So I went out with this girl?

So I went out with this girl? Topic: Broken lips homework answers
May 23, 2019 / By Arlie
Question: we're in college now, I'm almost graduating and all that and I met her last term well actually we were classmates last term, we got close, too close actually she was in a relationship that time but they broke up already for some reason (hey not my fault, we got close when she broke up already) anyway, this term we aren't in the same class which is kinda sad for me because I've been really liking this girl a lot, so I was about to watch some movie last Saturday, asked my friends if they wanna come but they're all busy, so I called this girl (the one I'm super close with) so we went out, did the usual lunch,movie,dinner date..we were romantic she was cuddling to me non-stop at the cinemas feeding me popcorn and all that of course I did the same. after that went shopping with her then went for dinner now we were at the subway already and before we went our separate ways I asked her if she had fun blah blah blah, then I told her to come closer bec. I need to whisper something to her bec. its getting noisy down there then I told her something like "Ive never done this before so dont get mad" then I gave her a little kiss on the cheek then she was blushing like crazy and smiling 2 days passed and I didnt texted her because I remembered she told me that she was going to finish some of her homeworks so after that I texted her I said "Hey" and she didn't reply so another day passed and I texted her again asked her if shes busy and asked her if we can talk..still no reply...ughh whats happening guys? is she avoiding me or something? or she needs more time to think? or is she toying with me? cuz if she is toying me omg what a ***** hmm..I'm starting to think if I should say sorry for that little kiss I gave her cuz I'm starting to think that I might of offended her or something..but then again, its just a simple kiss..
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Zechariah Zechariah | 3 days ago
Hey James, I agree with the guy who says you should go on a date alone and kiss her on the lips. Don't wait until the end of the date. You obviously like her alot and you need to tell her that with the kiss and verbally. If she doesn't reciprocate with kissing you and saying that she likes you, well then there is your answer. Just give her space to think about it. If you don't hear from her within a week, then I would start to think something is up. If one girl doesn't like you, don't take it as a personal insult, you may not be her type. Just look for another girl to ask out, but keep trying to be her friend, don't reject her as a friend if she doesn't want you as a lover.
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Zechariah Originally Answered: New girl on staff = time for me to up the ante. Any tips on being the most sought-after girl in the room?
First off, maybe you should ask yourself WHY you feel the need to be the center of attention? Why do you feel the need to win anyone over? It sounds to me like you have some serious self-image / self-esteem issues. The first step with that is admitting that you are jealous...and I sympathize with you because it's really hard to do. Once you acknowledge you feel that way, you can then deal with that feeling appropriately. You're talking about being part of a newspaper staff. Is this a full-time job? If your job is important to you, you might want to avoid dating co-workers at all costs. I learned the hard way once about dating co-workers. My career was ruined, my reputation was shot, and it followed me after I left the workplace. You want people to remember you for the job you did...and not your silly workplace flirtations. It is not time for you to "up the ante". It is time for you to put cattiness aside and befriend a new staff member who probably really needs a female friend with all the testosterone flying about. Men despise cattiness with a passion and you snubbing the new girl is only going to make you appear that way. If you reach out and befriend the new girl, they will all look upon you much more favorably. To a man, a catty woman is only going to dislike their mother, their sisters, and any female friends in their life and that's why men steer clear of them. Befriending beautiful women makes you face your own insecurities and after a while, you quit feeling so alone - beautiful women are usually some of the most insecure out there. Forget 'Cosmopolitan' magazine and all their stupid tripe on how to be the most sought-after female in the room. They are usually just teaching you how to be the biggest hooker/tease in the room and not about teaching you any worthwhile qualities that will make anyone like you any more than superficially. Would you rather have men lust after you or would you rather have them take you seriously...as a staff member, as a person, and as someone they wouldn't mind dating? I'm sure guys would tell you friendly, accessible females are far more sexy than empty-headed sexpots who pout because they're not the center of attention anymore. The key to success is to be a little less Scarlett O'Hara and a little more Melanie Hamilton. Think about it - who was the one who ended up with Ashley? The one Ashley could take seriously. I think you'll find if you throw yourself into your work and become focused on more than flirtation, men will start finding you irresistable. Good luck! If you're well aware of the risks associated with inter-office romance and still don't care, I think it's time to march yourself up to your crush and ask him what he's doing tonight... ;-)

Simeon Simeon
Well you're clearly freaking out. I would call the girl (not text her) and ask her out on what appears to be another date - a classic dinner & a movie, or something that clearly screams "date". As in, don't invite your friends, just the two of you. If she agrees to go on a date, then obviously you didn't offend her or drive her off with your kiss on the cheek. I would have just gone for the kiss on the lips so you know where you stand (now you're stuck in this limbo). If she starts making up excuses or blowing you off, then you can probably figure out where you went wrong... Good luck man.
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Omri Omri
she could be super busy...or maybe lost her phone? call her phone instead of texting it.! try that:) ask her whats up when u call her and figure something out to do..if she seems THAT flirty with u and blushing and stuff...doesnt seem shed be toying with you... careful dont be a rebound make sure its sincere..
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Lawrie Lawrie
A man loses his sense of direction after four drinks; a woman loses hers after four kisses. http://jutoroju.dreamstation.com/womani.html provides the answer to the actual question
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