Should I travel to Argentina?

Should I travel to Argentina? Topic: How to do business plan uk
June 26, 2019 / By Mordred
Question: I'm in my mid-twenties and have wanted to travel to Argentina for years for a little backpacking. I just have a few questions. Is it easy to get from point A to point B? How is the snow-skiing? What about night-life? Overall enjoyment? Average daily cost? etc? etc?
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Keegan Keegan | 3 days ago
Absolutely! When I first went to Argentina I was 25 and I went by myself (and I am female). How ignorant of the other user to say you will get kidnapped! Please have a look through all my answers in my profile as you will find lots of interesting information that I have given to other users. Most recently I gave an example of a South American itinerary I put together thru my own experience: http://au.answers.yahoo.com/question/?qi... So, to answer your questions: The travel infrastructure in Argentina is very well established. For most Argentinos, travel to other countries is price-prohibitive, so they travel more within Argentina....Any why wouldn't they?! It is one of the most beautiful countries in the world. For backpacking it is a haven. You will meet so many people fromall over the world, including from Argentina. If I were you, I would go there with a very vague plan of what you want to do. Read up and have a look at pictures in the library and on the net for an idea, but make your real plans when you are there. You don't need to plan things in advance. Depending on distance, the best ways to travel are by foot (within cities like Buenos Aires), by cab as well because they are cheap, but you get less of an idea where things are! The subte (underground/metro) is great as well for BA. I don't imagine you will use the buses that much, but they are handy in some instances (perhaps there will be a subte strike!). For long distances I would travel by coach. Air travel is expensive will miss all the amazing places on the way. The coaches are so comfortable (even more than the coaches in Australia and the UK!) and for very little extra you can go business class which is even more comfortable. AND if you go business it can be cheaper than going normal class (where they don't give you food and you have to buy your own) because they give you great food, champers with dinner and then a glass of port before bed with a pillow and blanket. You can then recline in your ample leather seat and watch a movie (it should be subtitled if it is dubbed in Spanish). You will also meet great people on the buses and you only have to buy your tickets on the day or a few days before travelling. The skiing is great and I would recomment San Carlos de Bariloche. Even without the snow, this is one of my top 5 places in Argentina. As I have said in previous answers, you will spend way more time here than you thought! It is SO pretty, the nightlife is great, the food (esp chocolates, ice cream, steak and lamb) is outstanding and there is lots to do around the area. Definitely go for a walk around Llao Llao (pron. Jow Jow) and to the Secret Lake. The Argentinos know nightlife better than most other countries. It is amazing....especially in Buenos Aires. I thought it was much better than when I lived in London even! I have answered about the nightlife previously. You will love Argentina and may even decide you want to live there it is so good. When I was first there I didn't speak Spanish (or Castallano, pron. Casta-jana) and it wasn't a big problem, but it would have been much better if I did. You can also study the language there. I think the way Argentinos speak their Spanish is the best of all Spanish-speaking countries. It is slightly different, but so beautiful. Daily costs are low. Food is amazing and cheap. Backpacker accommodation is cheap and fun. The Argentine economy collapsed a number of years ago so you will find it cheap (coming from US, UK, Europe, Australia etc). I recommend staying in a backpacker in Buenos Aires called The Hostel Clan - http://www.hostelclan.com.ar/. I stayed there 3 times! It isn't the most modern, but def the best atmosphere and the the place is an old house (big) and the people are so nice. The location is fantastic. Just off 9 de Julio (main road of 22 lanes) in Adolfo Alsina Street. Don't worry....you can't hear the street noise! For US$7 you get bed, breakfast and unlimites FREE internet (other all charge for it). A big meal out (like a tenedor libre or all you can eat) will cost about 25pesos at a place like The Grants in Recoleta. You can't imagine the food they give you... seafood, all kinds of great meat cuts, salads, made to order pastas and pancakes, ice cream....etc. Hope you go....it is fantastic
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