17 year old sister who takes my clothes and underwear (I'm 25)?

17 year old sister who takes my clothes and underwear (I'm 25)? Topic: Beats suitcase sizes
July 16, 2019 / By Jedidiah
Question: hello all my sister takes my clothes and wears them and then lies about it. we do not share a room, she takes the clothes from the area where clothes are kept until they are moved into our room. this week she has been away at camp, my mom found a new blouse I have been missing a for a couple of weeks in her handbag as well as my underwear (lacey thong actually). and today she got back from camp, I noticed she posted some fb pics of her wearing a shirt that looks like a new one i bought in may when I went to the states (first trip I paid for everything and first time going in 9 years) when we spoke i couldn't see all of the shirt so I wasn't sure it was mine but then she told me it was similar to a shirt I have and her friend lent it to her (one that I know) later on she approaches me and says that it wasn't that friend but one of her dorm mates who lent, which surprised me but idea wasn't impossible. Neways so I was perusing her pics again cuz they came up on my homepage and I went to look for the great dane doggies that she had captured (I love dogs!) and I noted that the pic wid her wearing the shirt was gone! She clearly lied. I then looked up and realized her unpacked suitcase is still in the living room and she is sleeping so I went through it. I found another new shirt first and then the shirt size Large my size, she tends to wear xl, so what really happens is that she streches out my clothes, one of the blouses is actually one I have lent her when she asked. This problem began about 4 years ago when I started buying clothes online. to make matters worse, she has bought some stuff for herself and I picked up a few clothes for her in florida and she wears the decent t shirts in the darned house! and yet wants to borrow/take my clothes wid her. I have a $36 us PERFECT fitting bra that has been missing for a few weeks as well. I've worn it twice and I have cleaned and sorted out my room since then and I kno I doan have it, plus I'm big busted so its noticeable . I think she has it. I want it to stop but I doan know how. I want her to stop lying to me and most of all to take my stuff I kno she is gonna be mad at me for going through her stuff but I cannot trust her to be honest. She is very sneaky like this and I hope we can recover from this....but steps have to be taken and these behaviours must cease I think I've vented enough
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Gareth Gareth | 9 days ago
No More Mr. Nice Guy is the approach you need to take to end this. Beat the crap out of her. Just kidding. It is time for a public show down. Get your mom involved and bring everything out into the family arena. Her behavior is ridiculous, unjustified, childish, and selfish. Don't bother to play word games. Tell her plainly, "I know you take my clothes. I want them all back. Do not ever take my clothes again. Or else." Who cares if she gets mad? She deserves it at this point. Yes, she asked for it and you were justified. She did not respect your possessions so you did not respect hers IN RETURN. You have had enough abuse and it has to stop--today. Would she like to have you "borrow" her clothes without asking? You need to ask her this. Your mom needs to know. Have her deal with your sister. Put a lock on your door if you need to.
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Gareth Originally Answered: Help! Sister is stealing my clothes?
I don't know how old you are or if you have any money of your own, but here's what I would do if I were in your situation. 1. Start writing your name on the tags of all your clothing in permanent sharpie (the skinny one would probably be easiest) Inform her that you're doing this. Also if its not already, separate your closet into "her side" and "your side." Know which clothes are yours! Hopefully she will get a stronger sense of ownership from you. 2. You may need to hide your most valuable clothing. You might be able to convince your parents to buy you a cheap safe/lock box if you maturely and calmly explain the situation and agree to give them a spare key (showing that you have nothing to hide from them) and ask that your sister not be allowed inside of it. If you get them involved it is very important to do it with the most sympathetic parent first, and NOT while your sister is around. Don't raise your voice, get snotty, angry etc. Just calmly ask for help. "What should I do mom? Is there a way I can have more privacy over my stuff? I don't mind sharing with my sister but she doesn't ask and its very frustrating." Use I statements. Don't "tattle." Don't say things like "My stupid gross sister is a stealing selfish brat and takes all my things!!!" It might be how you feel, but that likely wont convince your parents or bring them to your side. You might also mention that your worried you could get a yeast infection from sharing underwear. 3. If that doesn't work, or your parents can't find a cheap enough lock box, try looking for a cheap plastic filing cabinet with a lock to put your clothes in. Maybe your parents even know of an old one you can have for free from the office... 4. This may sound counter productive, but you might try asking your sister if she would like some style tips or even ask if she'd like to borrow one of your shirts every once in a while. Reiterate that you have no problem sharing with her when she asks first. You may be creating a other side of the fence affect by acting like your clothing is this valuable amazing thing she can never get. That might be the only reason she wants it. If there's something you wouldn't mind wearing from her wardrobe, trade with her. 5. Going shopping with her can also help. Compliment her on her own individual sense of style and be open about what types of clothing you'll try on. Ask her to pick out an outfit for you to try on and you do the same for her. Just have fun... it doesn't have to look amazing and you don't have to buy it! Remember, your the older and more mature one, so act that way. Not every shopping trip has to end in a fight, even if she irritates you. Just try to let it go. 6. If at all possible get your own room and install a doorknob with a lock. They're $20 at home depot and all you need is a screwdriver to install it. I'm guessing this won't be happening for you though. 7. If things get really bad (your parents don't do anything and you have to take matters into your own hands...) As far as hiding clothing goes, try hammering a nail or tack into the wall behind a bookshelf or desk and hang clothing there. Make sure to do this while your sister isn't home. If you ever catch her in the act of stealing your clothing make a HUGE deal about it, throw a glass of water on her, snatch it from her hands and create as much diversion as possible in the future. She'll either get sneakier or be embarrassed so much she'll stop. For every item she takes of yours take one of hers. Ask that she pay for anything she lose or ruin. Ask to borrow (or just take) her cherished items and then tell her you lost them. When she gets upset, give them back and say thats exactly how you feel. Note: these are last resort and NOT proven to work! They may make the situation worse if your sister gets vengeful or feels that her actions are now justified!
Gareth Originally Answered: Help! Sister is stealing my clothes?
wow...yup i've been in ur situation...my lil sister used 2 borrow my clothes all the time and she's bigger than me...funny how my jeans fit her perfectly but mine look horrible on me...hmm well it stopped after she stretched out one of my favorite tank tops and then i decided 2 wear one of her nice shirts that she wanted 2 wear 2 school the next day to the movies and she got soo mad...lil sisters are stingy!! so i talked with her about how she felt when i was wearing her favorite dress shirt...and she sad she was mad and hurt...and basically she apologized for takin my clothes and from then on asked my permission b4 borrowing anything of mine. hope i helped

Derryl Derryl
You are 25 move out. Also, you are 25, it sounds like someone else does your laundry for you...i hope not. If you arent able to live on your own yet, then I suggest buying a lock for your door. If it were me i would just keep saying things to embarrass her in front of her friends until she stopped taking your stuff. When she has had enough of the trash talk and approaches you, then tell her Ill stop when you stop.
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Benny Benny
So why didn't your parents teach you kids to be good to each other?? It's up to qualified parents to teach and train their kids to be respectful, loving, loyal, etc. with each other. Well, since your parents have failed to do their job, I guess you will have to endure or maybe try to establish a better relationship with your sibling and undo the damage that was done in your relationship with her by your parents. Try this.... http://www.google.com/search?rlz=1C1GGLS...
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Benny Originally Answered: The last night my son was wearing his sister's clothes?
I think your son is one very lucky girl, I wish I had a mother like you & three sisters too. jk

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