How do you find what you're passionate about?

How do you find what you're passionate about? Topic: Class creative writing activities
June 26, 2019 / By Allie
Question: I've entered a downward spiral of depression. Nothing is exciting or worth getting up for. How do you go about finding what you're passionate about without feeling pathetically cliche...
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Uz Uz | 9 days ago
When something's easy. Not easy to do necessarily, but easy to keep doing. If you have to force yourself to do something and don't get anything out of it, chances are you're wasting your time. Start branching out and finding different ways to pass the time. Generally, creative activities are the most rewarding: that is, something with measurable goals in which you're actively creating and/or interacting with something. Learn a musical instrument. Write something. Start playing a sport in a rec league. Even if you don't become "world-class", finding something you love to do is worth a lot more than that.
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Uz Originally Answered: So, passionate dancers, help me?
Everyone's answers are great so far -- here's my personal belief: Dance can be therapeutic. When you're unhappy or frustrated or angry, dance can be a great outlet to work through your problems. It can be just a physical outlet, or you can use choreography to work through your issues (I've done this personally more than a few times, and it's really great). The first case (a physical outlet) I've done using choreography that was not my own -- a classmate choreographed a piece that expressed exactly how I'd been feeling, so I did that dance countless times because it helped me release that emotion in a safe way. I've also choreographed as an outlet. I used to feel trapped to be the way I thought everyone wanted me to be, so I choreographed a dance to "These Walls" by Teddy Geiger. Choreographing that dance helped me work through the core of my issues, and since then I've been so much more open and happy just the way I am! So, for me, dance is definitely more than a hobby -- it's psychologically healing and a stress reliever and an emotional outlet. I don't know what I'd do without it. :-) Good luck, keep on dancing! PS: Just a grammar note -- "dance is more THAN a hobby," not "dance is more THEN a hobby!" (Future school teacher here, I couldn't help but notice ;-) )
Uz Originally Answered: So, passionate dancers, help me?
determination/perserverance....dancers can NOT give up, they have to keep trying if they fail. commitment/dedication...there is a lot of time spent stretching, strengthening, going to class. it teaches you how to be a good listener and how to really take direction and instruction well also, because when you are given something that you need to improve on, you have to be able to take instruction and use it to discipline yourself and improve. good luck!
Uz Originally Answered: So, passionate dancers, help me?
ceremony, tradition, story telling, mythology, religion, culture..... Dancing is humanity! Dance is present in mythology and religion globally. Dance has certainly been an important part of ceremony, rituals, celebrations and entertainment since before the birth of the earliest human civilizations. Archeology delivers traces of dance from prehistoric times such as the 9,000 year old Bhimbetka rock shelters paintings in India and Egyptian tomb paintings depicting dancing figures from circa 3300 BC. One of the earliest structured uses of dances may have been in the performance and in the telling of myths. It was also sometimes used to show feelings for one of the opposite gender. It is also linked to the origin of "love making." Before the production of written languages, dance was one of the methods of passing these stories down from generation to generation. [1] Another early use of dance may have been as a precursor to ecstatic trance states in healing rituals. Dance is still used for this purpose by many cultures from the Brazilian rainforest to the Kalahari Desert.[2] An early manuscript describing dance is the Natya Shastra on which is based the modern interpretation of classical Indian dance (e.g. Bharathanatyam). -------- dance has served and continues to serve humanity by upholding value systems, shaping new trends within societies, and revealing to people their innermost needs to bind together within their communities. These are, to me, the greatest and most lasting powers that connect all people to dance. Linda Sievers, Professor Department of Theatre, Film, and Dance Humboldt State University http://findarticles.com/p/articles/mi_m1...

