I need help writing a note to my priciple?

I need help writing a note to my priciple? Topic: Writing letter to judge for sentencing
July 16, 2019 / By Giles
Question: Hey guys . i need help to probaly write a note that tells my princible to give me less days . you see i was sent to an altenative school for 180 days just for saying the word gun. and i want out it's a bunch of punks in this altnative school.\ the school is called CEP this is my letter. "Dear mr stebenaler ( i know weird name he's german) I am a former student of waltrip high school, and i was sent to CEP for something i have done wrong. I have been in CEP for several day's ,And Judging from what i see i Dont really like this place> I was sented for 180 days and I am not sure if i can last here. can you please consider lowering my sentence of day's in CEP. I am sorry for being sent here in the first place." sincerly former waltrip student Kevin Garica please help me pronous and use write words and put some big words into it. please and thank you. help it sound meaningful and toughing that will make him consider bringing me back.
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Donny Donny | 6 days ago
Firstly he is your Principal and secondly, here is my re-written version of your letter ~ Dear Mr Stebenaler (or you could use Sir instead), I am writing this letter from CEP. A former pupil of Waltrip High School, I was sent here as punishment for doing something that I knew was against the school rules. For this, I am genuinely sorry and regret my transgression immensely. I have been here at CEP for several days now and I sincerely feel that I don't belong here. Already, I have realized that I should have conformed to the code of conduct at Waltrip High and wish you to know that I have significantly changed my attitude and outlook towards my education. My sentence is 180 days and I am worried that I will take too long to re-adjust to normal school life after such a long time away from routine. It is with this in mind, added to my complete transformation into a model student, that I respectfully ask you to consider reducing my sentence. I thank you, in advance, for your time in reading this letter and eagerly await your well considered response to my grim situation. Yours sincerely Kevin Garica (weird looks like it should be Garcia!) Waltrip High School Student. Phew, hope this is OK for you! And the very best of luck! I just hope everything in the letter is true!
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Brandon Brandon
Dear Mr. Stebenaler, I am a former student of Waltrip High School. I was sent to CEP for mentioning the word "gun." In no way did I mean to provoke feelings of fear or possible violence. I have been in CEP for several days. I don't feel that this is the best place for me to be. I meant no harm with my frivolous words and I believe that an evaluation of my prior behavior would show that I am normally a conscientious student. I have found CEP to be a much more hostile environment than Waltrip, and I would do much better academically and mentally in my previous educational setting. I understand that one hundred and eighty days at CEP is my punishment for my thoughtlessness; however, I would like you to consider lowering the number of days that I should spend here. I truly apologize for any upset that I have caused. I now realize the seriousness of using words that could promote violence. I have learned my lesson and will think before speaking in the future. Sincerely, Kevin Garcia Former Waltrip High School student
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Adney Adney
Kevin, There is probably more than just the mention of a gun, how has your behavior been before this incident? You need to take that into consideration. Since you are on suspension from the school and attending another temporarily. As a student of Waltrip I have been sent to CEP for something I should not have done. I am extremely unhappy here, I am writing to ask you if there is anything I can do to have have my time at CEP lowered. It as taken only a few days for me to realize how uncomfortable I am here. My desire is to be back at Waltrip and working on improving myself
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