The Iowa Supreme Court *unanimously* strikes down Iowa's gay marriage ban! How do you feel?

The Iowa Supreme Court *unanimously* strikes down Iowa's gay marriage ban! How do you feel? Topic: Supreme court case summaries
July 15, 2019 / By Violet
Question: From the court-issued summary, regarding the religious angle: Recognizing the sincere religious belief held by some that the “sanctity of marriage” would be undermined by the inclusion of gay and lesbian couples, the court nevertheless noted that such views are not the only religious views of marriage. Other, equally sincere groups have espoused strong religious views yielding the opposite conclusion. These contrasting opinions, the court finds, explain the absence of any religious-based rationale to test the constitutionality of Iowa’s same-sex marriage statute. “Our constitution does not permit any branch of government to resolve these types of religious debates and entrusts to courts the task of ensuring government avoids them . . . . The statute at issue in this case does not prescribe a definition of marriage for religious institutions. Instead, the statute, declares, ‘Marriage is a civil contract’ and then regulates that civil contract . . . . (Note: I am not a lawyer and this does not constitute any kind of legal advice) http://www.judicial.state.ia.us/wfData/files/Varnum/40209Varnumsummary.pdf note: Iowans are Hawkeyes. Nebraskans are Cornhuskers.
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Best Answers: The Iowa Supreme Court *unanimously* strikes down Iowa's gay marriage ban! How do you feel?

Shania Shania | 10 days ago
To be truthful, I don't understand why people say that if Gay & Lesbians are allowed to make there union legal it will be a threat to traditional marriage. These people have been living together & loving each other since the beginning of time. They will continue to live together and love eachother whether or not their union is legal. Allowing people who love differently to be legally the next of kin will not in anyway hurt me, nor will it hurt anyone else.
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Shania Originally Answered: Is gay marriage allowed in Iowa?
Yes, Gay marriage is legal in Iowa as well as; Massachusetts, Connecticut, Vermont, New Hampshire, and Washington D.C.

Opaline Opaline
As the judge pointed out in his decision, marriage is a civil contract. Numerous people confuse this fact with personal belief regarding what a "marriage" should be. Despite the fanfare of a typical marriage ceremony, a couple will not be announced to be married by a pastor, etc., unless they have signed the marriage license that has been provided to them by the State. The pastor declares that a couple have become one, but that is merely a declaration of the pastor. The pastor can make such a declaration, only because the State has granted the pastor the authority to do so. Based upon my understanding of the law, a couple that has signed a marriage license would still be married even if both of them decided to bolt from the wedding ceremony and declare themselves disengaged.
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Mahala Mahala
Thank God! It's about time the state courts started ruling according to the law instead of political expediency and public/personal opinion. I hope this inspires more courage in other states courts.
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Keturah Keturah
Woooohoooooo! Maybe we ought to give Iowa a try: Oh, there's nothing halfway About the Iowa way to treat you, When we treat you Which we may not do at all. There's an Iowa kind of special Chip-on-the-shoulder attitude. We've never been without. That we recall. We can be cold As our falling thermometers in December If you ask about our weather in July. And we're so by God stubborn We could stand touchin' noses For a week at a time And never see eye-to-eye. But what the heck, you're welcome, Join us at the picnic. You can eat your fill Of all the food you bring yourself. You really ought to give Iowa a try. Provided you are contrary, We can be cold As our falling thermometer in December If you ask about our weather in July. And we're so by God stubborn We can stand touchin' noses For a week at a time And never see eye-to-eye. But we'll give you our shirt And a back to go with it If your crops should happen to die.
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Jaida Jaida
This is a fantastic precedent. It's no longer 'gays' versus 'religion', it's one religion's rights versus another religion's rights. There aren't many courts in the U.S. who are going to rule that one religion has the right to dictate another's practices. I would love to see a coalition of clergy and organizing bodies of different religions file a joint suit for an end to the discrimination that they face, with some of the marriages they officiate recognized by the state and some not. This ruling could prove far larger than one state.
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Emma Emma
How about that. Every now and again our legal system works. Move the countdown clock to dictatorship back 1 minute.
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Chyna Chyna
It restores my faith in Democracy, and in our country's judiciary. If, as religionists try to force down our throats, marriage was a sacred, god-ordained union ONLY between a man and a woman, there would be no necessity (as there is in every State in the U.S.) for a CIVIL contract before that union could be considered legitimate. Religious ignorance is no excuse for bigotry and homophobia. Joe P: You really should try, hard, to drag yourself out of the Middle Ages. Your "alleged" god also declared eating SHRIMP to be an "abomination". Should we pass laws denying shrimp eaters the right to marry OTHER shrimp eaters???? How silly your biblical "abominations" are when exposed to the light of reason and common sense. Bluto: My choice would be: you are having 'a really shitty day'. lol
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Avital Avital
Well, I never thought I would live to see this day. But God doesn't see any difference in same sex couples having sex without marriage as he does different sex couples having sex without marriage. Sin is sin so I guess it would be better for them if they could get married.
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Abigil Abigil
Most excellent! The Iowa judiciary saw the religious implications of the gay marriage ban and saw rightly that the government has no business entering that debate. They rightly recognized that other religions have no problem with gay marriage and ruled on that basis. This is a fine example of a well-reasoned ruling. I'm thrilled for Iowa!
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Abigil Originally Answered: Does 'Diversity' help a mostly white state like Iowa?
I understand what you mean but I think you are looking at it wrong. It isn't about diversity. It really isn't a racial thing. It is a cultural issue. People that live in big cities, whether black, white or Hispanic, tend to have a different set of ethics from people that live in small towns or rural areas. "City people" usually don't know there neighbors and don't have any respect for their neighbor's property. This can manifest in everything from littering on the neighbor's yard to stealing. The worst of these people carry it a bit farther. They don't value the lives of their neighbors. The only thing that is important to them is themselves (and maybe their own family). "Rural people" tend to have more of a sense of community. They look out for their neighbors and help them when in need. Respect is something everyone is given. I live on the edge of the Chicago suburbs. I see the same thing happening in the new subdivisions being built and the people moving in are upper middle class whites. EDIT: Perhaps you should read the local newspaper more instead of listening to gossip. This article points out that crime waves have happened in the past (not 100% black crime) and that current crime is associated with growth (not 100% black crime). http://www.midiowanews.com/site/tab1.cfm...

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