Buying medications across the border in Mexico?

Buying medications across the border in Mexico? Topic: New drug research articles
July 18, 2019 / By Nun
Question: I was researching something else and came across this article & wondered if anyone had an idea about it. Id love to go across the border and get some of my medications for cheaper but I am unsure of it... Because as this article states, it is LEGAL in the border control agents, but not texas state law. So, you still need to declare your meds & then hope a state trooper doesn't stop you afterwards... I guess that is my understanding of it? Here is an excert from the article: There is a major discrepancy between federal law and Texas state law that creates a major headache for anyone trying to understand drug regulations. Federal law, observed by U.S. customs agents at he border, allows prescriptions from foreign countries to enter the United States. But under Texas law, observed by police and state troopers, stricter guidelines make illegal to being prescriptions filled in Mexico into the state. is it just texas it is illegal in OR new mexico-arizonia and other states? http://leahshafer.com/article_drugstorec...
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Lane Lane | 9 days ago
i live in nm and to be honest i really don't know if we have any state laws regarding this. what i do know is that i have never, never heard of anybody getting arrested here in nm or texas (el paso) for that matter for bringing prescription drugs into the us. probably the safest thing to do (both legally and medically speaking) is to use an american doctor and get your prescriptions filled in mexico.
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Isidore Isidore
I live in Texas and I have friends who have recently went to the border to get meds and had no problem. In fact, I was thinking of going in the upcoming weeks...I was unaware that there are conflicting laws. Thanks for pointing it out.
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I think it is disgusting and sad. I am sad for people on both sides of the border. I know life is hell for the Mexicans and they want a better life, but they cannot just jump our borders and come here.. it is not fair or right. And I feel bad for our people on the border living in constant fear of the drug cartels who will kill for no reason. And frustrated as hell with our governments.. both of them,.. why have they not fixed this problem. It is criminal that they do nothing. We have fiddled around for decades and Mexico is not going to solve that problem themselves, they don't even want to. We need to send the might of our army down there and do something. This is a kind of a declaration of war on us by Mexico only just in stages. They are killing our people with the drugs they bring in, and killing our economy just by sending all the illegals. The time to do something is now.. Obama is too much of a chicken sh it to do it.. so I say we need to let that Arizona governor and sheriff take control of the situation.. People will die.. but maybe Mexico will get the idea we are not their garbage pit!
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When I see pictures of what these mexicans are doing to our country, it infuriates me. Like someone else said, we need to put our military on our border with orders to shoot anyone entering this country illegally. To yourinne. It is because of people like you that will not stand up for the rights of America and take them with a grain of salt, that we have this problem in the first place. The gun violence is caused by criminal, and these illegal aliens coming across our border are nothing but criminals. It is not the 80 million law abiding gun owners that do the violence, and when a new law is voted in it only effects the law abiding and the criminals love it, it makes their job so much safer, and they know they don't care how many gun laws are put into effect, they are still going to own their guns. To Jack H. You probably are to ignorant to even know what you said. Americans fought and died for Texas at the Alamo and since, and now you want to give it back to the mexicans. Well hell, lets go a little further and give all of America back to the Indians, and you can go back to where ever your ancestors came from and try to make living like you have here, there. Good luck on that!

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