Can someone please explain why I had a violation?

Can someone please explain why I had a violation? Topic: Personal history statement
July 16, 2019 / By Colene
Question: A person asked why Eastern Europeans were hated by British. I answered by saying "Check your history, you might find an answer or two there." History can explain a lot of reasons or excuses behind hate. I did not explain this in detail, but I don't see what is rude. Can someone please tell me why it is rude? I truly meant no harm. I really want to understand why it is a violation so I don't do it again.
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Best Answers: Can someone please explain why I had a violation?

Benjamina Benjamina | 10 days ago
Maybe they misunderstood your answer. Perhaps they thought it was a personal attack on THEM... they might be Eastern European and thought you meant that they should check their PERSONAL history? Or, maybe they thought you were being racist and making some blanket statement that ALL of history's problems can be traced to Eastern Europeans... sounds like a one-sided arguement that skinheads would present. They'll frequently throw out "facts" that "Jews control such-and-such" and then link that to all the world's problems. Your answer makes it sound like the British are justified in hating. Lots of times, misunderstandings occur through email or posts like this; your answer could have come across as a bit hostile.
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Adriannah Adriannah
Either a user reported you for an abuse of guidelines or a Y/A staffer/software just pulled the question or answer off. It's just a system that combines human discretion with various automated software, so mistakes happen. We can't tell you for sure, so you should try to get an official answer from Y/A. If you feel a question or answer did not violate one of the 20 reasons listed in the Y/A guidelines (http://answers.yahoo.com/info/community_... ) and thus did not deserve to be deleted, then post a message to the Wrongful Violations board at http://messages.answers.yahoo.com/answer... or send a direct e-mail to [email protected] or [email protected] . Explain why your Q or A did not violate guidelines or just ask them to state why your Q or A was removed. NOTE: It may take weeks to get a response, but they usually respond in 48 hours (note... today is a U.S. holiday). Then again, a response isn't guaranteed.
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Thaddeus Thaddeus
Gotta love the politically correct world, myself not being the type of person wanting to conform myself I see nothing wrong with your answer. Things are what they are and I think it was a good explaination without having to go into detail. Someone just got offended easily and made a complaint, people are morons.
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Porter Porter
You said ,check YOUR history, they may be from a different country ,than yours,there history may have a few skeletons in it that your question hit a sore point. If you had said OUR history you may have been OK. Another point is you did not answer the question,you more or less told he / her to find out them selves. Sorry but that's how i see it.
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Maitland Maitland
One of yawhoo's little trolls reported what you said and of course as this is an automated system you received a violation,no use fighting it I have been fighting for almost a year at having my 360 account deleted because of a troll~
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Jenkin Jenkin
Your answer apparently offended someone. I got a violation the other day for warning people about poison in tooth paste and cough syrup!
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Geoff Geoff
You didn't attempt to answer the question; and so, your answer was removed because it violated Rule 1 of the Community Guidelines.
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Dikla Dikla
i guess some one at Answers thought it was , when they got the violation you can fight this..just at the bottom somewhere it should say if you think this is wrong click on it and explain why
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Blaze Blaze
Probably because the word "Hate" was used. Who knows; Answers quidelines are so stringent that almost anything is a violation. There goes free speach in this Country!!!!!!.
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