How can I make my main character likable?

How can I make my main character likable? Topic: How to write a man on the street story
June 26, 2019 / By Mya
Question: I'm writing a series of books and I'm trying to make it very character driven and realistic. The main character of the story is pretty grim, doesn't say too much, and is emotionally scarred. He does have moments of humor, but it's more sarcasm than anything. He is a silent hero. Anyway, how can I make him likable and a character that people care and root for? The story goes like this: The father of a poverty-stricken family turns to the mafia for money when his wife gets incredibly ill. The only child, a five year old boy named Kyle, befriends one of the members of the mafia and the two share a very strong bond. When the father isn't able to pay back what he owes, Kyle's friend kills the two parents. Kyle is forced to live on the street and soon befriends a homeless man who teaches him to become a vigilante so can extract his revenge. Kyle grows up, becomes a vigilante, finds love, and, throughout the story, goes through all the psychological and emotional turmoil that accompanies his choices in life.
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London London | 9 days ago
I'm not sure if you really need him LIKABLE. The main thing is making the reader care, and that comes with skillful writing. How to do that? Torture both the character and the reader. By that I mean, create awkward situations, or scary situations, where you're scared for the character. Even the cruelest of characters can become more attractive to the reader if portrayed in the right way. So Kyle, in your story, sounds pretty tortured. But what's the main point in your story? How does it worry us? Is it just Kyle's "psychological and emotional turmoil" or him "finding love"? Find a way to make us want the best for Kyle. Make him cranky. Frustrated. Easily annoyed. Let his personality come out--what I've often found is that a character already has its own personality--we just need to let it shine through, and that often just comes with writing the story.
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London Originally Answered: Is my character likable or do you hate my narrator?
I enjoy his sense of humor already. That aspect helps my opinion of him slightly. From what you've posted, I'd say he's a bit self important and -as you said - aggressive. I don't dislike that way he tells his story, though. For the sarcastic bits I'd probably read it no matter how much of a killer he might or might not be. But I have to agree that it would be easier to judge if you posted a bit more interaction with other people.

Karyna Karyna
It's a common enough problem. When I experience it, it's because the main character is bogged down with saving the day in his or her way. Side character normally have time to breath because they don't always have to be appart of the story moving forward. I don't know much about your character, but if you're anything like me, your character is at a point where they're feeling the weight of the world and they're whining a little bit about it. If this is the case, I'd finished the story and then go back in the editing stage and take out those parts. But another techique is to make sure your character is capable. It won't make more likable, but it'll make them more tolerable.
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Hayden Hayden
Give him integrity. A lot of people like revenge stories. If he's a vigilante, make sure he is on the good side fighting the bad guys. It would be hard to care and root for a bad vigilante. Good luck.
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Doriane Doriane
On a scale of 1 to 10 right now i give his likeness a 7, because he needs to have more emotion than just a "take it and go" life. I might be wrong, because i haven't read it all, but he should have some grief and should show that he had the courage to overcome it, and show his improvements throughout the story.
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Cassie Cassie
Don't make them too realistic, we want our fictional heroes larger than life. Besides showing, not telling, the characterization to have us empathize with the main character make sure they are always in some sort of danger and are pursuing a noble goal we all want to see accomplished so we also identify and sympathize with them. Your plot makes me think of The Executioner series.
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Annabelinda Annabelinda
main characters are likeable when they can be idolized. though you want to make the story as realistic as possible, you want to make the character someone the reader can wish he was like.
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Winfrid Winfrid
make him have a passionate side. he should have problems that the reader can relate to. make sure the reader knows what he's thinking, but dont make him a brat. good luck and happy writing
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