Rottweiler puppy terrified of me and just me?

Rottweiler puppy terrified of me and just me? Topic: How to write a contact us page in html
July 16, 2019 / By Totty
Question: she is 3 almost 4 months old and i have NEVER hit her or yelled at her and i give her treats when she sits, comes and what ever trick i ask her to do. She runs from me when i get the leash out or even if i dont have a leash and i walk near her she gets close to the ground as if shes in hunting mode but runs fast away from me....Unless i lean down and call her over and it takes forever. I dont get it because shes not like this with my grandma or my husband or even the kids i watch. Im the only one that feeds her and gives her treats so i think she should love me the most plus i let her slep nexto me and im with her all the time....What is it im doing wrong? She is not like most rottweiler puppy shes a very timid puppy she acts as if she was abused before but she was not as far as i know. how can i change this behavior LIKE i said she has never been hit before! I apologize for all the typos - oh and i have had her for 3 weeks now
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Sabina Sabina | 9 days ago
I can't answer why she would exhibit this behavior to you and only you, but I do have some suggestions to help with the problem. I don't know enough details on the situation to have too much insight but she might act like that to you if you are taller than everyone in the family (some dogs are just fearful of tall humans until they get used to them) or if you visually remind her of some one who did something bad to her before...those are just guesses... The best thing you can do is to work with her on little things to boost her confidence level. She just needs some time to adjust to the family, household etc and get comfortable in her skin. Some dogs can feel at home in a new place after a day, other dogs can take a month or more. She's obviously taking longer to adjust and that is OK, you aren't doing anything wrong! I've written two articles on my blog that could help: http://shespeaksbark.blogspot.com/2009/1... http://shespeaksbark.blogspot.com/2009/1... ( I know she's not doing this YET, but it could become a problem based on the crouch you mentioned she does when she tries to get away from you, that's usually the first sign they may start to pee submissively) I would also suggest always trying to approach her by getting down on her level, until she is more comfortable. The best "position" for you to be in is crouched down with the SIDE of your body toward her. It seems unnatural to you, but just try it, it will work wonders. She will only see the side of your face, and you'll only be able to see her approach out of the corner of your eyes. Dogs feel more confident when they approach you from the side rather than head-on because they can avoid your eyes more easily. Humans look smaller from the side and less scary which will encourage her to come to you quicker. Keep rewarding her with treats when she does come, and if she wants to walk right back away just let her. Always try to pet her under the chin and not on top of the head because that's both dominant and if she's been hit may make her feel very nervous. Don't make any sudden moves that make her assume you're doing anything suspicious and she will settle down. Sorry such a long response, I just had a lot of details I wanted to include! You can leave comments or questions on my blog if you have feedback at all and you can also email me directly through the contact us page on the blog.
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Sabina Originally Answered: Whats Wrong With My Rottweiler? Please Help.?
We see this kind of thing much too often at my clinic, I'm afraid. I'll address each issue in order. Limping: If she's overweight this could be from too much pressure due to the amount of torque that is placed on the limb. This could also be due to a torn ligament (is it the front limb or hind?) which then would have to be surgically repaired (about a 3500 dollar surgery) or rehabbed (underwater treadmill for example). The last and final thing-is it could be osteosarcoma (cancer of the bone)-if this is the case it needs to either be removed surgically (my opinion that's not worth it--you see very bad recovery with this) or chemo (some dogs don't respond well) or you can get her to lose weight and hopefully take the pressure off the limb no matter what it is. Inappetance: If this is due to a possible cancer-there isn't much you can do at home-however there are a few ingredients you NEED to avoid in order to not feed the cancer. These ingredients are: wheat (bread, pasta...), corn, soy, and white potato. Unfortunately the Pedigree you are feeding contains most of these ingredients along with a very, very low protein. Along with that-it is NOT better for the teeth-if you consult with any small animal dentist they will agree. Most vets are trained in school by companies like Hills or Science Diet so they do not know any better. I don't want you to feel bad about that--information is just not available to dog owners which is very disappointing. Offer Mandy something stinky--like tripe for example (animal entrails) this can be found from a local butcher or a pet boutique-it's also full of great bacteria for her. Another important thing is to get her off all kibble-in order for kibble to become kibble-it needs to go through a high heat process that creates carcinogens called heterocyclic amines which do NOT have to appear on the ingredient label. Switch a canned or pre prepared raw food (www.darwinspet.com for example) that do not contain the above ingredients mentioned. I know it's expensive so some OK options are the pedigree puppy CANNED (it's not great, but it's better than the kibble) or if you have a Costco-Kirkland canned as well. Whole Foods offers a homeopath called nux vomica-you could try giving her about 6 pellets per day--if she's feeling nauseous (most reasons why pups won't eat) this can help her feel better. Weight Loss: If it is cancer (which I'm so sad to think it might be) you can expect weight loss-cancer feeds off of every part of Mandy's body and unless you intervene soon. If you and your family do decide to take Mandy in, a radiograph (make sure there is one of the leg, thorax, and abdomen) will need to be preformed in order to rule out cancer. You should also run a thyroid test to rule out hypothyroidism-it's becoming increasingly common-check out Dr. Jean Dodds for more information. If it is cancer then you need to decide if you want to do chemo, remove the leg, or just make Mandy as comfortable as you can until it's time to let her go. If it's not-then you need to focus on weight loss (cut her food back by half--dogs can lose weight REALLY fast with no serious effects on their system) and introducing a healthier diet long term. I recommend avoiding heavy drugs-most Drs want to try everything-too many drugs can take a toll on Mandy's body-especially because of it's weakened state. Emergency symptoms that need immediate medical attention: Not eating for more than 24 hours Pale or yellow colored gums painful/distended abdomen sudden collapse There are more, but these will be mostly related with Mandy's symptoms I'm so sorry for whatever Mandy is going through-it's never easy no matter the reason. She has a very loving owner and hopefully you can take comfort in that.

