My stupid vagina problems?

My stupid vagina problems? Topic: Is js case sensitive
July 18, 2019 / By Hannie
Question: Can semen trigger infections? I've read a bunch of health boards but cannot find any reliable sources. My boyfriend and I have sex quite often when we see eachother. This is mostly weekends. We have sex anywhere from 2-8 times a day during that period. Lately he has been depositing his swimmers inside of me. (I have an IUD) and I have had a bunch of problems. First I had a UTI (put on Cipro then Bactrim), then a yeast infection, then a UTI (Bactrim), then bacterial vaginosis, then another UTI (treated with Microbid Dec 3-10) and now (Dec 16) I think I have a yeast infection again. I am taking cranberry pills, following doctors orders (I feel like me and my gyno are getting a little too close) and using pH wipes before and after intercourse. I have been tested for STI/Ds 3 times in the past 6 months just in case the results were all negative. Within the last week I have been using these lavender bath salts but still... this has been going on for months before the baths and I have always been a bath taker. What the f is up with this damn vagina... I have never had problems like this but I also have never had semen in my va j on the regular. Are these two connected and if so how and if so why has my doctors never mentioned it?
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Dollie Dollie | 7 days ago
Sounds like ur in my boat. I got a yeast infection from a round of antibiotics due to wisdom tooth extraction. Im engaged, and get tested yearly for stds, and have none yet I cant seem to shake the yeast infection and hadnt had one in years. Your body just mite not be used to your bfs semen. I freaked out after having been with the same man for seven yrs and then got with my fiancee and kept getting bacterial vaginosis according to my gyno my body wasnt used to this new intruder so to speak lol. Im also extremly sensitive to scented soaps, certain detergents, etc that make me irritated. Maybe youre allergic to something without knowing it. Im sure your body will eventually even itself out and everything will go back to normal. In the meantime, hang in there, keep ur doc informed and good luck
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I agree you shouldn't try and diagnose yourself go to a doctor. However this doesn't sound like thrush at all. Thrush doesn't cause lumps, and usually causes a lot of thick creamy discharge, as well as intense itching. You could have a Bartholin's cyst- this causes a lump at the entrance of the vagina and if it becomes infected, can become very painful. See here: http://www.patient.co.uk/health/Bartholi...

Caroline Caroline
Yes it can it messes up your vaginal ph levels. That's why I keep getting the infections.. But it is also posible it may be him causing it. And more than half the people treated for bv get it right back that's why you need to take a probiotic with the antibiotics you can get a bottle of acidophilus probiotic for 10$ at a pharmacy.. Make sure you clean up after sex with ph friendly cleaners.
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Angelica Angelica
given that the only real change has been unprotected sex .. could it be the relatively rare "semen allergy"?
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