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May 23, 2019 / By Ebby
Question: I'm from Missouri and it is my up-most dream to get into UCLA's communications program. I am going into my junior year of high school and here is a little bit of information about me to see if you guys think I could possibly qualify... -4.1 GPA -Right now I'm very active in three clubs: The Humane Society, Foreign Language, Key Club (volunteering and community help organization, if you don't know). I've been in all of those the two years I have been in H.S. and will probably be in all of them for a total of four years when I graduate. -(I don't know if this means much, but it might set me apart) I am currently going into Spanish Four. I can read most sentences and write out simple sentences. I'm still not very good at hearing and understanding someone speak Spanish, but I'm working on it. Hopefully, by the time I graduate (I'll be in Spanish 5) I'll be a lot more fluent..and possibly totally fluent. -I have volunteered at the humane society for a couple of years. (Haven't done this for about a year and a half now due to work..) My mom told me to, but I also didn't record the times and how much I worked there, which I should have..but, I did do it..that might not help me at all now, though. -I don't know if college prep is the same as AP but that is what it is called in my high school. I am taking all of the college prep classes that are available to me and have since freshman year. -I have no taken my ACT or SAT tests yet, but will this fall most likely. So, I can't give those scores. -Taking four (I believe) weighted classes. And my biggest question to see if it will help me: -I am planning on taking some college courses at the community college right down the street from me. Do you guys think taking some college classes when I'm a junior or senior will help set me apart (as long as I do good in them...) I know it will at least help cut down on some tuition fees. Anyways, I absolutely love EVERYTHING about California. I just love it. It is my dream to be able to go out there and live in such an exciting city. My biggest challenge, though, is the cost for tuition. If anyone cares to answer are there any big ways to cut down on tuition costs? My first idea was to go to a community college down there such as Santa Monica and then apply for in-state. Anything else? Can scholarships really put a big dent in reducing tuition costs because by-golly I'll be applying to every single one of those suckers if they will help. Anyways, thanks for any advice I really appreciate it.
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Cainan Cainan | 5 days ago
Since you say you have a 4.1 GPA, I have to assume that is weighted, and that your unweighted GPA is quite a bit lower, which could be a problem for UCLA. If you go to a community college for two years first, you will have another chance at getting the grades you would need. It would not, however, allow you to apply as an in-state student, because if you move here to go to college, you remain an out-of-state student. You would have to be seen as a resident, and a student isn't considered a resident. As for scholarships, unless you are a student-athlete, most scholarships help, but won't make a huge difference. Most of them will offer somewhere between a few hundred and a couple of thousand dollars. Expect most of your tuition to come from loans and work, if your parents can't help out. Your chances would be better if you were going to a less-competitive school, of course.
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Cainan Originally Answered: How can I get into UCLA?
yes you do have a chance; you better keep it to a near 4.0 and not drop below 3.75 at least (since your nonresident) keep it up and when you take the PSAT don't fret about it (it doesn't even count because juniors and sophomores are worried if it counts or college will look at them which they don't) But when you take the real SAT you need to get above 2100/2400 for nonresident to get even looked at or at least above 2000 (I know its hard but you can try) Also DO NOT TAKE EASY CLASSES FOR A GOOD GPA; So Keep up the hard working and your on the way to UCLA!!! Also my suggestion: for 10th grade, take Any AP classes available and AP courses you can PASS with a B or A(not talking about the AP Exam but if you get a 4 or 5 then very Good!!!) For nonresident -Take more than or 4 years of Math (up to Pre-Cal or AP Stats) -Take more than or 4 years of Science (up to Chemistry and Physics or any above those) -Take 4 years of Foreign Language (same language throughout; also if they don't have a 4th same language then take AP or don't take it as 3 years is fine) -Over 1 year of Visual Arts -and alot of electives -Also take AP Literature and Composition (if theres two of the same courses like AP Lit but not with comp then don't take it) and pass the class with B or A and get a 3,4,5 on the AP Exam will exemplify you from taking the Analyatical Writing Exam given to ALL Undergrads coming to University of California or Score over 650 in the writing section of the SAT I -Take two SAT II (Math IIC is recommended with at least 780 and other subject your good at) -Alot of Clubs/Extracurriculars (I mean alot like Key Club since your Freshman year or so or any Community Service organization and particapting alot of events) For Freshmans, you don't need to worry about college but if your going to UCLA from out-of-state you need to start doing good from NOW with good GPA like near 4.0 or till up to 4.5 (max capped for AP classes included; weighted, but unweighted is what they most look at) I think you have a chance at UCLA, just keep up and continue the hard work plus good SAT scores and alot of AP Courses you CAN pass and GPA etc. go to www.universityofcalifornia.edu for non-resident requirements (but my suggestions will help to get into UCLA) But this is my Opinion, so Good Luck, and hope you get accepted by UCLA in the future!!! :) If you have more info about UCLA or any University of California then contact my email [email protected]

Alerick Alerick
Frankly, it's really hard t go to UCLA or any UC school from out of state if you can't afford to pay. The out of state cost is $40,000 per year and there's no financial aid for out of staters other than a very few scholarships which go to the very top students. S after Federal money, even being very poor and getting the max, there will be a bill of over $30,000. You will need outside scholarships, and getting $30K worth is a big feat. This is one of the reasons there are so few OOS applicants at UC's. You can also not become a resident by going to a California community college. Unless your parents move there with you and stay a year before you enter school, you can not become a resident. Average GPA for those accepted this year was 4.2. They take students wh have taken the hardest course loads of honors/AP's at their schools. Average SAT was 2050. Figure as an out of state applicant your stts need to be higher than these averages.
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Tami Tami
Well, i live in California, and visit Los Angeles a lot. UCLA is a wonderful school, and is in the heart of Beverly Hills/Hollywood. Great school as well. However, you must know that it is HIGHLY competitive to get into. I have two friends that applied there for Fall 2008 entrance. One got in, one didnt. The girl that got in had SAT of 1950, Varsity sports player, ranked 3rd, and had a GPA of 4.6. The girl that DIDNT get in had SAT of 1900, Editor in chief of the paper, ranked 5th, and had a GPA of 4.5. As you can see, the small difference in their information made a huge difference. UCLA is expensive to get into, but scholarships really DO help. Apply for a lot of them!!! If you go to a junior college first, you have a much better chance of getting in. All you can do is apply, try hard, and hope for the best.
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Rheta Rheta
You understand you might be performed together with your RN measure. You can get your buddies in 2 years, and your BSN in 4 years. You've been in university for 3 years and also have not anything? And sure theres monetary support to aid you, however dont anticipate your entire university to be paid.
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Rheta Originally Answered: Will I get into UCLA?
You have a great GPA and ACT score. Your extracurriculars seem extensive, but are you in any leadership role in these clubs? You'll look stronger as an applicant if your a president etc. For the swimming, how good are you? If your good enough you could get scouted, it could be a great niche into getting accepted into the university. For the AP's what scores did you get? 4 and 5's are best for UCLA. Finally, I noticed you have no volunteer work. You need to have a little bit of that. When I applied to college's I had 200+ hours and that wasn't even considered a whole lot. In conclusion, above are my notes on your stats. I do think that for a large school like UCLA you will get accepted. Maybe adjust/ consider my thoughts and you'll be a stronger applicant. If anything I think you'll be fine!

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