What's your favorite Childhood movies of all time?

What's your favorite Childhood movies of all time? Topic: The sisters movie free
July 18, 2019 / By Wanda
Question: Here's mine: Toy Story Toy Story 2 Jurassic Park The Lion King Free Willy Men in Black Big The Sandlot what's yours?
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Best Answers: What's your favorite Childhood movies of all time?

Shantel Shantel | 9 days ago
JURASSIC PARK (-The first video I ever owned, too... Damn, I forgot how much I love dinosaurs! lol) The Lost World - Jurassic Park (Not as good as first, but still cool. Roughly 7000x better than JPIII) (I love pretty much all the ones you said. ha) Toy Story 1& 2 A Bug's Life Men in Black (Badass tentacled aliens with equally badass Will Smith. 'Nuff said) Independence Day (Badass tentacled aliens with equally badass Will Smith. Again...) The Brave Little Toaster (LAMPY! :D) The Labyrinth (Still one of my favourites.) The Troll in Central Park The Princess and the Goblin (Really good. Minus the singing, that is. Ha) The Dark Crystal (From the makers of the Labyrinth, but, IMO, not AS good.) The Lion King! (That was more than a movie... That was an era!) Free Willy ( I completely forgot about Free Willy until I read your question. Thanks bro!) *Some crazy 80s movie involving a kid turning into a blue monster I used to watch at my grandma's. Disney's Fantasia Babe Charlotte's Web (Old cartoon version, that is) The Penguin and the Pebble (I barely remember that one. There's a lot of singing, though. >.>) Ferngully (My Mum is a sort-of hippie. lol) Batman(?) Superman(?) (I liked Batman and Superman a lot when I was a kid. I assume this was from their movies. lol) Dumbo (Awesome) Snow White, Cinderella, the Beauty and the Beast, the Little Mermaid, etc... (It's not my fault; I have an older sister! I was manipulated I tells ya!) The Enchanted Journey (Random Japanese anime movie I watched/liked at my grandma's) Pretty much all old Disney. Wallace and Gromit movies (Were they movies?!) BeetleJuice (Spelling?_) Power Rangers Movie (There was a purple alien-man who enslaved parents through putty or something...) Milo and Ottis (Or something... There was a dog and a cat!) Watership Down Ghostbusters Karate Kid And as the others said, but I forgot about: Neverending Story Chicken Run And heaps more I've forgotten about... for now! I will add more if I have time!
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Shantel Originally Answered: How would you rank your favorite Star Wars movies from most favorite to least favorite?
True, the OT was cheesy, but it was in a way that enhanced the adventurous quality. The PT was cheesy in a bad way since the writing was often quite bad (notably the love scenes in Attack of the Clones). The action scenes in the prequels may have been cool, but that's only one small quality of a film and it fails in so many other departments. However, these are my ratings. 1. The Empire Strikes Back 2. Star Wars (I refuse to call it 'A New Hope'. It was called 'Star Wars' when it was released and shall stay that way in my book) 3. Return of the Jedi 4. Revenge of the Sith 5. Attack Of The Clones 6. The Phantom Menace

Orianne Orianne
Here's Mine Beauty and the Beast Aladdin The Lion King The Nightmare Before Christmas Toy Story Toy Story 2 Monsters, Inc. The Prince of Egypt Tarzan Dinosaur Chicken Run Jurassic Park
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Makenzie Makenzie
Big The 'Burbs Toy Story Toy Story 2 The Goonies T2: Judgement Day (not really a kids movie but loved it as a child) Jurassic Park 1&2
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Kiersten Kiersten
None of those were out when I was a kid......sigh! Some personal favs - Lady and the Tramp, Old Yeller, Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, Bambi, That Darn Cat, Song of the South, The Parent Trap, The Wizard of Oz, and some of the old, cool Disney ones with real animals in them.
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Jamie Jamie
What a nice question. Mine are home alone, toy stroy, tom and jerry the majic ring, the land before time, spy kids, Jurassic park, the sandlot, dennis the meanace
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Epiphany Epiphany
All the Disney classics ! I was especially obsessed with Snow White & Cinderella as a kid. I'm still pretty obsessed with all of them now haha :) & these non-Disney cartoons: Anastasia Thumbelina Swan Princess Frosty the Snowman ( I watched it all year round!) Balto All Dogs Go to Heaven
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Epiphany Originally Answered: (GIRLS)What are some of your favorite chick flick movies and favorite books?
Well for books, I've been reading alot of classics lately. Many people consider 'To Kill a Mockingbird' to be a more female book but I disagree, I think it is appealing to both genders. 'Pride and Prejudice' by Jane Austin is a book written in the late 1700's. It's a romance novel. I've been reading it. Understanding the older use of language can get a little tricky to follow sometimes, but it's not too bad. I always am able to understand quick enough. Also I love Alice and Wonderland by CS Lewis and of course Harry Potter :) will ALWAYS be a Harry Potter fan! :D As for movies, Bride Wars is funny, 27 Dresses, My Big Fat Greek Wedding, Princess Diaries 1 and 2, and Disney's Enchanted of course! :) Or any other Disney classic is always a big hit. lol. I'm not so much of a fan of them, but I know alot of my friends love Titanic and The Notebook. If you like adventure movies ya know you could do Pirates of the Carribean, National Treasure, or something of that sort. I'm more of an adventure and Disney person myself! haha

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