Interviewing for 2 separate positions: what if i'm offered the first job on the spot?

Interviewing for 2 separate positions: what if i'm offered the first job on the spot? Topic: Took our jobs application
June 24, 2019 / By Uriela
Question: I was contacted a few days ago for an interview with the Department of Health and Human Resources for a Youth Service Worker (Social Worker) position. I've been preparing for the interview since. Yesterday morning, I was contacted again by the Heath and Human Resources Department but in another County for an interview for an Adult Protective Service Worker position and the interview is in 2 days. I've put off preparing for the first interview since the second one that I was contacted about is happening first. I'm kind of in an odd predicament though. I want to interview for both and I hope I do well, but in the instance that I would be offered the first position before I get to interview for the second, I'm not sure what to do. I'm to a point that I would take either position...it's just a matter of who offers first. When you apply for these positions you go on a State register and they interview applicants as they accumulate applications and I have been applying for different agencies for almost 5 moths now....there is a freeze on State jobs in my State and even without the freeze it usually takes 3 months from application date to hire date, so its a long process. I wouldn't want to not take the position or pass it up if it's offered to me before the other interview even happens. What would you do? I'm not trying to get ahead of myself and I could only be so lucky to be offered the job, but I am just looking for a way to handle the situation if it would happen. Both positions are trainee positions that require no experience. You are in the trainee position for one year. Just a Social work License or Temporary Permit and then of course the qualified and appropriate education is required... which I have. I think I have a decent shot at both and all positions are very understaffed. There is exactly one week between each interview, so more than likely I will be taking the first position that I interview if it is offered to me first because I highly doubt that they would wait a full week for me to make up my mind. Both jobs are similar, except one focuses on the Adult population while the other focuses on the Youth population. Beverly S: I do agree with you. Usually when you interview for these positions and it goes well, you will be told that your place at the agency will be held so long as the full screening process goes well. Three of my peers work for the local DHHR in trainee positions in various units and each of them have went through the same process. I won't ask for time to think about a job offer because I feel that they would likely want to move on to another candidate. Although, it takes weeks to months to even get enough candidates to contact for an interview, one person might be the only one being interviewed on that given day. All protective service jobs are very understaffed in our area. I'm not putting all my eggs in one basket and betting that I get a job based on that, but was just looking for some advice.
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Savannah Savannah | 2 days ago
If you are in the unlikely position of being offered either job during the interview (they most likely have two or three levels of hiring and will be interviewing a number of people for each, so you will probably have at least a week between interview and offer), ask for 48 hours to think it over. That should get you through the second interview (you could subtly mention in the second interview you are pondering an offer with a very limited life). As you say, with a freeze on the jobs, they are not going to want to give you much more than 48 hours before they move on to the next person (to be honest, anything more than 24 hours to think it over is pushing it, but it can't hurt to try). If they say you can have 24 hours, then you either take the job or turn it down and hope (if you take the job, have the courtesy to call the second interview and cancel so as not to waste their time).
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I've never heard of a teaching interview where candidates were offered the job ob trhe spot. If they're interested, they'll probably call you back within a few days. Even then, you may not be offered the job-- they'll probably just call you in for another interview. Each school's hiring procedures are different. A typical hiring process would involve four rounds of interviews-- First interview -- You meet with one or two people. This is a screening interview where they weed out the bad candidates. Second interview -- You passed the screening interview and now you're being interviewed by a larger committee. The committee is made up of a principal, parents, teachers, and other school staff. Third interview -- The committee liked you. Now they've invited you back to teach a "sample lesson" infrom of kids. You'll be asked to teach a short lesson so they can see how you interact with kids. Final interview -- Usually with a superintendent or head of Human resources. This means the committee likes you and they want administration to meet you before offering you the job. ...as I said before, the process is different for each school district. But the above scenario would be typical for a school district. So, no, don't expect them to offer you a job on the spot. I hope you get the job you iterviewed for. If not, here's an eBook that may help you prepare for your next interview-- It's "Guide to Getting a Teaching Job"-- http://www.iwantateachingjob.com I has lots of information and advice about finding teacihng jobs, the application process, and interviewing for teaching jobs. Maybe the eBook can help you. Best of luck!!!!
Savannah Originally Answered: Has anyone had a teaching interview and was not offered the job on the spot but still got hired the next day?
It is extremely rare for a school system to hire during an interview. It sounds like your interview went well, but to be fair, they do need to let all canidates complete their interviews before making any decisions. Its also common for the Principal, or whoever was interviewing you to want some time to look over your application, portfolio, and contact your references. I am a teacher (2 years now) and my interview went very well but it was almost two weeks before they called and offered me the job. It sounded very similar to your situation -- they had more people to interview and wanted some time to think about things. I remember feeling the same way -- I thought the interview had gone well and I was worried they didn't want me. DON"T DESPAIR!!! I'm sure things went well and I wish you luck in getting hired!
Savannah Originally Answered: Has anyone had a teaching interview and was not offered the job on the spot but still got hired the next day?
Absolutely! I got hired for a teaching position more than a whole week after my interview! Good luck

Norene Norene
It is RARE to get offered a job without a full background check, references checked etc. I doubt you will have to worry. I wouldn't ask for 48 hours to decide... I've actually changed my mind about hiring people who have done that. Employers want people who want the job, not those who have to "think about it" If it were me I would take the first one offered. Good luck!
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