How has Yahoo! Answers changed your life?

How has Yahoo! Answers changed your life? Topic: Find answers to your homework email
July 20, 2019 / By Allen
Question: For me and several people in my family, Y!A has been very influential in our lives, so I just wanted to see how it has changed other people's. If you can't think of anything right off the bat, try a little harder...you'll find something. For me, it was important in my coming out process. I came out on Answers about a month ago as my first baby step, and now I'm coming out running. I don't think I would have been able to take these steps as quickly as I'm taking them if it weren't for Answers. Furthermore, I feel like I'm helping others as well--helping them through the same inner turmoil I went through. It was also a great way for me to meet people like me, to know that I'm not alone in my struggles. Now I actually have people that I can talk to, people that I can relate with. On a negative note, it's become a serious distraction when I'm trying to do homework...and I stay up until all hours of the night answering. But enough about me, how has Answers changed YOUR life? Haha, p.graph, maybe there is a support group out there for people like us?
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Tawny Tawny | 10 days ago
It had quite a big impact on my sexuality and my political views. I've been slapped in the face, totally pwn'ed, when it came to politics. I learned a lot more about what our democrats and our republicans truly stand for. In terms of my sexuality, I would have gotten nowhere without Y!A. I came out here first (and even then I was reluctant of doing so), and from there I told my family and friends. And the advice I was given was right.. I would be accepted, and my mom wouldn't care. With the backing of my family, I could care less what happens from this point forward. I'm addicted. I've got like 8000 points, just in about 2 months. I don't focus on my schoolwork-- and honestly, when I wake up, the first thing I check is Y!A, even before my email. And when I get home.. always on Y!A. Once I stayed up until 12 on here, and I went to school the next day on 5 hours sleep. I need a Y!A anonymous...
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Robin Robin
Well, Y!A has actually helped me quite a bit. When I was realizing that I didn't really believe in Christianity the people here assured me that it is OK to not have a religion, or to be unsure about what I believe. That was really helpful, because the people around me treat people differently if they are not christian, so I couldn't really confide in them. Y!A has also been a ginormous distraction. Ha ha. I find myself spending way too much time on here. = )
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Modesty Modesty
I know myself better. I appreciate what I have learned about myself. I have learned a lot about others (both good and bad). I have realized that many people have no idea about their sexuality. I have realized that because many people have no idea about their sexuality, it means that society has improved on its views of homosexuality, because more people are asking "What am I?" I have realized that for every person who has bashed me in real life, 25 more will bash me online. I have realized that everyone has their own individual way of defining homosexuality -- and each one fits that person, while only few definitions fit everyone as a whole. I have been able to share my experiences in order to help others. I have had people share with me their experiences, which has led me to be either grateful or more understanding of my own life. I have realized that everything I have done to cure my insomnia was useless because I am always on Y!A's.
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Linette Linette
Wow it has made quite a impact on my life and my perspective on life. People helped me come to terms with my sexuality and through scary stages of denial. They also helped me on my darkest days. No matter how annoying or scared I got people sticking by my side. There is still a long road ahead as I plan on coming out of the closet and continue to accept myself.
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Kaleigh Kaleigh
The biggest way is that it helps me explain things to people in a way that I definitely couldn't say these things to my friends or family. It got me to realize that other people are going through similar things, and these people have helped me in certain things, and I hope I've helped them. Also, when you can't talk to your friends and family about something, it's just nice to know that even strangers care, even just a little. =]
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Gytha Gytha
I have learned some things and I think I've helped a few people. But it takes up way too much of my life. It becomes an addiction.
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Dixee Dixee
Haven't been here too long, but it is addicting. It definitely helped me come out to my parents. Sometimes questions and answers make me laugh and other times I get really mad (I really should stay out of the religion section b/c that gets me going every time!).
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Carlene Carlene
hi i would not say it has changed my life, but what i will say thank you for is the wonderful people that has came my email friends, as there is some wonderful people out there, and when you don't get out much,yahoo A is a great way to communicate, so a big thank you yahoo for that, i hope that is okay thanks Kim
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Andreana Andreana
it has made a big impact on me and especially my sexuality. it has made me become more accepting of the fact that i am gay and that there is nothing wrong with that. i check Y!A everyday without fail, i feel comfortable with being myself on Y!A. i have learnt a great deal on here.
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Y staff do not moderate YA, WE do - we are all Community Moderators and this is the hundredth time explaining this thousands of violations pouring in every day - there are 200 million of us and only a handful of Y employees - just think about that for a minute... and try to figure out how fast Yahoo would have to close down YA due to it being overrun by spam and trolls, not to mention porn and extremely explicit and vulgar sexual content trusted members EARNED that trust and the ability to delete what they report by ACCURATELY reporting thousands of violations with almost none being overturned on appeal those who report poorly quickly lose their status at trusted members why do you think that a Q is immune from being reported once it has a BA? - there is no statute of limitations on violations - ones from eight years ago are reportable and should be reported as no one wants to do a search and find an old post with porn or racism in it! ==================== this is why we need to see the WHOLE post: http://webcache.googleusercontent.com/search?q=cache:vuuwL80ToL0J:https://au.answers.yahoo.com/question/index%3Fqid%3D20140520043732AA6jhry+&cd=1&hl=en&ct=clnk&gl=ca "And also Who do you think the intended audience is? What are three things the writer does to reach that audience? What appears to be the writers purpose? And lastly do you think the writer achieves that purpose? Why? Best answer and ten points to whoever can all answer the questions I stated in this question :-)" this is clearly a solicitation for homework, given the formality of the long list of questions you asked under the main header - your one answer showing in the cache is a violation but that person knows you are soliciting homework then you defiantly posted it again but left out the list of questions, but turned it into a rant violation by lashing out at the douchebag who reported it well, guess what, that douchebag is no douchebag but a seasoned reporter who knew this was a violation and lo and behold, you lost your appeal 145 appeals on 145 violations or 145 appeals on this one? either way, that should tell you you need to figure out what you're doing in this site

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