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July 20, 2019 / By Adelle
Question: i just got a bunch of plain spiral notebooks because they were 15 cents each...and now i have no idea what to do with them. i hate writing stories. and ive tried to journal and it didnt work...any other ideas?? im 15 by the way....please help! and please no answers like..write down your feelings or write your favorite songs or write down everything you see and feel hahahaha thanks!
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Teddy Teddy | 4 days ago
instead of writing down wat you feel sketch wat you feel! is a lot better and fun just draw what you see on your mind is way better than writing it down! drawing is really fun because when you draw anything is possible trust me you can create a world of pure imagination! i have been taking art class for like 2 years now and something that i have learned is that when you draw time goes by really fast and the more you do it the better you will get at it! when you go to like the doctor's office and you have to wait till they call you up or whatever well in the meantime always carry a journal with you everywhere you go and just sketch what you see or whats in your mind and you will get really good at drawing! and the best part is that you will feel really proud of your art work and trust me all your friends and family will too. take my advice this happened to me and now im really good at drawing and stuff and i just love doing it! check out my drawings on myspace!
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Phelan Phelan
You could: make paper airplanes, draw your own sudoku puzzles, makes paper boats, color the pages and maybe try origami designs. Use one as a planner, write down important things like bills and grocery lists if you have to do that. The sky is the limit really.
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Lysander Lysander
You can try drawing I guess or yea like oragami! That stuff is actually hard and fun! it will take up your time and get your mind off of things if thats what you are looking for.
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Jeffry Jeffry
you probably would get more answers if you didn't post this in dating :L but yeah anyway if your 15 i assume you go school use them to doodle stuff in those long boring lessons like you teacher shooting laser beams out of his eyes like godzilla or other crazy stuff like that just so you don't die of boredom and you can just pretend your making notes, or yeah you could actually makes notes if you wanted but where the fun in that :L
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Garrett Garrett
doodles? practice writing ur name ALOT? try some caligraphy? thats all i got since ur not a story writer or journal type of person
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