Nessa Nessa
You certainly ought to assert that your dominance It's common for a dog to be hyper. What i do if a doggy is gambling tough, I yelp like a different dog. She would possibly not like this. Force her to play and if she will get tough once more, yelp once more. Make certain it's loud sufficient to startle her. She will assosiate this tough habits with a nasty noise. With your different pets, if she begins getting out of manipulate placed her on her leash and maintain her to the ground (it sounds imply and he or she wont adore it however it isn't imply) she's going to finally lie down and chill out. Once she is calm allow her play. Do this till she will get the factor. One extra tip. Try get her to chew you, yelp if she bites, If she does not say "NICE" and deliver her a deal with. She'll companion being best with a well factor. Hope I helped somewhat. :D
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Lucille Lucille
Turid Rugass's article on Calming Signals in the link should help a lot in this situation. You need to tell the puppy in a language it understands (body language) that you don't mean any harm and aren't angry... just that it needs to listen and eveything will be fine. It could be that the puppy is not frightened (would tremble and pee usually), and is just testing its boundaries with you. Consistency is what they look for. http://www.canis.no/rugaas/onearticle.ph...
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Kaye Kaye
maybe just try and build up a relationship if she doesnt want to come to you then dont make her i am not saying you force her to or anything but you just have to give her a bit of time call her over stroke her try and get her t play with you with a toy and just have to slowly try and build up your relationship if she walks over to you by herself with out being called then tell her how good she is and stuff but dont have like quick movements and when you go t stroke her let her smell you and then stroke her i know that these sound kind of silly but when i bought my puppy home he was really scared and stuff and i felt he didnt like me at all and got really upset but i just spent time trying t build a bond and now he always wants to be with me :) good luck and just be patient with her, always be in a happy mood when you are around her even if you may be getting a little upset about it just try and stay happy because she will catch on if you are getting upset or a little bit annoye and it is only normal if you do get a little bit frustrated
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Honor Honor
It's a puppy. It sees you differently than others because you discipline it. In time it will respect you and love you most of all.
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Honor Originally Answered: Where do I find a Rottweiler Stud?
*sigh* You should have been researching studs long before this. Join your local Rottweiler club. Here's a list of Rottie clubs in Wisconsin: Badger State Rottweiler Fanciers Marylou Stott, 4517 W. Vliet St., Milwaukee, WI 53208 Southern Wisconsin Rottweiler Verein Kati Hughes, 2707 59th Dr, Union Grove, WI 53182 (262) 878-9596 Wisconsin Rottweiler Performance Club Nick Teifke, 333 N Macy St, Fond du Lac, WI 54935 (920) 907-0094 Start going to shows and club events, talk to the breeders, meet their dogs, study their pedigrees.

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