I have a real big volleyball problem. Please reasonable answers. no stupid answers. Thanks.?

I have a real big volleyball problem. Please reasonable answers. no stupid answers. Thanks.? Topic: Problem solving in the team
June 24, 2019 / By Scarlet
Question: Ok im on a volleyball team and im the best and tallest player. All of my teammates..well stink. Is there anyway to help them get better? maybe tips? well we have a game in less than 2 days. i think we are going to lose lol. Some of my team mates dont even go for the ball and just stand there..and some cant serve well. Please help. All answers appreciated.. im the co. captain and i will accept some tips. Please no rude answers. thanks
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Best Answers: I have a real big volleyball problem. Please reasonable answers. no stupid answers. Thanks.?

Norma Norma | 4 days ago
I am not sure any of these answers will help in time for your game. The first thing I would suggest is talking with your coach. See what the coach thinks should be done first. If you do things without talking with the coach first, they will think you are trying to run the team. And you may find yourself on the bench or even off the team. Invite the team to show up early or stay late for practice. Some may be able to show up for one or the other. See if you have dedicated players or just recreational players. If no one wants to make an extra effort, you may be in for some trouble. If the two above do not work, just work on encouraging your team mates. If they do something well, high five them. If they mess up, encourage them to do better the next time. Do not say anything negative to any of your team or it will be worse. Be positive. Winning is great, but it is not the most important thing in the world. Your volleyball teammates can become your friends. Over the next several months, you will spend more time with them than you will spend with your family or friends. Do not push them so hard that they will hate you. Good luck. This will not be a easy problem to solve. Your teammates have to WANT to get better. If they are just there because their parents want them to be there, you will be in trouble.
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Macie Macie
well its hard to answer because you didnt say what age you were. I think the first thing you need to do is stop worrying about winning and focus on improving your team. At practices, if you see someone doing something wrong, pull them off to the side and work with them. For example, if someone is doing the wrong hitting approach, pull them aside and break it down for them. Start with the foot work, then add the arms, jump, and swing. The next best thing to do is always give positive advice first. Like that was better but next time add this.... If you constantly say no thats wrong. your not doing it right blah blah blah, they arent going to want to learn and get better. Its all about gaining a love for the game. Im the kind of person that absolutely HATES losing, but ya know what, if you can see that your team is improving skill wise, thats the best reward. And eventually you will start winning games. Just make sure you set a good example and offer your help to everyone. DONT walk around like your hot stuff and your better than everyone. if you want drills and stuff, i have some ill give you. hope this helps
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Kelsey Kelsey
First of all, change your attitude. You think your going to lose? Well you are if you have that perspective. It's called intensity and determination that helps win a game. (along with skill, which i guess your team needs.) Encourage your teammates to go for that ball and yell at them. (Not in a mean way, just determined) Ball control helps win nearly all games. Defense is what is big in volleyball games. Work on passing free balls in transition, downballs, middle, outside, and right side hits. Work on the positions that receive the tips or dumps. Serve receive is probably the biggest with ball control. WOrk on receiving really tough floater, jump, and topspin serves. Put your best passers in the back row. On serve receive put your libero in the middle at all times. Hope this works. Ball control is the key.
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Isadora Isadora
Ok, you can do so many things. First, 2 DAYS IS NOT GOING TO BE ENOUGH AT ALL. It takes practice to be good, and more to be great. I love my team, we are all very good, and I wouldn't trade them for anything. We work hard, and practice a lot. You can make up cheers, etc. to interest the players more. Give them praise when they make a really good hit, block, serve etc. Take time to explain to them how to do something properly. If they don't learn early, they will start doing it the wrong way, and never be able to get out of the habit. Be careful in choosing your teamates, make sure they will work for it, sometimes when you first see someone and their determination in the sport, you know they will be good right away. Then again, I have a really really good coach. I learned it all from him!
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Eliane Eliane
oh my god. i didn't think anyone felt my pain. same thing here absolute same thing. i had a game today and we lost. and im the tallest and one of the best players out of 3 good players. i love my friends but whose fault is it they. . . . just don't have the volleyball player in them. heres some tips and this isn't meant to be rude but when you see someone on your team isnt getting the ball when it keeps coming to them please feel free to try to get it. don't just keep watching them miss cover their spot i know it seems mean but you can't tell them how to play right in the middle of the game you know. make sure when you serve they do not lose you because if youre getting it over you dont want to be lost as a server because your team cant get it back over. its tough i know but just have fun after a while its hard to get your whole team on the same level as you. good luck with your game!
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