Ideas for questionnaire on euthanasia (assisted suicide)?

Ideas for questionnaire on euthanasia (assisted suicide)? Topic: Euthanasia research
July 16, 2019 / By Vivyan
Question: Hi, I am doing a research project for college on euthanasia (which is when someone helps another to end their lives) and am stumped for questions to ask in a questionnaire. My research question is 'why is euthanasia illegal in the UK'. Any ideas? Thanks for any help! :)
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Shannen Shannen | 6 days ago
Try to make the questionnaire personal (but not too much so). Maybe: 1. Could you ever assist someone living in pain or agony with suicide? 2. What if it was a close friend or family member? 3. If you were living in pain or agony, would you want someone to assist you with suicide? 4. If yes, would you rather someone that you didn't know very well (a doctor or nurse), or a close friend/family member? 5. When do you think it would be OK to assist someone with suicide? You'll want more than 5 questions, but that's a basic jumping off point.
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Shannen Originally Answered: What are you views on euthanasia and/or assisted suicide?
If it was legalized, each euthanasee (I just made up that word) would surely have to meet a strictly defined set of criteria. They'd have to be terminally ill, in severe pain, etc. Where would the line be drawn though? Would severely depressed people be allowed to have an assisted suicide? People who are down-and-out, homeless and hopeless? I think a society that allowed assisted suicide would be very grim. A doctor' goal is to sustain life and health, and at very least provide comfort and alleviate pain. Not to help a patient give up. But suffering is very real and life is torment for some people. And assisted suicide would be a great relief for many. But to legalize it would be so grim. But we do it to animals. We put them out of their misery. I see both sides of the controversy have validity. As for being braindead/in a vegetative state, well they're often hooked up to some sort of life support, right? Do you recall the case of Terry Schiavo (sp?) A few years ago. A huge controversy surrounded her case. It's just too hard to decide. I would lean towards letting the family decide in each individual case.
Shannen Originally Answered: What are you views on euthanasia and/or assisted suicide?
I believe the person should undergo a certain number of hours of conseling to dissuade the person from euthanasia. If after that the person still wishes to be euthanized, then they're free to do so. It's their choice and could not be talked out of it.

Orchid Orchid
1.How do you feel about voluntary euthanasia? 2. How far is your attitude prompted by religious teaching 3. WOuld you yourself consider euthanasia if you were suffering 4,. Would you help a family member or friend to end their life if they asked you to?
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Makayla Makayla
Because suicide is illegal, because it's murder (upon oneself). You would be arrested for ASSISTING a robbery, as well as murder (suicide).
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Makayla Originally Answered: What is a good starting paragraph/sentence for a article about assisted suicide and euthanasia?
Suggest that you start with something like "Assisted Suicide and euthanasia are two separate issues that share certain parameters". For example, assisted suicide is generally understood to be requested by the person affected. Whereas, euthanasia often is perceived as being involuntary. As you do your research, you will come across other differences.

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