XBox 360 vs PS3 *(Details Please!)?

XBox 360 vs PS3 *(Details Please!)? Topic: Opinion essay about video games
July 16, 2019 / By Masterman
Question: I have to write a persuasive essay about the topic Xbox 360 vs PS3, and I do not own any of them because I've got a good setup PC for gaming. * Please tell me what has better controller/community/graphics the name of the latest one of each kind Please tell me your own opinion and not too biased - Thanks!
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Jim Jim | 9 days ago
Xbox is a great system but has flaws such as a disc tray read problems, or when u move the console with a game In it, it will ruin your discs. It also has the red ring of death issue which means the console is over heated or broken but the RROD is practically gone in the slim but it still scratches disc. The market place has better games on demand than ps3 but both are similar when it comes to games on demand. You have to have Xbox live to play online and that Costs $$$. You can pay $60 a year which in my opinion isn't worth it cause the console dashboard has ads. I mean come on. Paying for live and you have ads. You cant use Netflix or the YouTube app either WITHOUT Xbox live which is ridiculous cause you already have to pay for Netflix but you still CAN'T launch it without live or else it says you have to purchase Xbox live and same goes for the YouTube app. The controller is personal preference and DON'T believe or argue anyone about controllers cause it is pointless. Graphics wise the Xbox is said to have reach its limits on hardware like for example gears of wars 3 has used prett much all of the Xbox's power I utilize that game and it shows how beautiful Xbox games can be but like I said the Xbox hardware has reached its limit about 1 year or 2 ago. The ps3 in my opinion is the better console cause the online is free and the hardware issues are limited. It does have the yellow light of death and it is basically like the red ring of death on Xbox but the yellow light of death is for ps3 and that rarely happens on ps3 while the Xbox was notorious for having that problem. You get to have an Internet browser which has flash and let's u watch movies online and go on YouTube or Netflix WITHOUT the need of a membership which is awesome. The graphics on the other hand surpass Xbox and the ps3 hardware still has life in it to go just a little more and squeeze some extra power for game graphics but ps3 hardware is reaching its end too. Take for example uncharted or metal gear solid 4. Those games look beautiful on ps3 and better than any Xbox game exclusive. ONLY exlcusive games utilize console hardware to its limit and well. That goes both for ps3 and Xbox. So graphics wise in exclusives ps3 wins hands down. For exclusive gaming in general ps3 has more exclusives(Fact) than the Xbox. The ps3 has crah bandicoot, spyro, uncharted, the last of us, odd world, metal gear solid(soon to go multiplatform), and more. Best of all most ps3 exclusives aren't focused on shooters. The Xbox has exclusives but not as much as ps3 and the top ones are only halo and gears of war. And once those ends I don't even know what exclusives will keep Xbox alive while the Sony(ps3 maker) own studios that make great exclusives. The main downside on ps3 is that most multiplatform games are made on Xbox and are ported to ps3 and pc which is a plus for xbox but causes issues graphics wise(sometimes) and the game in general that is ported to ps3. But that isn't a big thing to worry about since game patches fix them. All in all I say the ps3 is better cause it has more exclusives, free, better graphics and rare hardware issues. In my opinion it's not worth it for Xbox live to pay online when you are already paying for your Internet bill, Xbox console, and of you have video streaming services then that too. And you have a higher chance of hardware issues on Xbox
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Jim Originally Answered: Is it a good idea to buy a refurbished Xbox 360? Please read details.?
True, adding a bigger or different cooling fan will cause power issues. I would recommend that you e-mail this website and just ask them about it. Be specific and ask how they managed to add an additional cooling fan without consuming too much power away from the console itself. I bet they are more than willing to speak to you about this, especially if it means a sale for them. I would also ask if it comes with a warranty of any kind. If you are going to add an additional or external cooling fan to ANY 360 you should purchase one that plugs into and is powered from a USB port. If you do this you can also purchase a powered USB hub and plug the cooling fan into the USB hub to avoid draining power away from your 360. Problem solved! If you have further questions feel free to e-mail me thru my profile and I will help you out.

Golda Golda
I own both systems, and I have to say the PS3 is by far the better buy. Sony has been known for their graphics and although there are many bugs and crashes with online play, the gameplay itself makes up for those errors. The controller for the PS3 is much more convinient as they are much smaller than an XBOX controller. The PS3 controller fits naturally into many peoples hands. There are good things about XBOX too. Halo is a game that is specifically produced for that console. The Chat on Xbox is much clearer than the PS3, But the fact that there are so many little kids who own the console and basically ruin the game by spamming the mic with their immatureness kills all the good.Xbox's Online play may be a better experiance, but it costs a great deal of cash 60 USD for a year is not worth it at all. The online play is only a little better than the PS3's
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Drew Drew
Personally, I perfer xbox. While we have to pay for online and don't have as good customer service, I believe it's still the better of the two products. Let's look at it from a playstation owner's look. They enjoy free online, better customer service and a cheaper product, among other things. They get free online, but think about it. There's a reason why we pay. How many times has the playstation network been hacked in the last 2 years? 4 times. How many times has xbox live been hacked in the last 5? None. Does playstation have dedicated servers? No. Does xbox? Yes. What playstation users don't understand is that we don't just have online multiplayer, mircosoft is making the xbox the center of the house. You can play games, sure. But you can check your emails for example. Catch up on the latest news. Watch YouTube. And the list goes on. The controller? Some people say they like the playstation one better, but to me, when I hold it the bottom part of my hand hangs free, as the handles are quite short. It feels easy to break. I bet I could snap it in half if I wanted to. So I like the xbox one better. The D-pad isn't as good on the xbox controller as it is on the playstation one though. Xbox has better graphics. The xbox 360 has a higher processer than the playstation, allowing faster and better looking games. Not sure about the current model name for each, but you can google that.
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Briar Briar
i have the xbox 360 and in my opinion its better than ps3 controller has a better feel in the xbox but it is quite havyier then the ps3 you also have to pay for xbox live on xbox to be able to play online and on the ps3 is free but in ps3 is more commonly to get hacked they both get a red light which means its broken the xbox gets the red ring of death and idk what the ps3 gets but i seen my friends ps3 with it and had to get it fixed but something the xbox does not have is the blue ray which lets you play blue ray disc thats some that i know of
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Ahian Ahian
Xbox is way better controller with less oddly placed buttons achievements and games that aren't on the PS3 such as halo, and gears of war
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Ahian Originally Answered: Is ther a way to back up ur xbox 360 with out taking apart ur xbox it any way and also free programs?
The simple answer is no. You have to flash your drive to play backups, and only dual layer discs will work. Programs people use to burn 360 games are ImgBurn and CloneCD. You can get both with torrents, but I won't tell you where. All the "game copy" software out there doesn't work. Flash the drive, and get a dual layer burner. You'll also need some extra software, such as abgx360, and you can play backups.

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