PLEASE GUYS I NEED RELATIONSHIP ADVICE? i know its long but advice would be really appreciated?

PLEASE GUYS I NEED RELATIONSHIP ADVICE? i know its long but advice would be really appreciated? Topic: How to write a passing away message
June 26, 2019 / By Jonathon
Question: My boyfriend had a family member and two friends pass away in one day. He went to the airport to pick up his mom and he would call me i wil call you when he got home. When he got back he sent me a message trough msn. And i was a little mad (i know im clingy) and asked him how come he didnt call me. He just said please dont start giving me attitude not today. And we argued because i was just looking for an answer and he just ignored me and told me you need to apologize. The next day i wrote him and he ignored me again, and last night i begged him to meet me (he lives right next to me) in the parking lot to resolve the issue and he just completely ignored me and acted like he didnt even care he kept saying leave me alone i dont have anything to say to you. When he finally met me outside after me begging me many times he was just being an ahole ignoring me, and when i talked he just turned his face and laughed sarcasticaly. He said that i had gone to far this time messing with his dead relatives, which sounds absurd because all i did was ask him, yeah i know i had an attittude but he doesnt have to exagerate the issue. He was being so mean and cold when i was trying to explain things to him that i was going to apologize but his coldness just left me without words. So i just left and went back to my house. I cant beleive how cold he is being just because he wants an apology. So my question is i dont have a problem apologizing, but is it even worth it? Because he really is acting like he is just fed up and tired of me. MasterK i really dont think im selfish but thanks for the answer helpful somewhat Vegieredhead thanks You see he really never met his aunt that passed, and the other friends were more friends of his family he never met them either. So i think he is using them as an excuse to get me to apolgize because he is supposedly suffering so much Thank you Razor i will apologize and give him some space :)
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Best Answers: PLEASE GUYS I NEED RELATIONSHIP ADVICE? i know its long but advice would be really appreciated?

Hale Hale | 2 days ago
By now you should know that nagging and badgering people when they’re not in the mood to talk, you will only make things worse. People are different than you are and sometimes they need some personal time for grief and many other reasons. The adult thing to do is give them the space they need. We don’t know the nature of the texts you two exchanged, but if you said anything cold to him, then you do owe him an apology. Nevertheless, you still need to show how sad you are for his loss. To regain respect, you must make the necessary apologies and back off. Create a distance that will give him some personal time and enough for him to remember how good he had it. The worst thing you could do is pursue him at this stage. Don’t come down to your knees or you will always be taken for granted…PRIDE, STRENGTH AND HONOR
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Hale Originally Answered: Lost confidence and hurt ( long but i need help and advice badly. Guys and girls both appreciated)?
Just be yourself, cliche but if you want a girl to like you, really like you, then they must know you for who you are. If you’re in a relationship and you are pretending to be who you aren’t, even if you get the girl, would you be happy? If you aren't comfortable with the way your friend treats girls, and you know it's terrible, I think the girls can figure it out too. The appeal with "bad boys" is that girls want what they can't have. Doing well in school will get you a lot farther in life than failing class. At this age, girls may like “bad boys,” but the “sweethearts” win in the end. If you have to treat a girl badly to get her to like you, are you really going to feel comfortable with it? Girls may have noticed you not because of how you were a "bad boy." In becoming the "bad boy" your friend led you to be, you changed your appearance and expanded the range of activities you do. Reconstitute confidence in yourself. Think positive things about yourself, instead of remembering the harmful comments your “friend” made. E.g. It’s good you’re working out; taking care of how you look. In my opinion your “friend “talks down to you too much, and thinks WAY too much of himself. If you have the ability to make the girl feel like the only girl in the room, that’s SOO much better than being the guy who treats girls badly. Maybe you should make the first move, let the girl know how you feel, if you feel confident enough to do so. Sounds like to me, she thinks that you’re someone pretty amazing from the birthday card she sent you and the reaction to your comment about her being beautiful. It's not true that "no girl likes the sweetheart over the bad boy." I love my boyfriend so much, and I know he's a sweetheart. I haven’t dated a “bad boy,” so I don’t think I can be on rebound from one ;). Good luck :]

Ebbie Ebbie
Give him some time, it might be that he just does not know how to deal with his emotions over losing his loved ones. He might be in denial, or he may be taking his anger out on you. Either way, just let him be for now, if you feel you need to apologize, send him a card with a simple apology, and don't go into details. With the recent loss, he really doesn't need anyone pressing him right now. Everyone grieves in their own way, and it is going to take him some time to get over what happened. Be patient.
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Cain Cain
Wow, your really a selfish person. All you think about is me me me when he was having a difficult week. If you were my girlfriend I would B-slap you!
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Aleric Aleric
Yes, you are very clingy and in this sad time he won't appreciate your negative attitude. give him some space and some time.
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Aleric Originally Answered: Long distance relationship advice. Please D:?
I wouldn't say that it never works, but long distance can be really difficult. When I went to college in Eugene and my boyfriend was in Portland, it worked out for a few months, but the separation and the stress of living very different lives eventually drove us apart. At the moment I am seeing someone who is *very* far away, but we are not dating or in an official relationship. It is much easier for me to be in an open relationship with someone I may end up going to live with sometime in the distant future, but knowing that we may drift apart and it won't be as hard is a lot less stressful. However, long distance and how you deal with it is very personal and of course must be something you figure out. I'll give you this advice: You don't NEED to break up with him, especially if you find a way for this to work. If you are BOTH willing to work at it, talk everyday. Email, Skype, IM, call each other, send each other letters (hand written, oh my!), or just text to ask what's up. It doesn't need to be anything important or serious, but the contact will help strengthen what you have. But, if you are finding each other drifting apart and the desire for a relationship lessens, don't fight it. You are young and have a whole life ahead to love lots of people! I'm only 19, but I am so glad I moved on and allowed myself to have other relationships and meet lots of people. Take the time to think about what you want to do! I hope it works out however it needs to. :)

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