May 23, 2019 / By Murgatroyd
Question: i'm getting a camera and i don't want to buy a case. any ideas on making a camera case with normal materials?
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Kenith Kenith | 4 days ago
The Salvation Army/thrift store option is a place to look if your budget is really limited, along with garage sales. Also ask around with family and friends, they might just have something sitting in a closet they could sell you at low cost. Don't limit yourself to just regular camera bags - I use an inexpensive "ammo can" from a military surplus store, fitted with custom cut soft foam bought at Wal-Mart, to transport camera gear to the boondocks. But that's an extreme need for dust and rough handling protection. Given the often low cost of camera bags (compared with the price of the camera) at mass retailers, they're often worth it compared with the time and effort spent making your own. Look for one with lots of padding all around, and good quality stitching.
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Hiyahh x x x x Well 1st Youuu shouldd Get The Camera Nd SHUV itr in The Case Nd Iff Ihht Dust Fitt The Tuff Toe-Nails !:P SLAGGGGGGGGGGGGG add me : [email protected] XD

Hiram Hiram
I have a DSLR and the best possible thing I ever did was to buy a case big enough for extra lens and filters, as well as the camera. It's also weather resistant, and you can't really make a case like that. If you have a small camera, a case at Wal-mart is less than $12. If you can't sew, go with that option. It's much better to invest in a case than to have a homemade strap break and have your camera destroyed. Trust me. I speak from experience.
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Elsdon Elsdon
Can you sew? Buy some fabric and some thick lace. Cut the fabric into a rectangle, fold it in half, then sew the two sides. Cut a little slit on the top (about an inch), then fold over the top of the fabric and sew it down. Take a pencil or pen and insert the lace, then tie a knot on each end of the lace. Ta-da! Now you have a bag for your camera.
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Claud Claud
duct tape? if you make two rectangles andattach and then make a latch and add some velcro? haha why not, i have made aprons, and wallets out of it good luck:)
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