Is it normal for a turtles nails to get really long?

Is it normal for a turtles nails to get really long? Topic: Case sliders
June 17, 2019 / By Zinnia
Question: My turtle is almost 5 years old. His (I think it's a male) nails are extremely long. I'm not sure if it is normal or if it is better for something to be done. I feel that they might get in his way...
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Sherill Sherill | 4 days ago
With red eared sliders long nails are normal. If you have a box turtle, however sometimes the nails can get overgrown. In this case, you can take them to a vet that specializes in exotics and get them clipped back a little.
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Pene Pene
Nah, they won't get in his way. Most male turtles' nails are extremely long, it's completely normal. However, none of my males have really long nails, not sure why but they've never been long. But most male turtle's nails are extremely long. That's one of the main indications of it being a male. That, and his tail should be longer than a regular sized turtle. The nails are for doing the mating dance which consists of the male putting his arms in front of his face and flickering them in front of the females face. The long tail is for mating, so while he's on top of her shell, his tail can swoop under hers and start the mating process. Hope that helped.
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Marise Marise
yes if your turtle has long nails its a male, they use those long nails to help them court there is nothing to be done with them, and they wont get in his way, good luck to you and your turtle
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Kristie Kristie
You have a male red eared slider : http://farm3.static.flickr.com/2239/2201... . They have very long nails useed for courting the female, by fluttering the nails in the face of the female in the mating ritual. Red eared sliders have had these nails for millions of years, so i'm pretty sure it doesn't bother him lol. another: http://animal-world.com/encyclo/reptiles...
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Jeanetta Jeanetta
Don't worry about it, in nature the turtles nails get long so they can dig into mud to lay eggs or to hide from predators. Or maybe your giving him/her a high calcium diet, I suggest you change his food.
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