Would some one review this college essay? It is a response to UC Prompt #2?

Would some one review this college essay? It is a response to UC Prompt #2? Topic: Essay prompts for college students
May 23, 2019 / By Diane
Question: Prompt #2 Tell us about a personal quality, talent, accomplishment, contribution or experience that is important to you. What about this quality or accomplishment makes you proud, and how does it relate to the person you are? I sat in a sticky vinyl chair, rubbing my clammy palms together hoping to dry them before I went in to see the school principal and had to take notes on our interview. I had just come from interviewing a security officer who had recently broken up a fight. Before that I was in the On Campus Intervention center to talk to the vice principal on the scene. I happened to witness the two boys launch themselves at each other as I was hurrying across campus to the library to prepare for my interview with the school principal about the recent increase in fighting at our school. I ran all over campus attempting to get the on the spot interviews in and still make my appointment with The Principal . I just barley had time to wipe my hands before a smiling Secretary motioned for me to go inside. I took a deep breath, gathered my pen and paper and marched inward. Throughout my childhood I was the archetypal shy, retiring child who spends her time indoors, conversing with her imaginary friend. I was uncomfortable in the company of others and therefore often disdained social interactions. I could typically could be found in the corner curled up with a book. That changed when I began high school and joined the school newspaper. I worked on the the North Fen Paper as a reporter, news editor and managing editor. Each epoch of my time on the NFP has exposed me to new and sometimes uncomfortable situations. As a reporter I often interview reluctant or intimidating people. Acting as a news editor, I constantly had to coach new writers and continued to interview difficult sources. When I work as the managing editor, I am in the position of motivating both reluctant editors and writers to do their work. The somewhat contrived immersion in the North Fen community that took place left me with a two pronged lesson. I was able to observe firsthand the difference that having all sides of the issue represented made in the quality of the article. I came to see that a diversity of sources was not something that was merely desirable or advantageous but absolutely required for a acceptable article. My horizons were expanded as a person and as a student. Suddenly, a word from my teacher or textbook alone was not enough. I take pains to find information from as many sources as possible. I was not only finally able to realize the importance of this diversity but I am also completely comfortable collecting it. My earlier hesitance at interacting with others in both an academic and social spheres as I frequently did just just that. I am so proud to be able to calmly walk into any situation with a deep breath and pen and paper and do what is needed. I mean archetypal in the sense that I was the epitome of a shy kid. The Merriam-Webster dictionary says that it can used to say something is a "perfect example." I'm looking for specific problems, nothing too vague. Tell why my essay lacks substance or seems disjointed. Thanks Thanks Thanks!
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Caramia Caramia | 4 days ago
I really like the first paragraph, but 'the principal' and 'secretary' shouldn't be capitalized. You were not an 'archetypal child.' An archetype is a world wide symbol. What were you a symbol of??? The second and third paragraphs really don't connect to the first.
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Amice Amice
i think it has a nice sound to it, but really, it doesn't say anything. at the end of your essay, you want the reader to say, "we want this person at our school because..." because you're a talented writer, because you're obviously bright, because you're a wonderful person, because you're motivated... whatever the reason, but you want them to come away from it with the feeling that your essay was meaningful and said something.... i didn't walk away from it with anything.
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Amice Originally Answered: Need help understanding a college level essay prompt?
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