How was your first year/freshman year of high school?

How was your first year/freshman year of high school? Topic: So much homework for school
June 26, 2019 / By Carla
Question: I'm going to be going to high school next year and I am SUPER excited. How was your first year/freshman year of high school? Was it fun? Too much homework? Better than middle school? Did you find love? Etc. I would love to know because I'm just so curious. :D
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Andrea Andrea | 7 days ago
My first year of high school was a very long time ago. At the school I attended, they didn't have middle school so my first year was as a sub freshman or 8th grade was back in 1968 It was definetly fun and exciting though a little intimidating as so many kids were so much bigger and older so it took some getting used to that. Yes there seemed to be quite a bit of homework back then but not overwhelming as I had some good teachers. The pep rallys were a blast rooting for our great football team and making new friends.
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Andrea Originally Answered: I need help for my freshman year of high school?
Get a planner and organize all the work you have to do for your classes. Write down your homework or tasks you need to do before your class ends. Just keep up with your work and you'll do fine. There will always be time for fun. The more you keep track the better off. Try to get ahead with extra credit. You'll get used to it. Just be organized and prioritize.

Westley Westley
It was okay, you meet new people from different middle schools, and experience a lot of new things.This ocurred in the mid/late 80's so a lot of different events were going on in the world at the time.I do remember getting out of school at 2:15 every day, very cool, then I moved and got out at 2 pm, which was better.Also, we had a school dance, and if you can, go to those.
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Sammy Sammy
im a freshman right now its ok its not bad its not good same as always i havent done 1 homework asighnment all yeer i havee all a's and bees yesi found love but i always had beware of freshman friday the 1st friday of the year all the freshman get tortured not fun lol i didnt cuz i have upperclass friends dont get all excited people will think your a freak at 1st highschool is awesome then you start missing middle school
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Naftali Naftali
that was this year. if anything, it was boring because i wasn't very involved but it was a hell of a lot more fun than middle school. and no i decided to stay single through h.s to focus on work. i did get a lot of work because im in honors but its different for everyone as long as you're involved and social you will love it :)
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Kenrick Kenrick
Omggg, this year was so gaaaaaay. It's much bigger, a lot of new people, mostly everyone is a pothead, and yes there's a lot of homework. It feels like you don't have time for anything.
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Kenrick Originally Answered: How can I keep my grades up freshman year of High School?
You need to keep your grades up if you want to go to a good college right out of high school. But there is also the community college (first 2 college years) transfer to 4 year college (junior and senior year) path, too. So don't let school and college cause you more anxiety. (Did you know that there is a chemical in the brain that helps calm children and adults when they are anxious, but it causes teens to become more anxious? That's one reason why all the drama and the 0 to 100 acceleration. Your teen brain is working against you.) It is a bump up to high school from middle school. Be prepared. Commit yourself to doing your work and studying, make it your priority. Don't get behind, ask for help when you need it. Read some books on being organized, make a dated To Do list and put everything on it. Do not try to remember, even if you have a great memory, that causes stress. Do not procrastinate, the day you get a project assignment, a test date, etc, start to work on it or study. Walk walk walk. Walking is great to help ease anxiety. Exercise and eat right. Speak to your teachers, just so they get to know you and don't take some of your likely behavior as disrespectful. You don't necessarily have to tell them your issues, but speak to them like they are people. When you study or do homework, put your cellphone in another room, do not go on fb etc, just focus on your homework for a specific amount of time. Decide in advance when you will eat snacks, take a break, check out fb, etc. Give yourself structure. It seems like you need to see your doctor about adjusting your meds, or a therapist about social classes. There are group classes that therapists hold for teens like you, and help to teach kids how to handle their situation, how to cope with the anxiety, how to make friends. Why suffer? If you aren't seeing a therapist, ask your parent to take you to one. Look online, or speak to the school therapist or nurse about these classes. Good luck!

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