Is this a good book plot?

Is this a good book plot? Topic: How to write a good spy book
June 26, 2019 / By Kenya
Question: Be as honest as you can be is this a good High Fantasy plot, please elaborate. Cael is a simple farmboy. He is known as a Ruralen, a man of small stature (5'5). After the death of his grandfather, he finds he is a prophet and is destined to find the one weak spot on the otherwise immortal Black King. Who is poised to take over Numea with an alliance of three armies. With his trusty farmhand Alf, Cael sets off on his quest. Soon he discovers three new companions. A River Elf named Thane, A high Elf named Glane and a Warlen (an elemental) named Renwar. They have just returned from a quest of their own. When they find of Caels power, they decide to accompany them. Soon the group is saved from a treacherous king named Mortemus, by an exiled man named Eremus. Who is a master bowmen. The group soon splits into two. Alf, Cael, and Glane going in search of Rasgath, and Renwar, Eremus, and Thane go to the aid of the Kingdom of Rondale, as the forces of evil close in on the Empire. Both groups encounter moral and physical obstacles to try and win the day. Thank you for reading! Please give honest opinions! After his grandfather dies, Cael is visited by three Elves. He is surprised of how highly the Elves regard him. The Elves soon depart but say they will come back, for they most trace back Cael's ancestry to make sure he is the one the Great Prophecy speaks of. When they come back with the news, Cael tells them of a Night Raven that he saw at a nearby town of Gnomes called Gnolewood. The Elves tell him that the Raven was one of Rasgath's spies and means the enemy is coming.
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Izzie Izzie | 8 days ago
From what I can tell of this plot.. It is insanely cliche. Here's my reasons: When I hear the word prophecy, I immediately think: Every other fantasy book ever, and whether you like it or not, that is going to be the reaction of most experienced readers. Of course, you might find an amazingly unique way of including Cael into this prophecy, in which case I applaud you but considering what you have written about the Elves telling him, I'm pretty sure it's going to be cliche. So to fix this either think of a unique way of telling the prophecy or don't have one at all and instead like MissDeviance suggested, give him an actual death or life reason to do what he does. Second: all of these characters that I'm assuming will accompany him are starting to sound way too much like a fellowship. The farmhand sounds like Samwell Gamgee, the Elves sound like Legolas, and the elemental like Gandalf. The boy's species: Ruralen also sounds incredibly like Hobbits from what you said about their short stature. And the splitting up of the group into two.. yeah.. that's not like LOTR at ALL!. Seriously though, the last thing you want is people comparing your plot to LOTR. On a more positive note though.. the fact that the boy is supposedly a prophet is pretty unique, you don't exactly see much boys turning to prophets these days. And it seems like you have a very clear idea of where you want your plot to go so that's good. Good Luck.
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Izzie Originally Answered: Is this a good plot for a novel/book? help pls?
It is definitely a good start. It's a little dry and predictable at this point. Try adding something to spice it up and throw off the readers. (Elaine has a new suitor chosen by her parents, someone dies affecting the romantic availability of a character). How does the story get resolved because at this point, someone ends up heartbroken no matter what, or is that what you're aiming for?

Elly Elly
Well, I'm sorry to be the voice of negativity, but no, there's really not a good plot here. There's a lot of wandering about and interacting with other people, and I detected some happy coincidences along the way. There's no real motivation that I can see other than "you must fulfill the prophecy". People don't do these things unless there's a life and death reason to do it. Remember, in the first chapter of Lord of the Rings, Gandolf tells the hobbit that he must carry the ring and not allow it to fall into anyone's hands or the WORLD is doomed. AND he needs to leave NOW because evil demons who want the ring are coming for him, coming to kill him. So right away, HE is motivated. His friends join him because his absence is perceived as life and death for them. They express boredom with their lives and want to help him. He rejects them all at first, fearing for their lives. I think you really need to get to the bottom of WHY these characters would do what they are doing. Even the ones fresh from another quest... honestly, they would be exhausted. After dealing with some other villain and finally defeating him, presumably after a lot of stress and danger, the first thing they'd want to do is go home and rest. (Again, in Lord of the Rings, that's exactly what Bilbo wanted to do! No more quests, thank you.) It's noble that you want to do such a story, but really you need to make it more compelling for each character. Every one of them needs to be there because it would literally be the death of them if they were not.
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Christabelle Christabelle
Besides grammar (which doesn't REALLY matter much) this is a good book plot. It is only slightly confusing in the middle. The sentences starting with "who" could be connected to the previous sentences with a comma. Anyway, this sounds like its going to be a good book. If you make it a bit more convincing and interesting to readers, maybe there would be more chance of them reading it. This book sounds like a more "in ancient times.." book. Anyway i hope its a good book :)
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Aura Aura
It seems like you've put a lot of thought into this, but it's a bit confusing! Good job, but maybe if you could simplify it a bit and hey! Where's the lady char?!
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Abbigale Abbigale
This does seem like a good plot. If it were a book on sale at the bookstore I would totally read it. I would suggest that you add more girls- a strong, feisty female is good for any book.
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Abbigale Originally Answered: Good Plot for my book?
A prologue doesn't have to be the exact words from a book, or anything like that. In fact, I don't recall ever reading a prologue that was also in some other part of the book. Your plot sounds all right. It's not very original, but once you've developed your characters and made them your own, it will be. Like the other answer said, it seems a bit underdeveloped, and could use some subplots. Maybe other conflicts in her life that make it worse? An abusive parent? It's your call. Also, don't just make her "madly in love with him". Make sure they converse with each other, even just a bit so it doesn't make it seem like she's just lusting after him because of his appearance or something like that. All in all, you could do quite a bit with such a simple plot. Add on to it, develop your characters, get to know them, how they react to things, things that annoy them (esp. for the girl) . Things like that. Keep adding on to it, and it might just turn out to be amazing. ;D Message me if you'd like any advice or even editing. The link is on my profile. Good luck and keep writing! :)

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