Should I transfer back to my old school?

Should I transfer back to my old school? Topic: Strategies on taking notes for a research
May 23, 2019 / By Grier
Question: As a transfer student at michigan I find that I am working really hard but just not cutting it. I have average scores in my chem and physics classes. My old school was an excellent 2nd teir university with a great biochemistry program which was very strong and yet my gpa was a 3.7. I dont like the way university of michigan do things. They make o. chem, chemistry and physics class really tough so that people can change their major to something else. Alot of people who end up changing their majors would have succeeded as a science major elsewhere because the curriculum would have been enough to prepare them and they do well and not give them too much burden. Their questions and tests are so hard that most of this material dont even show up on the mcat or the gre? As a transfer student I only came to michigan for one purpose and to was to get a 3.5 or over as a biochemistry major I dont plan on changing my major. If anything should I transfer back to my old school?
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Dusty Dusty | 7 days ago
That's a tough question. If you transfer back you will probably be putting yourself behind. It is possible that some of the classes you took at Michigan will not transfer. Why did you decide to transfer to Michigan in the first place? Do you have opportunities that you wouldn't have at your old university? If you can get through the gateway courses, the other courses will probably be easier. Many Research I institutions use the intro science courses to weed out the students who aren't as serious. Instead of working hard, how about improving your learning strategies? Are you attending TA or SI sessions? Do you have a tutor? Have you joined a study group? Regular (weekly)involvement in any of these activties has been shown to have a significant impact on student's grades. Do you use learning strategies such as SQ4R, Cornell Note Taking method, and Concept maps? Go to www.howtostudy.org for instructions. These techniques take a little more time than just reading, but if you do them regularly, they will save you lots of time when you have to review for quizzes and exams. Also, be certain to take advantage of your best resource -- your professor. Most profs keep regular office hours and are happy to answer your questions. When I was teaching, if a student came to me for help because they were doing poorly on quizzes, I would tell them how I wrote them. Afterwards they would do much better.
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Buck Buck
go back to youe old school. a 3.7 gpa is impressive, keep that gpa, transfer. you wont do well in a school you are unhappy with and do not agree with the teaching/grading system.
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