Opening an online vintage store - please help me name it?

Opening an online vintage store - please help me name it? Topic: Incase sold in stores
May 23, 2019 / By Merle
Question: I will be selling my old clothes as well as thrifted pieces online. However, I can't think of an original name. I'm interested in quirky/odd words and want to steer clear of the cutesy names. Pretty much anything left of field or different, add it to the comment box below. Easy ten points to the person who is the most inspiring x Cool story bro @upside down But I wrote "easy ten points to the person who is the most *inspiring*" incase you missed that up there ^ I'm looking for help & inspiration. And you, my dear sir, are neither. Haha. Move along now. You serve no real purpose here ;)
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Best Answers: Opening an online vintage store - please help me name it?

Jonty Jonty | 3 days ago
The Other Side Of The Mirror Looking Glass Clothes CastAway's Fast Forward The Big Picture They Still Look Great
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Jonty Originally Answered: I am interested in opening a scrapbook store in my town & I need a list of items for the store?
a write a biz plan first b; work for another store like the one you want for at least 1 yr. c; remember that few people buy luxury items in a recession. luck to you [read books on small biz admin and entrepreneurship]
Jonty Originally Answered: I am interested in opening a scrapbook store in my town & I need a list of items for the store?
run, run far away from that idea. The scrapbook industry is gasping for breath. Stores that have been open for a decade or longer are now closing. Manufacturers are closing left and right. You won't make a penny of profit. Scrapbooking is being relegated to an aisle at the big box craft store and that's about it. I spent 7 years helping retailers start businesses in the scrapbook industry but closed my business in December '09 because the industry was collapsing. It's continued to shrink. I wouldn't touch it with a 10-foot pole.

Ham Ham
How approximately working a contest on your section with the aid of your close by newspapers, or with close by secondary colleges/colleges and so directly to get all the locals to return up with a recognition. That way you get loose PR contained in the close by newspapers, college/college newsletters and so on the two asserting the contest contained in the 1st place and then asserting the winner, possibly with a photograph of you handing the contest winner their prize (which does no longer must be costly - how approximately an MP3 participant for a tenner?) and in case you get photographed with the triumphing call/emblem being held up too then it gets it in front of folk precise from the beginning up. then whilst they start to work out your organization up and working they're going to already understand the emblem/call and so on and your organization could have on the spot credibility. that's in simple terms an thought - adapt it at will!
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Ebenezer Ebenezer
sorry.. just 10 yahoo points as payment for a name you're going to use suggested by another... no thanks.
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Ebenezer Originally Answered: How do I draw people to my online store and to sign up for a free store?
Hi, This is a Network Marketing Scam dressed up like an online store. Don't waste your most precious asset - your time. Here is a list of more well-regarded Web site creation companies: www.citymax.com www.bigstep.com www.register.com www.homestead.com Wow! I'm glad you asked about MLM, aka Network Marketing. Freakanomics is right - network marketing is a hoax. Get the book:. Freakonomics [Revised and Expanded]: A Rogue Economist Explores the Hidden Side of Everything (Hardcover) by Steven D. Levitt Check out this book at your local library.How to Take Advantage of the People Who Are Trying to Take Advantage of You: 50 Ways to Capitalize on the System (Paperback) by Joseph SB Morse Be informed. Practice due diligence. Demand proof. Proof that can be verified. Bank statements, tax returns, etc. Get this book at your local libary or Amazon: (False Profits: Seeking Financial and Spiritual Deliverance in Multi-Level Marketing and Pyramid Schemes (Paperback) by Robert L. Fitzpatrick . Only the most virulent, ruthless, aggressive, con artists are successful at Network Marketing. You have to be willing to screw a lot of people into thinking you have a plan for financial Nirvana and they will talk a lot about altruism and spirituality and how working an ordinary job is a dead end They call it Just Over Broke (JOB). In reality, you will go broke buying worthless MLM products at sky-high prices. It's like a chain letter, a pyramid, a Ponzi scheme. Don't believe people when they say it isn't. They lie through their teeth. MLM is a snake-pit of liars and those that aren't lying are hopelessly mininformed. Read