Rodger Rodger
Well, without any details about what's going on with your life, other than depression, my advice will be general. First, unless there's a physical basis, depression comes from thought, habitual thoughts. To deal with that, get this book and DO the written exercises...and keep at it! http://www.amazon.com/Ten-Days-Self-Este... To find you passion, you must explore--life but also your thoughts and desires. Sit down with a tablet and pencil and answer questions like these: "If I could do anything, what would it be? What do I like doing?" Write down whatever answers come. Don't cop out and say, "I don't want to do anything." Go back to the book and work on that depression. When you come up with things you might like to do, explore them, seek to experience them, so that you know better if that's for you. If you get that far, develop a plan to get there, step by step, micro-step, by micro-step..
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Rodger Originally Answered: Am I "passionate enough" about science?
By being interested in biology, you are passionate and good enough to take up a career in it. Notice how you didn't mention music at all. This proves that your interest in biology exceed music, just a thought. You are a very young lady. Trust me, I'm in college and everybody is older than you. As for the Pros you listed, they are much better than most people in college. Most people in the healthcare degree just do it for the money. This field provides a stable job and income. So it's very competitive. In this discussion, I want to focus on your cons: 1. I don't spend very... -AND- I find official scientific... When you don't understand something, it becomes boring. For example, think of the most difficult mathematical idea. It's pretty boring is it? If you were to understand it completely and find a use for it in the real world, the idea would amaze you and you'd be obsessed with it. Why do you think mathematicians are so obsessive? As for your case, you don't have any college experience. Once you're in college, especially in biology, you will get so much stuff and you will get exhausted, just like every biology students. You will learn to read, not like a high school student that you were, but like a highly educated college student. You will then continue to read scientific papers and they will become very interesting to you. 2. I have a conflicting interest - I like to write fiction stories - that sometimes distracts me Everyone has a distraction from their jobs/school. The key is to make it your hobby and pursue it humbly, making your daily job priority. You can set your free time to your hobby, writing. As time changes, people change. Years from now, you might drop this hobby completely and pick up something completely new, such as Olympic weightlifting. Then again, you'll be able to manage your time for your hobby. 3. I feel super embarrassed and stupid every time I make a mistake when volunteering at the lab. Even though it's okay for me to make mistakes because I'm still so new Be yourself and don't ever be embarrassed about your decision. It doesn't matter what people think. Remember the things that people made fun of you years ago? Does it matter now? Probably not right? Every honest mistakes will be forgiven, unless of course it kills/injures people and cost the company money. As you get older, you will realize how silly being embarrassed is. 4. I'm a shy / introverted person who doesn't like public speaking If you feel that you belong to some place and have power, you will stop being shy. For example, if you are the only person that know how to perform brain surgery, would you be embarrassed about teaching a group of doctors how to do it? Probably not right? Why? Because you are powerful and you are belong in that place. Once you go to college, you will be powerful because you are educated and you will feel belong because everyone is just like you. As for public speaking, you will have plenty of presentations to do and you will get over yourself. College is not like high school. People don't judge. You will have so many practice that it'll come naturally. 5. Sometimes, when people ask me what I want to do as a career, I feel almost like an imposter when I tell them. I feel like I'm being "fake" for some reason (???) I don't understand why do you feel like you are being fake. You are qualified to go to college and get a good education. You have the opportunity to become a doctor and scientist. You have every qualification for an excellent career path. It is the truth and you shouldn't feel that you are an imposter. 6. I like biology, but I don't really like chemistry. This is bad, because chem is a huge part of both of my possible choices. If you are going to medical school, you will need general chemistry I&II and organic chemistry I&II. You shouldn't have problems with the general chemistry, but you will with organic chemistry. But then again, every single student in your organic chemistry and other organic chemistry classes will have the same problem as you. There are many resources to help you from YouTube to tutoring center to professor office. Take it slow and steady. Plan ahead and execute every tasks and you will pass those classes. College is the best thing that happened in my life. It gives me part-time job on campus, provides me with intelligent people to befriend with and most of all it gives me an opportunity to fulfill my dream. You will enjoy it and you will be fine as long as you do what you should do and don't screw around. Once you finish with your sophomore year, you will have a good idea of what you should do after college: whether it's graduate school or getting a job. Good luck and have fun for the next 4-5 years.
Rodger Originally Answered: Am I "passionate enough" about science?
To your pros awesome thinking keep it up. Its your dream and ideas which will helo u to fight u with your CONS so if really want to "want to do which none had seen or done" just one thing u neec that "I AM BORN TO DO THAT!". But u decide fulfiling your dream the thing whick makes u fell thrill and unique which will give u unique persionality. one in crowd.Have courage than go for it. One year earlier mine situation was same i also one to do some thing new but always problem were there i discovered them and found them easy. so if u realy want than jump on be motivated to your dreams and rest u will do well. Best of luck

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