How to teach a 4 year old the alphabet?

How to teach a 4 year old the alphabet? Topic: How to write a school play
July 18, 2019 / By Arleen
Question: My son has to know his alphabet and shapes and colors and how to write his name before he can start school next year. Any suggestions? I tried to enroll him in preschool there is a wait for all of the schools around here. He does know the alphabet song
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Zebulon Zebulon | 1 day ago
There are little workbooks you can find at any WalMart type store in the book section. You can discuss it while grocery shopping..."apple, red apple, A apple, apple ah" When you teach him to write his name, do not use all capital letters. At least that's what our school told us 12 years ago. It's good for them to learn upper & lower case letters, but for writing their names they should learn it properly. Play games with him. There are lots of games for kids that have colors (Candy Land for one).
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Zebulon Originally Answered: What are some fun ways to teach handwriting/alphabet to kindergarten?
Grab a bunch of random objects and put them in a bag. Hand out alphabet cards to all the kids, some may have the same letters. As you pick an item out of the bag, if the child has the first letter they stand up and write the letter on the board, overhead, or Elmo. When all the objects are identified, write the whole words on the projector and have the children write it on their paper.

Silvester Silvester
My son is now 4, he picked up on all of that at around 2 though and learned quickly, because he wanted to. I had started off with his name -Every day I would show him his name thing on the wall and spell the letters out and say his name - maybe you could start with your sons name, which might be fun, since it is personal. From there my son surprised me by picking up the rest of the alphabet from Sesame Street, using his alphabet game he had - he would always look for the letter of the day. Then while in the car or shopping I would say the alphabet - but not sing it. (My friends daughter new the song, but not any of the actual letters). And I would point out letters then to. I think a good idea for your 4 year old would be to have a "Letter of the day" and focus on that. Have the alphabet up and see if he can recognize what the letter of the day is. Then Maybe put it on the Refrigerator and have fun while trying to look for that letter all day long, whether your in the house or out of the house. I can guarantee that once he picks up a handful of letters, the rest will start to come really quick. Shapes and Colors can be harder - I did do alot of drawing with sidewalk chalk in our driveway, and that seemed to help my son pick up on the basics. Like another person said - flashcards were fun for my son also. Once he got to know most of them, I would lay them all out and ask him to get me "the triangle" or whatever - it helped to see what he did know well, and what he still needed help with. Have fun, and good luck.
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Ollie Ollie
A four year old has very short attention span and you obviously cannot teach her alphabet the way you did to older child. My suggestion is to do it in a play-like manner. Like getting her out to play sand and write the alphabet on it. Challenge her to follow and make her tell you back what's written on the sand. Apart from alphabet it. You can draw picture that starts with that alphabet and have her guess. Play games with her that involved letters and eventually she will pick up the learning.
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Law Law
You can buy alphabet magnets, and put them on the refrigerator, and each time the two of you are in the kitchen, you can make a game of the different letters.Leapfrog has a little frog that sings the alphabet and you can sing along with the frog. Bedtime and bath time are good times for play that can be learning experiences, they have your undivided attention. You can make learning a fun experience," I Spy A " is a good example Repetition with young children always helps Do not overlook the tried and true stand -bys, namely Barney and Sesame Street and talk with your little one when he watches them on tv.Everyday, you have all kinds of opportunities to teach, when driving in the car, when shopping in the grocery store, what is this?Do you know what color this is,how do we write this?Take him to the library, and get him a library card, and show him the joy of reading. Even a trip to the zoo presents plenty of opportunities to teach and learn, if you keep it fun, and teach him a little at a time, and not try to teach everything at one time, you will do fine.
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Jabez Jabez
He should be enrolled in preschool so he can start learning what will be needed for kindergarten including social skills. The list of things he needs to know is very long. There are plenty of work books you can find at the stores and there are activities online including folder games that can be played that will start teaching the basics but I would still go with preschool so he can learn what he needs to learn. An actual preschool (not daycare) knows what all requirements need to be met before kindergarten.
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From what I understand Devanagari was not created til around 1000 AD and it may have been influenced by already existing scripts.. It was created for Sanskrit by the way and I think it is mostly related to other indic scripts and any similarity to the Latin alphabet is more of a coincidence. The Latin Alphabet is an offshoot of Hebrew and Greek alphabets both which were coined by the Phonecians who were the inventors of written scripts. thousands of years ago.

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