this before you waste any money on Network Marketing: (http://skepdic.com/mlm.html). You will hear a lot of arguments that make network marketing sound like the Holy Grail of home based "businesses". Like comparing apples to computer chips. You will always hear some very convincing arguments that it is legitimate - every one is a con and illustrates how creative con artists are. The are very CON-vincing - that's convincing with a capital C for calamnity, a big O for obnoxious, and N for nauseous. There are no nuggets in this scam. See: (http://www.quackwatch.com/01QuackeryRela... Here are the 10 biggest lies of network marketing (http://www.mlmwatch.org/01General/10lies... read the truth and steer clear of this world-wide hoax. MLM is the biggest scam in the world and it is going global with companies like Tiens. They will tell you that all you need is fresh leads from a good mailing list and people will sign up faster than a NASCAR race car. Are you kidding me? Fresh MLM leads! Don't fall for that. Get real. Remember, There's a sucker born every minute...and two to take 'em. Burn that into your brain. If their leads are so good, where is their money-back guarantee? Leadbakery is just one example of a list seller and they are even worse than the MLM companies. Listen! There has never been a successful course or book on MLM success - all boil down to this: talk to lots of people with questions like "If I could show you a way to make lots of money quick, would you be interested?" or "If I could show you a sure-fire way to build a financial fortress that would protect you forever, would you be iinterested?" That's the first warning sign that something is rotten in Denmark. Yes, some will sign up, but unless you are a "heavy hitter" and use illegal methods to trap people into becoming distributors, honest people cannot succeed at this. Do you know why these courses never work? None of them work because the concept is a con - it's the confidence man's dream, jam packed with hype and hyposcrisy. The only people that will be making money are the list brokers selling the mailing list - and the course writers and seminar creators. If it was such a good deal, why wouldn't they join a MLM company? The mailing list would be free to them. You don't see them giving up a lucrative mailing list business to get into something that doesn't work. They are smart. They get it. And expensive training courses - what a joke. They offer courses that will never work for the gullible and naive - the GRQ crowd. And I always wondered why none of the people who worked the administrative side of the "business" were not distributors if it was such a great deal. They knew a job was better than the smoke and mirrors, pie in the sky hype used to sell MLM. They knew that only the heavy hitters made any real money. MLM is the world's biggest scam. I have tried it a couple of times, the last being Herbalife. It has now moved into the Internet to trap people into believing that they can Get Rich Quick. It is going global. The only way to make big money is to sell distributorships for thousands of dollars or sell seminar tapes and books. I once went to a seminar given by Herbalife. The president came to speak. We thought we would learn the secret from the horses mouth on how to get the fiasco to work. We couldn't believe how shallow his advice was. It boiled down to "talk to a lot of people". That was his "secret".. If you do the math, and you are able to sign up lots of people, which is doubtful, you soon run out of people. You get 2, then those 2 get 2, etc. It the old binary progression. Do it 10 times and you are in the thousands. With every progression, the number doubles. 2,4,8,16,32,64,128,256,512,1024, 2024,4048,9096. The problem is those people in the beginning of the progression opt-out and gobble up the progression faster than Pac-Man. This is known as the "Drop Out Rate". So what happens when thousands of people are doing this and with the internet it could be millions. You soon run out of people to talk to. And most people are smart enough to know it's a scam so right away you lose a huge part of potential prospects. Think about it. In fact, finally, the numbers will exceed the entire world's population. It is a total dream world, a fantasy, completely out of touch with reality. It always looks good on paper, but none of the "heavy hitters" want to talk about drop-out rates. Hey! What looks good in a spreadsheet, doesn't translate to reality. The fact is that only the people who set up the program make money. The next level is all those scam artists that sell and give seminars on how to succeed in MLM. None of the schemes work because the concept is fatally flawed. Why would anyone with a brain pay $30 for an herbal shampoo that they can buy at the local supermarket for $1. The same with pomegranate juice and Noni joice and all the other miracle juices, algae, and other strange things, even flower pollen. Are you kidding me? Get real. Next, you