What are some very important world events in the 80s?

What are some very important world events in the 80s? Topic: Definition of a researcher
May 23, 2019 / By Tanzy
Question: Please don't say anything on the cold war or any war because i don't understand any of the articles on war because they are so confusing. they absolutely must be in the 80s! the beginning of alcohol and drug education, the first mac computer, cell phones, and a lot of other things simply became popular in the 80s. I'd really like to know some cool new inventions from the 80s that were actually invented in the 80s.
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Rimon Rimon | 2 days ago
1980: Compact Disk: Philips Electronics, Sony Corp 1980: The hepatitis-B vaccine invented. 1981: MS-DOS invented. 1981: Scanning tunneling microscope: Gerd Karl Binnig and Heinrich Rohrer 1981: The first IBM-PC invented. 1982: ACE inhibitor: John R. Vane 1982: Human growth hormone genetically engineered. 1982: Insulated gate bipolar transistor: Hans Becke and Carl Wheatley RCA 1983: Camcorder: Sony 1983: First Cabbage Patch Kids sold. 1983: Internet: first TCP/IP network: Robert E. Kahn, Vint Cerf and others 1983: Programmer Jaron Lanier first coins the term "virtual reality". 1983: Soft bifocal contact lens invented. 1983: The Apple Lisa invented. 1984: Lithotripsy: Claude Dornier 1984: The Apple Macintosh invented. 1984: The CD-ROM invented. 1985: DNA fingerprinting: Alec Jeffreys 1985: Polymerase chain reaction: Kary Mullis 1985: Windows program invented by Microsoft. 1986: A high-temperature super-conductor invented by J. Georg Bednorz and Karl A. Muller. 1986: Breadmaker 1986: Fuji introduced the disposable camera. 1986: Synthetic skin invented by G. Gregory Gallico, III. 1987: Digital Light Processing: Dr. Larry Hornbeck, Texas Instruments 1987: Disposable contact lenses invented. 1987: Statin: Carl Hoffman 1987: The first 3-D video game invented. 1988: Digital cellular phones invented. 1988: Doppler radar invented by Christian Andreas Doppler. 1988: Prozac® invented at the Eli Lilly Company by inventor Ray Fuller. 1988: Ralph Alessio and Fredrik Olsen received a patent for the Indiglo ® nightlight. The bluish green light is used to illuminate the entire face of a watch. 1988: The first patent for a genetically engineered animal is issued to Harvard University researchers Philip Leder and Timothy Stewart. 1988: The RU-486 (abortion pill) invented. 1989: High-definition television invented.
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1400s–1500s China grows under Ming Dynasty, with capital at Beijing. Agriculture, navigation, Confucianism, and art thrive. Chinese trading ships export tea, silk, and porcelain to India, Africa, and Europe, with Guangzhou as a major trading post. 1500s–1600s European countries establish the slave trade in west Africa to obtain workers for the sugar and tobacco plantations in South America and the Caribbean, and the cotton plantations in the southern U.S. 1348-1665 The Bubonic plague or "Black Death " threatens all of Europe. Over 25 million Europeans died in periodic outbreaks. This led to the church holding vast amounts of property due to the theocratic form of government prevalent at the time. There was a general disenchantment with the church due to the failure of the clergy to stop the spread and the devastation brought about by the plague. The wealth of the church provided the motivation for the ruling class to exploit the opportunity to enrich themselves by supporting the religious rebellion leaders and movements. 1618-1648 The period of the Thirty-Year's War. Many German areas were devastated and the population dropped from 15 million to 10 million. The Peace of Westphalia granted the Calvinists equal rights and gave subordinate German rulers more independence. Substantial migration occurred, especially the Swiss to the Palatinate to repopulate the more ravaged areas. Restrictive emigration laws made it difficult and expensive to leave certain areas such as Wurttemberg. 1600s–1700s Scientific Revolution begins; scientific method is developed. Galileo proves solar-centred universe; Isaac Newton studies gravity; William Harvey studies human circulation; microscope is invented. 1717 Moghul Empire in India allows the British East India Company to trade in India without paying duties. Company increases its power and control until it virtually rules India by 1757. c. 1760 James Watt (England) works on perfecting the steam engine. Industrial Revolution begins in England. The country rapidly changes from mostly agricultural to mostly manufacturing. 1789 French Revolution begins (“Liberty, Equality, Fraternity”), bringing absolute monarchy, feudalism, and the power of the aristocracy to an end in France. Ruling monarchs and many aristocrats are guillotined. then the first and the second world war,the american civil war , Russian cold war i hope you can expand them if you want add pictures to your presentation, in the slideshow , make different entries and exits of each , add some music and your ppt would be great!

