My kid is 16 months old. i want him to be smart. what shall i do?

My kid is 16 months old. i want him to be smart. what shall i do? Topic: Lesson plans on problem solving
July 16, 2019 / By Naphtali
Question: Please help what i've to do to make him smart, clever and curious etc... i'm afraid if i buy lot's of toys for him his curiosity may fall down. is it so?? sorry. English is 3rd language for me. i'm owner of a company
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Kenyon Kenyon | 3 days ago
3 languages? Excellent. One of the greatest way to increase brain function is to learn another language, it forces your brain to create new synapsis (the conecting "roads" of a sort inside the brain). - You need to speak 2 languages in the house. Speak one to your child, and speak another to everyone else in the house. He'll catch on, don't worry. - Read all the time - Don't solve your child's problems for him. If he is getting frustrated, remove him from the situation and inform him that he can attack the problem later when he calms down. He'll learn very important habits here. - Be ACTIVELY involved in his education. Meet every single one of his teachers the first day of school (or sooner). Get that term's lesson plan, and go over it extremely well. If you see things in there you don't like, make sure you cover that topic with your child. If you don't see things in there that should be there, make sure you go over it with your child. Do this every single year. When things get repetetive (as the often do), get the next grade's lesson plans. - Make sure you go over your child's homework every single day. If they don't have any homework, go over what they learned that day, and maybe give him a small assignment or quiz to make sure he got it. - Don't buy a bunch of toys. Creative free play is one of the greatest things you can give your child.
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Hosea Hosea
Talk to your child. I have been told my children, 2 & 3 years old, are very advanced verbally. I believe this is due to the fact that my husband and I have always talked to them as if they were older. Once they were able to respond, we made sure we asked them lots of questions. Books are great. Read to you child. Go to the library and let him start picking out his own books - what better way to increase curosity!?! Toys can help a child become smarter and more curious. Try to focus on toys that require imagination, not batteries.
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Emerson Emerson
hope that both you and your partner are very clever and genetics does it part, you can not MAKE a child smart. They are or they are not when it comes to book smarts. Every child is clever but in different ways. If you always want your son to love and respect you then let him be what he is and don't apply too much pressure
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Cleveland Cleveland
Love your child for who he is. Spend time with him and let him know you'll always be there for him. Reading to him is a very good idea, in the language that you want him to know the best, but teach him the other languages if you truely know them. Let him learn at his own pace. Enjoy your child and let him be a kid don't rush him growing up. My child turned 18 today and I can't believe how the time has flown by.
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Andrew Andrew
don't need lots of toys to learn. Simple blocks are good. Placing shapes in holes, something to push and pull, a big cardboard box to go in and out of. Sing the ABC song every day and he will be singing it too, in no time. The same with 1,2,3. Let him watch Sesame Street. Read to him every day. Make learning colors a game. Green like grass, red like a rose, blue like the sky, etc, point those things out to him every day. When he names a color correctly on his own clap for him and say yay!
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