will read all the anecdotal claims that the product will cure cancer and all sorts of other maladies. This is just another form of fraud. Where are the scientific double and triple blind studies? There ain't any. Listen! Ask about the drop-out rate. Yes, the drop out rate. Over 98% of the people who sign up will drop out after a few months or less. So even if you sign up a few people, they will be gone in months, if not weeks, when they find out how many people they have to talk to for just one distributor. And your friends, co-workers, and relatives will not like you badgering them to join and will avoid you at all costs. And most of the people who sign up are down-and-out desperate, who can ill afford to waste their money and who may be liable to criminal prosecution for promoting unregistered securities. And that's just in the USA. Foreign companies like Tiens leave you no recourse to any real legal remedies or enforcement. Most of these programs die eventually leaving the suckers who signed up holding the bag. I had them die on me and not knowing any better, signed up for the latest MLM scam. After several attempts, I finally came to realize that it was all just a scam - some people became almost like religious zealots when they talked about their program that was going to make everyone rich and quick too. I lost a good friend when he believed my wild claims, put down $3,000 and lost it all. The "industry" is full of disingenuous people whose mantra is "Fake it 'til you make it". Doesn't work. More fraud. They will give you testimonials of people who have made money, but they are liars and what they say cannot be proven. If it's so great why is there so much hype? Here is a trick your upline will employ to get reluctant prospects to sign up. They will tell Ms. Reluctant that they will put some people under her and they take Mr. Hopeful who has already become a distributor and paid the fee and stick him under Ms. Reluctant which forces Ms. Reluctant to either buy in or lose the distributor. This is what happened to me in Herbalife. I was Mr. Hopeful. I thought I was signing up under a successful guy at the top known as a "heavy hitter", but I soon found out I had been scammed. Without telling me, he put me under Ms. Reluctant to force Ms. Reluctant to become a distributor. I did not like my new sponsor and after spending thousands on mailings, I finally dropped out. This is known as "stacking" and is supposedly illegal but it happens all the time. Listen! My upline in Herbalife made more money selling a sales pamphlet than they did working their MLM business. We mailed out thousands of these pamphlets that we bought from our sponsor for a dime and he probably had them printed for a penny or less. He sold so many of them he had to set up a warehouse to hold and ship them. Now, it's all done on the Internet via e-mail. But instead of mailing booklets, you get a Web site and collect e-mail addresses. But a fraud is still a fraud no matter what the media is that promotes it. This was right before the Internet became popular and I was buying mailing lists through mailing list brokers and mailing thousands of booklets with not much success. I was lucky if 1% of 1% signed up as distributors. And they dropped out faster than I could add new ones.. Pretty soon, you run out of quality people to mail to. The internet makes this even worse, but they have to be more careful, but the spam continues to explode. Check out this Web site: http://www.vandruff.com/mlm_faq.html... - for more facts, not hype about MLM and what a world-wide fraud it is. I will probably get lots of MLMers who will villify me for trashing MLM, but I've been there and done it and I know first hand what a fraudulent scam it is that can destroy your life, drain you wallet and ruin your friendships. Kindest Personal Regards, Walt Brown Site Build It Certified Webmaster http://results.sitesell.com/waltera1.html [email protected]/ [email protected] P.S. Remember, there are no get rich quick schemes that work. If there were, the entire world would be rich in an instant, or as they say, a New York minute. I used to be gullible and naive and fell for some of them - no more. Be a sceptic. Be a doubting Thomas. Why are there thousands of GRQ schemes, because they work! Thousands of Gullible people believe that there is such a thing as GRQ and con artists take advantage of that. Demand proof, not hype. P.P.S. Jeekers! You gotta remember - if it sounds too good to be true, it is. P.P.P.S. Find some other way to make money. Have you tried e-bay? Get this book - How to Buy, Sell & Profit on eBay by Adam Ginsberg. Get this one too - Don't Get Burned on eBay by Shauna Wright. It cost nothing to sign up and find out about it. There are lots of tutorials where you can learn from the experts and most of it is free. Try getting free tutorials and expert advice from the so-called MLM gurus - free stuff would ruin their con.

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