed teen to kill himself. If I find a question silly or offensive, I move on. End of problem. A third peeve would be that I can't give a "thumbs up" yet, for I'm still a "level 1." I get the process, but even youtube allows beginners give a "thumbs up" or "thumbs down" on material they view. Pfft. Here's another. People who you genuinely try to help, even spending an hour on responding to their question (whether this be researching for them or typing a much contemplated response)... only to never hear from them again. They just poof! You may have found their answer but they're gone! Why ask a difficult question if you can't even wait a damn hour for an answer?! This is probably my biggest pet peeve because I couldn't sleep the other night, ended up cuddling my laptop in bed in order to find the title of a movie someone had forgotten. I spent an hour researching, found the movie, reported it in response, and still have not heard from her (it's still an open question too). I like helping others, which is why I'm here in the first place. I'd atleast like to know if I was right. Grrr. Okay, ah, sorry, this was a very long description. What are your pet peeves? Don't hesitate to include those that exist outside of Yahoo Answers (e.g. the only spelling/grammatical pet peeve I have is native English speakers who type "your welcome" instead of "you're welcome"). To: The Duke With you on the homework cheating! So far, you have the best answer. Not sure if anyone can top your response.
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Kayly Kayly | 1 day ago
My biggest peeve is probably that a lot of the posters seem to be ten years old. I would like to find a site like this one that is more geared towards adults. I don't know anything about Justin Bieber, Demi Lovato, or Miley Cyrus. (Don't want to either). I know a lot of stuff but I need more mature questions!! Oh, and the book section is all kids trying to cheat on their homework. Do your own homework!
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It takes away points to keep the spammers from just posting constant questions, or people who only ask but never answer. My guess anyway. Don't know, never played. Ditto. You can answer questions, play an instrument, write, dance in front of the mirror until you're breathing hard and laughing at your goofiness. Only have Sims 2 on PS2. (It's buggy). Don't have it. Hmmmm, want some blues? (I just know this record company offers free downloads) The Robin Rogers is kind of 1AM bluesy: http://www.blindpigrecords.com/index.cfm... Keep turning! Wow. Tough one. Joyce's Portrait of the Aritst as a Young Man. Yes, I'm a geek. Wordpress.com. You can blog! and read other blogs. Amazon.com, probably "Eye of the Storm" by Randall Hartsell From someone who has a PS3. Close some other programs or turn the graphics down Wikipedia. Or this one, because it has a duck: http://www.freefoto.com/preview/01-08-52...

Hyacinth Hyacinth
Mine are the spammers, and all the in-struggling with that makes some questions into minefields. I come on right here to talk approximately song, not contain myself in petty drama. The struggling with is the worst section for me. My different puppy peeve is giving an fairly considerate answer, and seeing ultimate answer given to the asker's touch or some thing like that. OR putting some thing very own up for vote. Very hardly am i able to not make up my suggestions when I ask a question. I attempt to not choose different too plenty with the final answer the two. very own questions I never placed to a vote. That drives me insane! EDIT: I forgot to respond to the song question: i might decide directly to be Chrissy Hynde or Debbie Harry, using fact they have been the two real, proficient and unique!
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Edwyna Edwyna
Things that "peeve" me. Under age posters. Text message style spelling. People who report you as being in violation cos you tell them to try the library first and then the net or cos you explained to them HOW to do their homework and didnt just give them a finished answer to print out. Finally I'm sharing my time online which I pay for myself and my knowledge which I don't get paid for. I think top level users should be rewarded with free yahoo pro level accounts and web sites.
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Charlie Charlie
Here are my pet peeves: 1. Underage users 2. Avatar gaming 3. Vulgar language 4. Trolls 5. Rude users 6. Ranting content
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Charlie Originally Answered: Why did I lose my Yahoo! Answers points randomly?
Next time you see points missing, go look at your activity report! Before you do anything else, if you get a message like that, read your activity profile. Just go to your profile (click "My Profile" in the green box in the upper right side of the screen) then click on the tab that says "Activity Details" above the box that shows how many points you have total, how many you earned this week, etc. and which says "Activity Summary." It only shows the last 6 or so transactions so that's why I said that you need to stop asking questions or answering questions until you look. If you keep asking/answering questions then those transactions will show on the activity details board and not the transactions you're curious about.

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