Chemistry Challenge-10 pts for winner?

Chemistry Challenge-10 pts for winner? Topic: Synthesis in chemistry
July 18, 2019 / By Milton
Question: Diamond and graphite are both composed of carbon atoms. The density of diamond is 3.52 g/cm (cubed). The density of graphite is 2.25 g/cm (cubed). In 1955, scientists successfully made diamond from graphite. Using the relative densities, imagine what happens at the atomic level when this change occurs. Then suggest how this synthesis may have been accomplished. Good luck all you chemistry people out there! Try it!
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Kae Kae | 9 days ago
if the pressure were high enough and last long enough, theoretically you could get a diamond, but it would be quite impure. Coal has a high level of impurities (it is not all carbon), so any resulting diamond would be of poor quality. Squeezing a lump of coal would not produce graphite. Diamonds were formed from graphite, a pure form of carbon, under great pressure and heat. It really depends on the temperatures and pressures. Coal that is metamorphosed may turn into graphite, but the pressures and temperatures required for graphite are not the same as those required for diamond formation. Diamond formation requires much higher temperatures and pressures. The relationships between pressure and temperature and what form of carbon exists can be plotted on a type of graph. There is a nice one at http://invsee.asu.edu/Modules/carbon/condit.htm. Interestingly, diamonds are not permanently stable at the temperatures and pressures we experience at the surface of the earth. Diamonds are very slowly changed into graphite. Diamond is thermodynamically unstable with respect to graphite at ambient conditions, 300 K and 1atm. At 300 K it requires about 14,500 atm to transform graphite into diamond. That is how diamonds were formed (presumably) at great depths below the earth's surface.
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Hashub Hashub
A core made of graphite, carbon and a diamond seed is strategically placed in the middle of what is essentially a very large pressure cooker. "It's like putting together a large heavy puzzle," Gemesis "Senior Diamond Growth Technician" Chris Owens tells DBIS. "Each one of these anvils weighs about 30 pounds." Graphite and diamonds are both made from pure carbon atoms. Under extreme heat and pressure, carbon atoms attach themselves to the seed, forming a diamond crystal. McEwen says, "There's about 500 different variables in the process, and if any one of those variables is slightly off, we get a different outcome." The machine reaches 1,500 degrees, and the pressure on the core is 850,000 pounds per square inch -- that's equivalent to 100 8,000-pound elephants standing on a coin. Once the machine is closed, nature takes over. Four days later a very crushed core is taken out, and a man-made diamond is inside.
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Elhanan Elhanan
I'm not into Chemistry so I don't know,all i know Carbon alone forms the familiar substances graphite and diamond. Both graphite and diamond are made only of carbon atoms. Graphite is very soft and slippery. Diamond is the hardest substance known to man.hehehe i just want to earn points baby..
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Cedric Cedric
Evidently, it is required that the atoms of carbon become much more closely packed in the transformation from graphite to diamond. It can be achieved by subjecting graphite to 100000 atm at 2000 degrees Celsius.
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Allystair Allystair
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