Can I still ask to come back after leaving twice?

Can I still ask to come back after leaving twice? Topic: Cvs jobs applications employers
June 17, 2019 / By Gedalia
Question: Before anyone can even begin to understand my situation, I MUST explain everything to you. Last year, I had a part-time job that I loved very much and remained there for 8 months, but eventually left because of a few reasons. A: In winter, I suffered from the Flu for 2 weeks and quit my job, thinking I was going to get fired for being off so long. B: Due to suffering from personal problems, I felt I had no choice but to leave as I was really struggling (mentally and physically) to do my work properly, but I never told my manager that part. Not long after leaving, I wanted to return and asked for my job back, which I got. But, STUPID ME, due to still suffering from personal problems, I left again 2 days later! Since then, I got a job working in my local cinema. It wasn’t until after my few months of working in the cinema that I realised my personal problems were becoming worse and badly affecting my health (physically and mentally) and disrupting my work-life, meaning I could never keep a job. So, back in April I spoke to my doctor and pretty much BEGGED him to refer me to a therapist, whom I’ll finally be seeing within the next few weeks. To come into the present, I am now stuck in a tiny, part-time job that I really hate, but have to keep because it's all I have to keep my head above water (financially) until I can find something more secure. Ever since leaving my part-time job last year in December, I have regretted leaving EVERY SINGLE DAY and all I can think about is returning to my old job. My heart literally cries out for it! I miss having my own space and feeling so happy and stress-free. My father warned me not to leave there because when I was working there last year BEFORE my personal problems began, I was SO VERY HAPPY! I miss the place so much and wish very greatly to return. It’s all I can think about and if I was offered the job to return there tomorrow, I would be crying with happiness right now. But, after leaving twice, how on earth can I possibly face speaking to my ex-manager again? I have to, but I feel so ashamed, like I’m a disgrace. How can I even dare ask for my old job back after leaving TWICE?! I know I wouldn’t just get my old job back now, after all this time. I still have my ex-manager’s phone number and she’s one of my references on my CV. Do you suppose I could give her a call, tell her I wish to return to my old job and ask for an application form so if her present employee ever leaves, she might take me back? Do you suppose if I explained to her about my personal problems I was suffering at the time, she may take it into consideration? I don’t really know what I’m asking. Maybe I’m just looking for advice from people who may have had similar experiences of leaving a job more than once, then regretting it ever since and wanting to go back. Maybe I just want to know what these people did when it happened to them. Thank you.
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Best Answers: Can I still ask to come back after leaving twice?

Dick Dick | 10 days ago
Sure you can, I left jobs three and four times and came back again. If you do good work they would be a fool not to take you back. If you're still unsure just line up another job as a backup and then go in and ask for your old job back, if they say noway, you just go away to your new other job. Listen, you are an excellent writer and there are many potential employers that would be very happy to have you.
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Dick Originally Answered: Should I call back after leaving an application?
for share lots of application come in and your application goes to the bottom of the pile if you call it goes to the top and they look at it more. and there a better chance of getting in if you call .. my moms a boss and hires people i know.... will hope i helpt!

Bill Bill
What is the worst that can happen if you call her..she says no? Since you aren't working there right now, that means you haven't lost anything. So, give her a call and explain your circumstances - apologize and note that you will be getting some professional help with the personal problems (you really don't have to go into detail about the problems, just admit that there are some). If she doesn't have a place for you now, ask her about either: a) future possibilities, or b) other places like her shop that she could recommend (and provide a reference). While none of this may work, at least you have given it a shot and you won't be wondering "What if I had called".
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Ace Ace
You can always try and ask for the job, with a long-overdue explanation. You should have spoken to your manager about your problems and asked for time off without pay. If you had done that, or even quit with the explanation, you would stand a very good chance of getting your old job back. Whenever you quit, you should give two weeks notice, if at all possible. Don't take that word "possible" to mean "convenient". That rule is for decent manners that shows how an honorable person shows respect to others, provides their employer time to find their replacement, and does not burn the bridges of future work references. It is possible to give two weeks notice if a boyfriend at work broke up with you but not possible if you die, you are being raped at work, or management refuses to fix a leak in the reactor.
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Sonora Sonora
I think all of it depends on how good of terms you are on with you ex manager. If she is a reference for you then it must not be too bad. I would definitely explain the circumstances(you may not even have to go into that much detail). You will have to prove herself and work hard so they know this time will be different. I wish the best of luck luck. Now transform and roll out. DRAGON 2008 "I BELIEVE IN U.S."
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Portia Portia
You quitting both times rather than putting in a 2-week notice is really bad but if you had explained why you left I think that would help given your circumstances. Everything is really going to depend on your work ethic and how the people feel about you. I wouldn't be hopeful but it doesn't hurt to try.
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Mauld Mauld
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