Narrative paper help! PLEASE!?

Narrative paper help! PLEASE!? Topic: Staircase step ideas
May 23, 2019 / By Lillia
Question: Before You Get Killed Kreeeeeek! I heard Megan, twenty yards ahead of me, opening the door of the long abandoned house in our neighborhood. Paula and I sotood staring up at the tall crooked house. It used to be the most beautiful Victorian house in the city. It had long since turned grey, and most of the stunning pink shutters had fallen off or rotted. "Stop!" paula and I shouted in unison. "Mom told us specifically not to go near this house because it is haunted," I continued. Megan did not listen. Instead, we watched her disappear behind the old rusted and cobwb filled door. She slammed it behind her, showing us she wasn't scared of being locked inside. Earlier that evening, Paula, Megan, Missy, and I sat around the fire so my mom could tell us the story of the house. Missy got scared and wet her pants. We all made fun of her, so she went home. A little after Missy left, Megan got this bright idea to go explore the house. Reluctantly, we follwed. Paula and I didn't want to get made fun of like Missy did. "ugh. Let's go find Megan," I whimpered. I was secretly terrified of this house. I think Paula was too. We tiptoed up the uneven stairs, then slowly turned the ice cole doorknobe. Quickly, we opened the door as wide as it would go and left it open. Megan was nowhere in sight. To our right was a long snake-like hallway, and to the left was a rickety spiral staircase. "Hello!" I yelled at the top of my lungs. No answer. "Hello!" Paula mimicked. This time, the door behind us slammed shut, and both of us screamed. We darted up the stairs. At the top we paused, out of breath. In front of us was a long row of identical doors. We saw the one on the end slam shut. "There's Megan!" Paula exclaimed, still trmebling with fear. "Hey guys! I am glad you came in here. It's pretty creepy, right?" Paula and I turned around to see the excited little Megan standing there behind us. "W-what ah-are y-y-you doing h-h-here?" I stammered. I started backing up to the stairs, staring at the door I thought Megan had gone through. "Didn't you just go through that door?" Paula asked, having a litle more control of her nerves than I did. "What are you talking about?" Megan questioned confusedly. Just then we heard some jingling sound from behind the door. Paula and i ran back down the stairs four steps at a time. Megan, deciding to be brave, went over and stood in front of the door, contempulation whether or not to open it. "get your butt down here!" Paula demanded. "Before you get killed!"I finished. All of a sudden we herard a doornob turn and Megan laughing quietly, and then a familiar, "shh." "Wait a second, " Paula whispered to herself. I knew what she was thinking. We ran back up the stairs and saw Megan and Missy laughing outside the door at the end of the hall.
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Kae Kae | 3 days ago
I don´t see a question here, but narrative it certainly is, as good as any that is heard at a pub, a street corner, cab, between friends or even to oneself. Nice light story !
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Kae Originally Answered: 5 strategies for proof reading/ editing narrative paper?
I am sure you could answer this on your own, you just need to think about your editing habits. After you finish a paper, what is the first thing you do to start the editing process (for example, read out loud, simply read it over, etc.)? There are no wrong answers, just take some time to think about your personal habits and I am sure it will be great!
Kae Originally Answered: 5 strategies for proof reading/ editing narrative paper?
Reading out loud. Making sure your thesis is being proven and/or counter attacked, so that the reader knows what they are writing. Have a voice. Giving it to peers to help. And sources making sure you are citing and not plagiarizing!
Kae Originally Answered: 5 strategies for proof reading/ editing narrative paper?
WOW!!!! IM SORRY THAT occurred TO YOU!! That was once an strong story you used the correct phrases in everything! Your definite to get the grade you deserve! Your writing is satisfactory.

Kae Originally Answered: Is this a narrative or if not, what? c/c if you please?
It does not matter what style this may be, that there may be mistakes that could be corrected. None of this matters one jot for it is in its telling that counts. It tells of the life and love of one who has passed on. Of the memories left behind to be kept close to the heart, to be told over and over again to children and grand children. It has been written as the thoughts came to mind, and is this not as it has always been. We do not think in poetic thought but as the thought present themselves to us. This is a natural write though some effort has been made to have it accepted as some definite form of poetic verse. To this reader the tender love that has gone into it out-ways all of the accepted styles of poetic writings for this is one that has to be felt with all of the compassion felt by a loving wife and mother.
Kae Originally Answered: Is this a narrative or if not, what? c/c if you please?
I am going to show what a cad I am. I missed the first time through that it was a NARRATIVE, and so I assumed it was meant to be a poem. I was nervous about the haphazard structure, because in shorter peices haphazard works but longer pieces often need stanzas and familiar line lengths to assure the reader where he or she is going. When I got to line seven and it said "single tear has escaped it's duct" not "A single tear has escaped it's duct" I thought it was a bad poetic elision (and an unnecessary one,) and I said to myself "see, this is why I don't read this sort of thing" and CLOSED THE WINDOW. But being your YA friend, I guilted myself to come back and THEN I saw that it was a NARRATIVE and that line seven was probably a TYPO. Anyhow, mea culpa. Very expressive piece. I would like to see the character telling the other people she knew that she cared for THEM, it is almost like hubby is the only one who deserves to be told "I love you" before it is too late. Maybe we can do a Valentine's theme of telling EVERYONE we love how we feel. Anyhow I am glad I came back. See guilt has a good purpose now and again.
Kae Originally Answered: Is this a narrative or if not, what? c/c if you please?
I am kinda sure I got the other narratives in what seems a series unfolded, and harsh an assumed intent, I too read or thought beyond just a bit, with all due respect. The "Lucky" was lit, inhaled bitterly, snuffed out deliberately, as was a life.

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