Why did the kid with "affluenza" get probation instead of jail time?

Why did the kid with "affluenza" get probation instead of jail time? Topic: Affluenza case state
June 26, 2019 / By Nigel
Question: Isn't it in the interests of public safety to lock up individuals with warped senses of right and wrong and an inability to recognize their actions have consequences before they can repeat their crimes?
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Kolman Kolman | 8 days ago
Money, it has always been the case that the rich have better lawyers than the state, and can avoid conviction and punishment. There are numerous cases of the rich getting away with murder. In this case the little creep admitted to killing four people. We do not know if the judge was stupid enough to believe the false science the defense used or was paid something under the table. Justice was denied the families of the victims, but I am certain the boy will meet his fate sooner or later, and not in a court of law.
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Kolman Originally Answered: Probation or time in jail?
Its going to depend on some things. First, where did this happen? If its in a big city the chances of probation are better and jail less likely. Second, does he have a prior record? If he does, the chance of jail go up. If the record is for something assaultive or a gun crime, they go way up. Third how good is the case, and how good are the attorneys on both sides. The better the defense, the more likely that jail can be avoided. Of course, there is always a chance that the matter could be dismissed or he could win at trial, but both seem unlikely to me. If he has been charged, chances are high he is going to plead guilty to something. The only question is what will he plead to, and what will be the punishment. Time will tell. Not much you can do at this point except hope he gets a decent public defender (unless you are paying the big money for a private attorney).

Immanuel Immanuel
it smells to high heaven. The "kid" was old enough to steal a LOT of beer beer, drive a pickup, get drunk on his a$$ [THREE times the legal limit? -- that's near dead from alcohol poisoning]. Seems to me he has a substance abuse problem that two years in jv slammer, five years without a driver's license, and 10 years probation should cure. On the other hand, this way his family pays for his substance abuse treatment and Texas doesn't. Saves the taxpayer's money in the short run. Dollars to doughnut holes, -- this kid'll be back in the justice system [prison] before he's 25
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Eustace Eustace
Mummy and daddy made a whole lot of contributions to a whole lot of political re-election funds ... and suddenly junior is "just a poor misunderstood youth". The US criminal justice system, the best that money can buy!
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Corey Corey
Seems the Judge who did this is retiring.....I smell bacon!! Once again Money triumphs over the forces of Justice. Only this time WAY too openly for anyone with decency to accept.
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Corey Originally Answered: I learned that i could face jail time for a stop sign violation. Is jail a likely outcome?
You would have to be a serious dick and extremely arrogant during the proceedings for the judge to hand you a prison sentence. At worst maybe some "community service" but I seriously doubt that will even happen. I forsee a fine - thats that.

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