Miracle Miracle
They tore down the Berlin wall in 1989, which had previously been used to help keep people from leaving East Germany via Berlin. Of course, that is one of the events at the beginning of the end of the cold war. And on the subject of nuclear things, there was the Chernobyl disaster in 1986. Ps. Formal alcohol and drug education in schools most certainly did not begin in the '80s. It was being done at least as early as the 1880s.
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Lilly Lilly
First Artificial Human Heart (1982) The CD-ROM (1985) The Apple Macintosh (1984) The Disposable Camera (1986) The first space shuttle, the Columbia, was launched on April 12,1981 Camcorder Nintendo Entertainment System Sony Walkman cassette player (precursor to the ipods of today) The cold war isn't that confusing, it was communism against capitalism and all the worlds countries fell into Capitalist-Aligned (USA,Canada, West Germany) , Communist-Aligned (USSR, East Germany, Cuba) or Non-Aligned (India, Chile, most of Africa)
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Kaety Kaety
PCs made their debut in the early 80s. Began with 32k operating systems such as CPM. Useful as spreadsheets, word processors and DB systems, mainly, with 8" floppy disks. Floppies shrank to 3.5 inch with more storage, Radio Shack introduced the TRS80, Texas Instruments ahd a 32k one, Commodore and Apple. Mid 80s along came the IBM PC and 215k memory, MSDOS, and the rest is history.
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Gwendolen Gwendolen
1986 sharemarket crash - this was a major thing, akin to the "recession" we have at the moment. The NASA Space Shuttle, first appeared in the early 80s and seemed to be the next leap forward into space as it could fly back to earth and land unlike the earlier rockets that had to ditch in the sea to get back. VHS defeated Beta to be the major video tape system.
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27-29? John the Baptist begins ministry (Luke 3,1-2) (15th year of Tiberius) 27-34? Jesus baptized by John the Baptist (Mk1:4-11) 33-36? Jesus' ministry 36? Jesus crucified 36?-65? Period of oral tradition in Christianity between the time of Jesus and the time the first gospel (Mark) is written, original Christians disperse throughout Judea and Samaria Peter leads the new Christian Church, moves the Church headquarters from Jerusalem to Rome 48-49 Council of Jerusalem, 1st Christian Council, doctrine regarding circumcision and dietary law is agreed to by apostles and presbyters, written in a letter addressed to "the brothers of Gentile origin in Antioch, Syria, and Cilicia" 48-57? Paul writes Galatians, 1 Thesalonians, 2 Thesalonians, Philippians, 1 Corinthians, Romans, 2 Corinthians 61-63? Paul? writes Ephesians, Philemon, Colossians, 1 & 2 Timothy 65-125 Period in which 4 Gospels, Acts, Revelations, and remaining epistles written - Peter martyred before 1st Holy Gospel is written, 7 Popes before last epistle is completed 125-350 Period of Christianity during which the first Bible was assembled - Christians are fiercely persecuted and then finally tolerated by the Roman Empire, Great Plague in Rome 313 Edict of Milan, Constantine establishes toleration of Christianity 317 Letters of Lactantius, early Christian church father 325 Council of Nicaea, called by Constantine against Arianism (336), called 1st great Christian council by Jerome, 1st ecumenical, 318 bishops attend 350-400 Period of time between the 1st Christian Bible and the 1st Western Christian Bible, during which the books contained in Bibles varied 381 Council of Theodosius at Constantinople, 2nd ecumenical, Jesus had true human soul 400-484 Era between 1st Western Christian Bible and the Great Schism - Christian doctrine is formed, Roman empire ends 401-417 Pope Innocent I, 40th Pope, decreed Roman custom the norm for Christianity 431 Council of Ephesus, 3rd ecumenical, decreed Mary the Mother of God 451 Council of Chalcedon, 4th ecumenical, declared Jesus is 2 natures, both human and divine in one, a compromise solution of Jesus god/man schisms 476 Official end of western Roman empire 525 Dionysius Exiguus sets Christian calendar (a.d.) & Jesus' birth @ 23 Dec 1AD 637 Jerusalem captured by Islam 640-1380 Period between destruction of Library of Alexandria and the first complete English translation of the Bible 1054 Split between Eastern and Western churches formalized, Orthodox Church founded 1095-1291 10 Crusades, 1st called by Pope Urban II, to restore Asia Minor to Byzantium and conquer the Holy Land from the Turks 1478 Inquisition established by Pope Sixtus IV 1483-1546 Martin Luther, leader of Protestant reformation, preached that only fait leads to salvation without mediation of clergy or good works, attacked authority of the Pope, rejected priestly celibacy, recommended individual study of the Bible 1492 Christopher Columbus's first voyage, discovers San Salvador - begins Spanish colonization of the New World 1517-1994 Modern Era of Christianity - Luther, Calvin lay the seeds of modern Protestantism, England breaks away from the Catholic Church 1534 Henry VIII breaks England away from the Catholic church, confiscates monastic property, beginning of Episcopal Church 1609 Baptist Church founded by John Smyth, due to objections to infant baptism and demands for church-state separation 1611-1800 King James (Authorized) Version, based on Bishop's Bible of 1572 with use of Rheims NT of 1582 - included Apocropha, alterations found in many editions through 1800, revisors accused of being "damnable corrupters of God's word" 1869-1870 First Vatican Council, 20th ecumenical, affirms doctrine of papal infallibility 1957 United Church of Christ founded by ecumenical union of Congregationalists and Evangelical & Reformed, representing Calvinists and Lutherans 1979-1982? New King James Bible, complete revision of 1611 AV, updates archaisms while retaining style 1994 Declaration of cooperation between Evangelicals and Catholics

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