Leaving for my first plane ride at 5am? Anything i need to know?

Leaving for my first plane ride at 5am? Anything i need to know? Topic: Jewelry case security
July 17, 2019 / By Karissa
Question: This is my first.. I have a 7month old son - what are the things i cant bring on an airplane and what are the thing i cant bring for myself.... Im really nervous and will it cost anything for me to bring his car seat he will be sitting on my lap but i need his car seat? please help
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Harriet Harriet | 1 day ago
TSA Prohibited Items: http://www.tsa.gov/travelers/airtravel/p... TSA does not allow liquids in quantities of more than 3 ounces. If you are checking a bag, put all your liquids in there (shampoo, toothpaste, etc.) in the checked bag. If you're only bringing a carry-on, you'll need to put your liquids in small bottles, then put all of those bottles in a plastic sandwich bag. If the baby needs formula, put enough powder to mix a bottle in the bottle and close it up. Make as many "dry bottles" as you'll need for the flight, and then some more in case you get delayed. Get a water from the flight attendant (you might have to pay for it, so bring cash) after you're on the plane but before takeoff. Do not use water from the lavatory sink. The idea is to put the bottled water in the bottle with the formula powder and have the baby drinking the bottle when the plane takes off. Changes in air pressure can bother babies' ears and it helps if they're sucking/swallowing when they pressurize the cabin and during takeoff. Check with your airline to find out if they charge a baggage fee to check car seats. Most don't, but you should check. You will not be allowed to take the car seat on the plane unless you have purchased a seat for the baby. So you'll need to check it either at check-in or plane side if you need the car seat in the terminal for some reason. Give yourself plenty of time to get through security... like at least an hour, probably longer since it's the holidays. If you have the baby in a stroller, you will need to take the baby out of the stroller and put the stroller on the conveyor belt. Take off your shoes and put those in one of the plastic bins (just grab one from the big stack at the start of the belt) along with your keys, change and any metal jewelry. If you have a laptop with you, then you need to put that in a separate plastic bin. Also, the diaper bag, your purse and everything else goes on the conveyor belt. TSA agents like to move things along as quickly as possible, so it's likely someone will offer to help you with your stuff. Good luck!
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Harriet Originally Answered: What should I do on a plane ride for 3 hours?
Hi DJ Looks like you have most of the busy work cased in your question, good choice on the Hello Kitty for what ever reason I've loved that character since my daughter was a little girl she's 29 now. I usually bring my PSP and have a game for it as well as I usually put a couple of movies and some music on the memory stick just in case I don't like the inflight stuff or it breaks down as it did on my last trip. My partner, she usually brings crossword or soduko puzzles and a book to read on the beach, and the plane, for me I usually bring a couple of books and a small musical instrument to annoy the locals and the tourists (LOL). Other stuff, I would recommend bringing your own facemask and snorkel if you plan on doing that sort of thing and maybe an underwater camera as well. I would also bring a waterproof sunscreen with insect repellent. The sunscreen is obvious but the sand fleas bother some, I'm lucky they don't bother me too much. On one of our last trips down there we took all of my daughter's old crayons that we were saving for when my partner's nieces came over and gave them to the maid at the hotel. If you have any old clothes that are in good shape and not using you could also leave them with the maid. Anyway have a good time down there and safe home. Additional: After rereading my posting and others it struck me as a well Duh thing, a HAT and sunglasses! I'm an old fat bald white guy and I always bring a wide brimmed hat and I wear glasses so sunglasses are also a necessity. Also in Vardero you might want to go to Josone Park and up near the end of the Tryp Peninsula there is an Eco park and a bat cave.

Donaldina Donaldina
Rachel and Splash Frog are right on. Normally, the airlines will gate check the car seat as you board the plane and then bring it up to the jet bridge as you deplane. There should not be a charge. Be sure to look at the TSA website for the items you can take through security. http://www.tsa.gov Bring as little as possible on the plane; you will have your hands full with your little one. A small bag with his pacifier or bottle, and a change of clothes if he spits up is all you need. If it is a long flight, you should bring some snacks in case there is not food service. Hard to give specific details since you don't say your departure and destination and the length of the flight. There will be changing tables in at least one of the lavatories and either put the soiled diaper in your diaper bag, or double bag it and put it in the lavatory trash. (Please don't change your baby on the seat or tray table and don't hand your dirty diaper to the flight attendant). Summarizing my travel tips for any length of flight 1. Always have a peanut butter sandwich or a granola bar, nuts, dried fruit, etc. to munch on. 2. Take an empty water bottle in your carry on through security and fill it at the water fountain before boarding. 3. Us the bathroom in the terminal yourself and change baby before boarding. 4. When traveling with a small child, let the agent at the gate know for priority boarding. 5. Get to the airport way earlier than you think so you are not rushed or flustered.
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Cary Cary
You can check the car seat, but they will likely charge you 20-40 dollars to do so. Then just carry your baby on board and pick up the car seat when you arrive at your destination.. Make sure to take a pacifier. The drastic change in air pressure is well known for making babies uncomfortable, so it will help curb crying. Mostly, just don't carry any large bottles of liquids.. They will confiscate them. Only travel sized toiletries are allowed through security. You can't take any beverages past security either. But you can always purchase them after you pass the security checkpoint in the terminal. If you smoke, put your lighter or matches in your carry on bag, as they will take those too, but I've gotten past security with a lighter before.. Dress comfortably, don't wear any metal that might make the detectors go off.. That's the basics.. I doubt you will have any problems. Good luck.
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Angellina Angellina
Get 100 percent assured and follow what I wrote here. 1. You can carry a car sheet, stroller, diaper bag, baby foods and water free of cost. Keep diaper bag and foods along with you inside the aircraft. 2. Deliver the car sheet and stroller to the airline staff while check in. You may need a security check of the car sheet and if you need it you deliver it to the airline staff after security check. You will get them in front of the gate of the aircraft after landing at the destination. 3. You do not need to pay for a baby travelling on your lap. If other sits are vacant you can request to the flight attendants and they will help you. You just need your passport, ticket, boarding pass and money (passport not needed if you belong to the same country). Note: - Never get nervous and ask the airport staffs if you have any question your flight will be hassle free and enjoying. Hope this information’s will help you.
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Angellina Originally Answered: What FUN things can I do on a plane ride?
When i went on an 11 hour flight, i brought crayons and some coloring books. I also brought a notebook and wrote notes to friends. listening to your Ipod should keep you occupied for awhile. they usually play pg rated movies that are farly new. when i went to italy they played 3 different movies, in English on one channel and italian on another. i would also bring some word find books, or soduko, if you like things like that. if you have a portable dvd player or laptop you could bring your own dvd's and watch some movies on it. hope i helped have a great trip!!

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