How can you accept yourself the way you are without thinking of others?

How can you accept yourself the way you are without thinking of others? Topic: Latest news on the sister wives
July 19, 2019 / By Howie
Question: Simply put, my family doesn't know I'm bi, even I don't know if I'm truly bi or I'm just trying to convince myself that I am, to feel that I have a chance to a normal life. I find certain women attractive, and I could have sex with them but I don't really get that emotional connection or affection as with men. But that's not what I wanna talk about. The problem is that I just can't tell my family about this "problem" because I just don't want to disappoint them. They're all expecting me to have a wife, kids and family, and they're the simple, close-minded type of people so I'm guessing it would be pretty hard for them to understand. And instead of them supporting me, I'm sure I would be the one "supporting" them and explaining to them that it's not my choice and all that stuff. I've also kept myself away of any possible relationships because deep within I know I still have problems accepting this part of myself. Even though right now every part of me is craving to give my love to someone and be loved back. And I can probably say that I'm afraid to get into a relationship because I'd get too involved and lose myself completely in it. After growing in a very homophobic society, it's pretty hard to accept this and get involved in a gay relationship because you can't focus on yourself and your happiness, you always think of others. And it's just so frustrating to see straight people having the freedom to love and how easy it is for a straight person to love whoever they want. They have no idea how lucky they are. I think it will take me quite some time to figure out how I'm gonna tell my family about this or how I should truly accept myself the way I am. I really love them and all I want is to make them proud. But I feel I deserve to be happy as well, and love is the best thing there is. I'm tired of being alone, but I'm also afraid to make such a huge step. Anyway, sorry for whining so much and I know I sound like a coward but I just don't like hurting people, especially my family. And English is not my native language so sorry for any mistakes. Any advices would be most appreciated! Thanks a lot! Sam Justice - Since when does the Westboro Baptist Church answer questions on Y!A? Oberon - thanks a lot...in the end, it all depends on myself, it's gonna be tough but I'm sure I'm gonna take the right decision :) immabme - I'm not even looking for a "sex life"
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Emmet Emmet | 10 days ago
You are a sweet sweet man. You put your heart on your sleeve for your family. That's very kind of you. And, very special. I can understand just by reading this that you love them very much. Hell, you are willing the put aside your own life for them. That's a huge sacrifice. I can't tell you that is right or wrong. That's your choice. All I can do, is be there for you. I understand your dilemma. It's hard to maneuver through something like this. But, in the end, someone has to be hurt. Be it you, or them. I know from my life that when you have to break news to family, they are usually devastated. It's a normal reaction. But, I have also known from my life that they do come around. Sooner or later, they mellow out. Generally, it's the mother and father that put aside their desires for you to accept you. Sisters and brothers on the other hand tend to take a wee bit longer. I wouldn't rush any decision. Take some time to focus on you. You have lots of thinking to do. And, you owe a fair amount of contemplation for this issue. You owe that to your family, and to you. Sorry I can not be of more help. I simply am not the sort to tell someone what to do. I can't make that choice, and I think you understand that. I don't even think that is what you were aiming for. Maybe some sympathy. Definately some empathy. And, just for sh*ts and grins, I give you a bit of pity too. You are stronger than I am in many ways. You won't be alone forever. At least, I hope not. Follow your heart. Be brave enough to take that leap when it tells you to. The first step in any direction is always the hardest. You have my love, my hope, and my wish for happiness for you.
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