Animals Farm Review? Please Help! QUICK! HURRY?

Animals Farm Review? Please Help! QUICK! HURRY? Topic: Thesis reviews
June 26, 2019 / By Gordon
Question: OK, so I wrote the intro. but I'm not sure what to write about in the body paragraph. I'm supposed to "Focus on a section or two of the book Animal Farm to discuss in detail." What part of the book should I focus on? What are some ideas of what to write about in the paragraph? Thank you sooooooooooooooooooo much for your help!! 10 points for the best answer!!!!! :) My teacher said only one body paragraph, I thought it was weird too. there's no question either. I just need to describe a part of the book in great detail while adding a few opinions.
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Dudde Dudde | 7 days ago
Isn't there any perspective from which you're supposed to discuss that section or two--any question you're supposed to answer? And are you supposed to have only one body paragraph? In any case, what's your thesis? We'll be better able to point you toward the right passages once we know that.
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Dudde Originally Answered: In george orwells animal farm the animals are as much to blame as the pigs for the failure of the farm.?
I believe that the animals were as much to blame as the pigs because they allowed themselves to be gullible and did not question authority when they should have. The animals went on the premise that the pigs were always right and that somehow they had misunderstood their instructions. http://www.sparknotes.com/lit/animalfarm...
Dudde Originally Answered: In george orwells animal farm the animals are as much to blame as the pigs for the failure of the farm.?
Animal Farm, narrowly perceived, is simply an allegory for the Russian Revolution. More broadly, however, it is a criticism of utopian ideas in general. It is easy to see that the dreams instilled in the animals by Old Major are corrupted as time goes on, but one wonders if it were ever possible to fulfill them in the first place. From Shmoop

Brodie Brodie
Boxers dying is efficient via fact the pigs killed him. Boxer replaced right into a efficient determine at animal farm and he couldve incredibly overthrowed the pigs' rule and knocked them out of control. the pigs found out this and, rather of curing him, sent him to the knacker to be killed. (subsequently the emblem on the truck) then the pigs lied to the different animals, asserting the truck hadnt been repainted. this replaced into fake. the pigs knew they have been killing boxer. whats worse is they used the money they have been given via merchandising boxr to the knacker to purchase alcohol. this has an impact via fact it completely violates the rule of thumb "all animals are equivalent" "no animal would be like a human" and "no animal shall injury yet another" goodluck
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