My girlfriend of almost 2 Years broke up with me last Tuesday night.?

My girlfriend of almost 2 Years broke up with me last Tuesday night.? Topic: How to write a song about a girlfriend
July 18, 2019 / By Ophir
Question: My Girlfriend of almost 2 years broke up with me, and we Love eachother very much. To cut the story short, she told me that I was controlling her again, and I was keeping her trapped in a box because I wouldnt let her do anything, and if I did I would make a fuss about it first. I asked her to give me a second chance, but she asked me "Why didnt the first Chance work? Why didnt you stop controlling me the first time?" I didnt know. And I also didnt know that I was treating her like that. Anyways, I moped and cried about it that night, and most of wednesday. But On wednesday night I went to the store, and I was looking for some kind of Card. I couldnt find one that I liked so I went back home. I looked again the next day, and I spent a few hours looking. I couldnt find one, so I went to the other store and looked for about half an hour and found the perfect one. The card reads "I guess we've hit that time in a relationship that always comes, where we have to choose wether to move forward or pull back. I know that weve had some rough times together, but I want to move forward in life with you. I beleive in us." Then inside the folds (Triple fold Card). I wrote a long letter. I had actually wrote the letter three times on three different cards but I didnt like how I said things, and didnt want her to take offence. I realized that I had taken her for Granted, and that is why I treated her the way I did. I told her that in the letter, along with things like that I loved her more than anything, that I dont want her to turn off her phone every day because she thinks i am going to try to talk to her. I told her that I will wait till she is ready to talk to me. I told her how Sorry I was that I went to that party and didnt invite her. I told her why I didnt invite her to come with me, and that was because it was late, and I knew she was asleep and I didnt want to wake her. She didnt like the fact that I went because there was an old friend of mine who happened to be a girl who also happened to be drinking there. But she is Engauged, and I would nevet put my girlfriend through the pain and suffering of being cheating on. And I have the upmost respect for my friend and her fiance. I would never do that, because I was'nt willing to lose her over a one night stand. I Love her more than anything. I told her that I will wait till she is ready to come back to me. and that if she does, I will never treat her how I did, and I wont ever take her for granted again. I promised that to her. I was going to propose on our anniversary in three months. I wrote a song on a piece of paper as well, and put that in the card. Do you thing she will come back to me? And if So do I deserve her. All help will be much appreciated. Thanks for your help , She really means alot to me, and I really want her back I still havn't talked to her since I gave her the card. I am a song writer by the way, it wasnt just me trying to be nice. I have written a few songs for her before. Anyways, thanks alot for the help.
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Laz Laz | 8 days ago
I've never heard somebody show a girl how much affection they felt for her...You do deserve her...if she doesnt go back to you then she made a stupid choice...You did the sweetest thing anyone could ever do for a girl
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do an art project where you take balloons and paper mache them into a mold and then when they dry glue them all together and make a stick figure shape, and cover them with clothes and then name it. you can make a whole at the bottom and sell it on ebay as a secks toy. haha (say secks out loud)

Jacob Jacob
Sounds like I'm reading my life, haha. Maybe your relationship has become more of a friendship to her than a love affair. She may feel like you are missing the passion you used to have, and are better as friends, or she is looking for something more from somebody else. You both need to sit down and be honest about what you want, and how you feel. My ex and I sat down and did this, realised we wanted more experience in life before we could settle down, wanted to see what it was like to be with other people, etc etc. Our relationship had turned into a friendship, to the point where we were finding it hard to even maintain a friendship out of fear of saying the wrong thing or offending the partner side of our relationship. We decided to have time apart, and that we wouldn't be the on/off couple, and if we ever got back together it would be forever, but we could only do that if we have both changed enough to make it work. Give her the space she needs, if you try and push her back into a relationship she may pull away further. You seem to have some mutual friends so try and maintain the friendship you do have. Losing a partner and a best friend at once would be worse than just losing a partner. Send her a text every now and then, not forcing her to talk to you but letting her know you would like to, or just that you care. She will either come around, or you can start to rebuild a friendship.
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Finley Finley
If thats short Id hate 2 see the long version..You wrote a song on a piece of paper mmm..The cold truth..What ever respect she had for u ur losing with all of this..no matter what u want u cant change how she feels..fine if You want 2 wait around and hope shell come back 2 You then do that..but then she will be in control of the relationship and turn it on and off at her whim...I think you will see that most the answers youll get will be 2 leave her alone and continue with ur life..But like the other 6 billion ppl ahead of you that have made relationship mistakes you have to make ur own decision
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Darell Darell
That's very sweet of you. I think she will come back to you because of all the effort you put into that letter and card. I mean, two years, and if you both really love eachother than I'm sure she'll take you back. If she's that type of person to not take you back than she doesnt deserve you anyways.
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Azazel Azazel
if you have been together for two years and she loved you fo real i dont think she's just gonna let go maybe she just needs some time to think this whole thing over i think she'll come back and i think you definetly deserve her you sound like a sweet guy and that you really really love her
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Wenonah Wenonah
my bf is controlling, we've been together for a year, he says he loves me to death too like the way you love your girlfriend, and I am getting bitter with him a little too now. You needed to give her space! You needed to tell her where you were that night and invite her!
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Sharise Sharise
If she does, then she is dumber than you are.People cant OWN people. Where she goes, and who she talks to isn't any of your business, unless she chooses to make it so ! Sounds like you're the one with the low IQ !
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Sharise Originally Answered: Was i in the right when i broke up with my girlfriend?
Alright so I have a lot of advice for you. I've dated two Marines previous to my boyfriend who is in USMC boot camp and is graduating in January. I've been through boot camp and deployment and practically the whole Marine Corps as a significant other. Here's a few things I want you to ask yourself right now: 1. Do you love her? If the answer is no then don't go through boot camp with her, it's a waste of time if you don't plan on making the relationship a permanent thing. You can go through boot camp as friends and see if that changes anything. 2. Do you think she will be faithful when you leave for boot camp? Semper Fidelis means "Always Faithful". That applies to both the men and their girlfriends. It's something that needs to be taken very seriously. If you don't think she will be faithful then do not stay with her. 3. Do you trust her? Obviously if you think she's going to go for someone else then you are in the right to dump her, you don't need that before boot camp. 4. Do you believe you overreacted? No one else can answer that for you, only you can. If you feel justified then you made the right decision. The military is full of men and women who are doing a great duty to serve our country. A lot of them get stuck with unfaithful significant others. It's something that makes people frown on young marriages or military relationships in general. She doesn't sound like the kind of girl who could handle you being in the Marines. It's a dangerous lifestyle and if you can't trust her to be standing by your side 100% then you shouldn't go through boot camp with her. It's a very hard life and relationship style to go through. I think you are justified in ending it, especially when you have less than three months to go before you leave. You don't need the stress and if she can't be supportive then you deserve better. Take it from a girlfriend who has run multiple Marine family and significant other websites as well as writes a blog about military relationships. I've been through my fair share of this and I have always been faithful. It takes a special kind of girl to stick by a Marine's side. She has to follow the same code of honor in which he does. Think about if she's that girl, do you think she could be? If you need anything else please feel free to email me.

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