American history gurus, i need your help?

American history gurus, i need your help? Topic: Economics homework questions
June 26, 2019 / By Rik
Question: ok, this is exactly what it looks like, homework help. i've searched my textbook and i find things confusing but i would really appreciate it if somebody would help me answer this question. thank you in advance. 1. Compare and contrast northern and southern colonies. Discuss the settlers, governments, economics, and culture of each region. Use examples from the lectures and textbook.
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Merv Merv | 10 days ago
J & C is right but I will try to keep it simple to get you started. However, you need to reread the material for more details. Settlers - Northern - families looking for religious freedom Southern - trading companies mostly men Government - Northern - mostly controlled by a particular religion Southern - set up and controlled by trading company Economics - Northern - small farmers and merchants Southern - large plantation farms Culture - see above for examples
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Jordon Jordon
Look in your textbook or your notes and pay attention to the following topics in each type of colony that will help: What kind of jobs did people do? What crops grew there? How big were cities? Where did people move their from? Why did people choose to move there? If you can answer those questions about each kind of colony you can answer your essay question.
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Edison Edison
Your question is one that would take 20 pages of typing and hours of research. Looks like you are on your own on this one. And if you are confused it would be best to get unconfused and pay attention to what you are reading.
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Cam Cam
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