I need a little help, can you help me?

I need a little help, can you help me? Topic: Welcome to homework help
July 19, 2019 / By Nichole
Question: I need to know more abbreviations for when i am chatting to my friends, can you list acouple of words and their abbreviation? that would help. ^-^ Thanx oh i know these: ttyl, omg, lol,asl, and wtf
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Lyndsay Lyndsay | 1 day ago
people = ppl August = Aug each =ea hour(s) = hr(s) inch = in foot =ft minute =min versus = vs stayover = s/o none, never, not = 0 in love = I/L 404 = I haven't got a clue ASAP = as soon as possible BBFN =bye bye for now BTDT = been there done that Cya = See ya EM = e-mail IM = instant message(ing) GMAB = give me a break xoxo = hugs and kisses IC = I see LMSO = laughing my socks off Ly = love ya luv =love M/F =male/female PM =private message Gbye =goodbye QT =cutie WS = web search SWAK =sealed with a kiss TC =take care TGIF =thank goodness it's Friday CL = chat later TPTB = the powers that be TW =that works YBS = you'll be sorry TB = too bad ono = Oh NO! :-( - sorry/sad TTFN =ta ta for now because = b'cause/B Coz/Coz birthday - B-day library = Lib North =N South =S East =E West =W Senior =Sr Junior =Jr Sophmore = Soph Freshman = Fr French = FR yard = yd home =hme/hm help = hlp boyfriend =bf girlfriend =gf homework =hmwk vacation =vac holiday =hol break =br summer =sum highschool =hs grammer school =gr sc elemtary school =elem sc junior high = jrh b.y.o.b. = bring your own boy (to a dance or something) make up =m/u I don't know = ? perfect =perf got to go =GTG perfect =perf later dude =LD later gator =L8R G8R quiet =QT computer = puter please do it qucik = PDQ hop to it =h2I hurry up =HU thanks =thnx your welcome +YRW write back soon =WBS whoat would Jesus do +wwjd kiss =x hugs =o boring or sleeping =ZZZZ or make your own you can shorten any word
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Kayly Kayly
asl= age, sex, location ty= thank you y=why tc=take care u=you r u=are you 2=two, to and too cool=excelent luv=love bf=boyfriend gf=girlfriend lol=laugh out loud foff=f u c k o f f mic=microphone cam=web camera nt=not ye, ya, yep, yeah=yes g2g=got to go y/o= years old 4=for b4=before c/on=come on sth=something s/o=someone nite=night rite=right and write. BR=brave g2=go to TG=transe gender les=lesbian w/m=wait a moment jcb=just comming back brb=be right back c u=see you i c=I see ..........etc.
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Hyacinth Hyacinth
g2gn - got to go now ttly - totally brb- be right back rotfl - rolling on the floor laughing lmho- laugh my head off lmbo- laugh my butt off lylas- love you like a sis liti - laughing in the inside ur - your bbl - be back later
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Edwyna Edwyna
w/e means wat ever, nm means nothing much, n/m means nevermind,ilu means i love you,lmao,means laughing my a** off,ummmmmm i know more but i cant think of any other ones wright now
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