Any jobs with online applications?

Any jobs with online applications? Topic: Office depot jobs application
July 15, 2019 / By Dodie
Question: I can't get out of the house today, but I need to find a job. I'm 18 years old, but still in high school, and I have worked during the summer before. I'm looking for jobs at just retail stores, like Target, Mervyn's, etc, and maybe Barnes and Noble. Thanks so much!
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Best Answers: Any jobs with online applications?

Carlota Carlota | 1 day ago
CVS, Walgreens, Walmart, Aeropostal, Hollister, Abercrombie, Victoria Secret, Office Depot, Home Depot, Lowes, Michaels, everyone has an online application its towards the bottom under careers
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Carlota Originally Answered: Online Applications for Jobs?
I think if it gets to the point when you would need to ask they have already decided that they don't want to interview you so you have nothing to lose by asking just to be sure. It would perhaps be best to leave it 2 weeks so as not to appear too pushy, but on the other hand they may like it that you are keen. Companies are run by people and so what one likes, another doesn't. You never can tell. If there was a winning formula they would teach it in schools and everyone would get the first job they applied for. Your life depending on the whim of someone who doesn't even know you is very frustrating, isn't it.
Carlota Originally Answered: Online Applications for Jobs?
I would treat it just as you would if you had walked your resume to the employer in person. I would call within two days and see if you can get an interview. If you do not hear a response and you really want the position, I would go to the office with a printed version of your resume and ask to hand deliver it to the person hiring for the position. That way you can present your best self and let them know that you are serious about applying for the position.
Carlota Originally Answered: Online Applications for Jobs?
It depends on the company. Most companies have instant access to your application and keep them on file for at least 30 days. Its best to wait 24 hours before you head out after filing a job application. I reconmend you save yourself a trip and call ahead. If a company has an application online then there is some sort of process for them to go through to access the application. If you call ahead you can find out if they need to get the information from thier home office or where ever they need to go. At best you can arrange it so they access your application at that instant and set up an interview for the future. Good Luck.

Aneta Aneta
I found this website http://www.procardinternational.com/index.aspx?refer=AlexisD5132 ive been trying it out for past 2 months and is pretty good by far all you have to do is advertise on the web and get people to sign up and the company gives you a list of people that wanna sign up and all you have to do is email them and get them to sign up. You get 15 dollars for every customer you get they have a pay structure how everything works so go ahead and see if you like it. And if decided to sign up please use my access code: AlexisD5132
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Aneta Originally Answered: Were can i look fore online jobs jobs that i can do from home simple jobs that i can make some money from?
Okay, we know you want a job to do from home. However, you didn't state anything that you could do, what your qualifications are, certificates, work history, what industry you have experience in or any of that. So it's really difficult to point you out in any one place that wouldn't waste the companies time or your time. There are a lot of different on line jobs you can do. Contrary to what people say, there are thousands. Why don't you try typing in "on line telecommuting" positions and go through all the sites. Look for web sites that don't ask for start up fees, registration fees or anything that has a "fee" attached to it. Unless it were for something like a background check or something in that case. Only apply to that position and sumbit this type of fee if you think you'd be hired. Or you'd be wasting money. I guess the only thing I can do for you, since I don't know where your expertise is, send you over to this place in which they have a couple different businesses listed that hire telecommuters. To me these jobs are simple. But one thing that is simple to me may not be simple to you or vise versa. But the businesses listed are real home jobs in which I know people who used to work for them in the past. So you can take a look at them, if you feel you can do what they want, then go ahead and apply for a position that they have available. Good Luck!
Aneta Originally Answered: Were can i look fore online jobs jobs that i can do from home simple jobs that i can make some money from?
My husband saved his vacation leave and ended up taking off an entire month when our first child was born. The first two weeks were great, but then he got really, REALLY antsy and was totally ready to go back to work. If your husband does take time off, I'm willing to bet that after a few weeks (maybe a month) he'll be singing a different tune and will be ready to go back to work. I think a man taking 6 - 8 months off is kind of silly. Since you'll be living somewhere rent free, if he continued to work, that's a LOT of money you guys could be saving to buy a house!!! I don't think you're cruel for thinking he needs to take off less time than he wants to. You're being sensible! Honestly though--mark my word--once your baby is born and he's been home a few weeks, he'll be ready to go back to work--trust me. :)

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