How many people have IQ of 196?

How many people have IQ of 196? Topic: Find case studies online
July 16, 2019 / By Donall
Question: I have taken the IQ test done by Mensa and (according to it) my IQ is 196. I know, it is pretty silly, but I try to find a scale saying how many people in the world have the same IQ. There are many scales which say the percentage of people above 100, 120, 140, 160, but I didn't find any which goes higher. Anyone can help me? ;-) Nobel M: I consider myself pretty normal person, only with higher level of logical thinking (at least I don't have to study Maths, because I think up the solution by my own during the test). Thunder Puss: It was an official test done by counselor, not an online testing. I have received the certificate signed by the chairman of the Mensa and psychologist of the Mensa just today. Kayakah!: They have three different scales. The one that uses my country starts with 130 (the score that you need to become the member of the Mensa) and it finishes with 160. American "Mensa" scale begins with 148 and finished with 196. My country's number 160 is equal to American's 196, just like 130 is equal to 148. I got 100% correct, so I scored 160 in my country's scale, 164 in European scale and 196 in American scale.
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Bran Bran | 6 days ago
Hate to knock you off of your pedestal,but the online I.Q tests that are administered are for the great part highly inaccurate (mainly due to the fact that it is not a thorough exam.) If you want an accurate score go to a counselor or other professional that administers the test. If your score is truly that high then my hats off to you,but I highly doubt that that's actually the case because pretty much any monkey (an no I'm not using that as a racial slang) with average intelligence can ace one of those online tests.
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Adisson Adisson
Are you sure? Eienstein was 163, and to be in Mensa you need to be top 2% which is just about 148. Was on the Mensa website and they say they test up until 160. I would have thought it is a typing error. In response to your comment then, your IQ is not 196. It is 160 (the most accepted scale) and 196 in the states. You are not in the states so why use that scale? In the UK and Europe where I am it is 160, and as that is the scale most of the world use then that is the one you should use, or explain it properly in the first place, as no one in the UK or Europe has (according to the scale we use) an IQ of 196 which is why you will struggle to find a scale saying how many people in the world have that IQ.
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Stephany Stephany
I have an IQ of 196. Took the test back in 1972 as a 16 year old senior in high school. Joined Mensa 30 years ago and was bored by all the narcissistic brainers I met through it. Finding peers without that "I'm slicker than snot" attitude has been a challenge all of my life. Who cares how smart you are when you don't have a heart?
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Quiana Quiana
You will have to excuse me for being skeptical, but the fact is that an IQ score of 196 is so rare that there are likely less than 100 people on the entire planet who can honestly lay claim to it. The reason you cannot find any mention of the percentage of people who score that high is because it is incredibly miniscule. Probably no more than one in ever one hundred million people. In the extremely unlikely event that you are such a person, then I have to say you are very profoundly gifted, and really ought to develop your talents to their maximum potential, whatever endeavor(s) you may choose.
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Megan Megan
Vincenzo Giovanni Ruello the experimental photographer has an iq of 196 he discovered the hidden photographic face of Christ in the Rome Veronica Veil in 2011 using a simple infrared film system he developed
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