Should I buy a house?

Should I buy a house? Topic: Best buy case study
May 23, 2019 / By Admiranda
Question: I'm gonna move out soon for college and it seems like it's cheaper to pay the house by month than an apartment. Now, Im saving up over the summer for this and already have a full scholarship for College, but I'm still planning to work while studying. So I can probably pay either way. My problem is the mortagage, they are only asking 10-20k for the mortgage but I don't have that much money. I will probaby have 4k saved up over the summer and i''ve heard things about getting a mortgage with low interest if you are a first time buyer but I don't know a lot about that either. My question is should I try to get a house now or just live in an apartment. I just think that buying a house is a better investment but I don't want to be bankrupt either.. So I need opinion. If anyone can explain me the mortgage stuff, that would be great! (even if you say it's a bad idea, if you know just tell me so I know how it works and can use it in the future). Thank you very much!
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Tennyson Tennyson | 3 days ago
Buying can have advantages over renting but renting can have advantages too. First, you will have a difficult time finding a lender that can do a purchase mortgage for only $10-20K. Most closing costs associated with a mortgage are the same whether you are borrowing $10K or $100K and there are rules in place that make it hard to justify paying $2500 in fees (not including taxes and insurance)to get a $10K loan. I can go as low as about $30K. In my area as in many areas, home values have not increased and in many cases have decreased in the past 4-5 years. Unless you are planning to stay in the home after you graduate there will be additional expenses (typically 8-10% of the sale price) to sell the home when you are finished with school. You could easily be in a position in which you owe more than you will net from the sale of the home. That is not a good place to be. If you get an apartment, someone else pays for maintenance. If you find a home you can qualify for and afford and you are comfortable that it will increase or at least hold value during the time you own it your idea may make sense. Just make sure you go into this with your eyes open.
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Maddison Maddison
Here's the deal, renting is only a waste of money if you're really interested in being homeless. You are paying for a roof over your head, therefore it's not a waste of money because if you didn't pay for it you'd be living in a box. Don't live in a box. You are, what, 18? You are DREAMING if you think it's just a simple matter of the rent and the mortgage payment being equal. Utilities are expensive. Upkeep is expensive. It's not just as simple as moving in and then magically the house takes care of itself. Get an apartment. The real thing you get when you rent is that you have options. You're really young and it's wise to keep your options open. Besides, odds of you getting approved for a mortgage with a sum total of 4 grand in the bank and some sort of mythical job you'll be working while going to school full time are pretty low.
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Jehoram Jehoram
You are right,buying is a much better investment than renting,unless your rent is so low you can save a lot towards a house.
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