I need a really cool and powerful made up mythical creature for a possible story can u help me out?

I need a really cool and powerful made up mythical creature for a possible story can u help me out? Topic: How to write a mythical story
July 18, 2019 / By Jemima
Question: i would prefer that it is made up but if there is a cool creature that u think i havent heard of i would like to know about it. (i know a lot about mythical creatures so i no just about all of them) what i mean by made up is that you make it up yourself i would prefer a cross between animals with some kind of power like a griffin and it has to be big and powerful like a dragon and the kind of world i hav set up would be like a middle ages type thing with castles and swords and kings a world like in the book eragon if you have read it ok those last two make me almost die of laughter but seriously i want something cool not funny
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Best Answers: I need a really cool and powerful made up mythical creature for a possible story can u help me out?

Felicia Felicia | 10 days ago
Ok here's what you do: Cut up a pice of paper in to about 10 small pieces and come up with a list of animals that scares you. Pick two or 3 out of the bowl and there you go. This way, while writing, you can develop your character based on the fear that you have of it. So if you want you character to be scary you know exactly how to make it sound scary because you yourself are afraid of it.
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Felicia Originally Answered: I am going to write a story/book about a mythical creature?
I don't really know what to tell you, sorry. Just don't do vampires, werewolves, or wizards. (: Just think of something that would be an interesting topic for you, then come up with something that would fit it. For example, because of Twilight vampires are now tied to romance. Write something that reflects you, and if you can't think of anything maybe you shouldn't write about that topic. Good luck, and I know how it feels because I'm writing a book, too!

Corynn Corynn
A moose. With white and brown speckled wings that appear at need and are armored underneath. It has antlers but they are pure white, sharply pointed at the tips, and bend inward. It's eyes are as blue as the sky but can weaken any man's resolve. It has a single black stripe down it's back singleing it out from the others. It is the same size a a regular moose but will grow to the size of a 2-story building within seconds if threatened. Do with that what you will, glad i could mabe or mabe not help :)
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Bethney Bethney
It depends on what you are writing about / the world you have set up... For example are you looking for something human or similar for example a shifter / were type creature or a centaur or a human who can call up an animal / creature or a dragon etc Or are you wanting something alien or a bunyip or something more animal. You could mix animals too I guess like the centaur is human and horse. You could do something else...
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Aglæca Aglæca
The Griffin The griffin commonly has the physique of a lion and the wings/head of an eagle. because of the fact the two the lion and the eagle have been viewed the king of their respective domain names, this dude is notably plenty the consummate nature king. What’s even cooler is each and every sometimes he has the tail of a chimera (mythical way of asserting ’serpent.’), so I propose hiya- what can he probable enhance on? no longer plenty. Superpowers: Flight and great-potential are evoked. additionally, in case you seem at him the incorrect way and he sees you, he’ll stare back at you with magical eyes and stun you. that's the place the term “stunna-colorings” comes from.
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Tim Tim
The 'Unkar, a monstrous reptile from Persian mythology - a cross between an elephant and a crocodile, sometimes with a trunk, sometimes not. It does always have tusks, however.
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Ralphie Ralphie
How about a subterranean giant octopus/squid like a kraken that attacks from beneath the ground. But even scarier..http://www.stupidvideos.com/video/commer...
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Ralphie Originally Answered: What is a mythical creature for this?
How about a sphinx? Lycans are wolf-people, sphinxes are cat-people. Or there are always centaurs. Horse-people!

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