Anything you know of that can help me get into college?

Anything you know of that can help me get into college? Topic: Best college admission essays
July 18, 2019 / By Margie
Question: Hi, I'd just like to know anything and everything you know of that could help someone get into college. Anything at all. Any suggestions? Best answer gets 10 points!
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Best Answers: Anything you know of that can help me get into college?

Kitty Kitty | 7 days ago
A great GPA Extracurriculars (hobbies, clubs, sports) Community service Excellent SAT scores Well written admissions essay If you do your best and still don't meet the standards of some college, start at a community college for a few semesters and then transfer.
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Kitty Originally Answered: Long Beach City College, Orange Coast College, or Cypress College?
Im not sure if it matters where you go to CC. Most people just go to a closer school if they want to transfer to another college after getting g.e. requirements. I think you have to complete 60 units. Each school will have the info stated on their website. Something you should also be aware of is their TAG (transfer admission guarantee) and TAP If you follow the requirements and you will get a guarantee admissions into most UCs (not sure if UCLA or Berkeley fall under tap) here are the links for OCC and two UC schools about TAG http://www.orangecoastcollege.edu/studen... http://www.orangecoastcollege.edu/studen... http://admissions.ucsd.edu/transfers/pre... http://www.admissions.uci.edu/admissions/tag.html
Kitty Originally Answered: Long Beach City College, Orange Coast College, or Cypress College?
As i'm a Californian, I absolutely have an understanding of why you wish to have to come right here, but the best recommendation i will offer you is that for many individuals the excessive out of state training prices and excessive price of living make even a community institution in California unaffordable. No tuition in any respect to your list is an efficient investment for a non-California resident. You'll acquire as excellent an schooling or potentially a better one at a state college in your own state. For those who consider that you will discover a job here, you must spend a 12 months and a day residing in California and working in an effort to establish residency. Most California public faculties have unique lists of all the different the residency standards on their internet sites. You are not able to be enrolled in any educational application even as you are qualifying for residency. Of your listed faculties, the nice two are long seaside and Cal Poly Pomona. Most people would do not forget Santa Monica school to be the first-rate group institution typically in the l. A. Discipline, but I do not know about its laptop engineering applications or despite the fact that it has any. I hope that this knowledge is as a minimum as priceless to you as a more direct answer to your question, which I can't write in ample detail as I are living in northern California.

Jaqueline Jaqueline
Finding a college to take you is generally not a problem. Graduate HS and you will find one to take 100% for sure. The issue is finding the one that is the best fit. For that you need to research schools more thoroughly than the few high profile schools most people think about. Check out: http://www.ctcl.org/ http://www.nytimes.com/2006/07/30/educat... Once you have found your potential college candidates drop them a line about what they suggest to get in. They are in by far the best position to answer. Thanks Bill
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Jaqueline Originally Answered: Are College Degrees Worthless? Should we all just obtain job skills from college only rather than the whole college degree?
Some degrees are useless, such as many art degrees or philosophy degrees. Some are very relevant such as STEM programs (science degrees). The only rare exception is the technology field. Degrees in computer sciences may not be worth pursuing because in that field it's all about what you know rather than what degree you have. For example, one friend of mine got a computer science degree and has a good job after applying, interviewing, and stressing about employment for many months. Another friend of mine just happened to be extremely good with computers. On his own free time he got certified in C++ and all these other computer programs from his own living room. His current job pays twice what my first friend is making and he was hired pretty much right away.

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