Do i need a heater for a neon tetra?

Do i need a heater for a neon tetra? Topic: Tetra research
July 18, 2019 / By Randolf
Question: so i have a little tank and its 1.5 quarts and it has oxygen and lights and i want to put a little neon tetra in it but i heard they need heaters? my house is about 69ยบ this is my research! i don't want to kill innocent creatures so i want to make sure
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Martie Martie | 2 days ago
research before you get ANYTHING! nothing can live in that tiny prison. neon tetras need to be kept in schools of atleast 6+ and NEED a cycled, heater, filtered 10+ gallon tank. if you cannot provide a LIVING CREATURE with the bare most essentials to live, you shouldn't even own anything.
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Martie Originally Answered: Which fish is better cardinal tetra or neon tetra?
I find neon tetras do not look as nice as cardinal tetras but from what I have heard neon tetras are hardier and therefor more suited for a beginner. In the end the decision is yours so make sure you do lots of research*. I find most schooling fish look best in a well planted aquarium so I highly recommend you get some plants if you dont already have some. Good luck with your tank I hope it turns out nicely.

Jesimiel Jesimiel
That isn't a tank, it's a cup. If you made an attempt to heat it, you'd boil the fish. Honestly, it's not going to matter. If you put a Neon Tetra in it, the fish will die very quickly. Two reasons; one, it's far too small to house any living thing. And two, Neon Tetras will become very stressed if they do not have a school to swim with. Edit: Asking random people on Yahoo Answers isn't "research". You do your research elsewhere; in books, on websites, not here. Use Yahoo Answers to clear up any questions you might have after that. No one here can provide you will all of the information you need to keep a fish tank properly. There is too much involved.
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Glen Glen
i don't personally go by the inch per gallon rule... reason being it doesn't work out proportionately with the length of the fish to the length of the tank for swimming and DEFINITELY doesn't work volume wise. your main issue is with quantity... you'd need at least a few... and I'm sure they'd be OK but it's not a good condition... one weekend away your they're toast! you need to create an environment that has comfort areas of refuge as well as enough length to spread they're little fins! =)
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Dougal Dougal
you must use a heater for neon tetras. also i wouldn't put one neon tetra by its self as this is cruel and will just stree the fish out.
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Brennan Brennan
You can't hold any fish that small of a tank. Minimal requirement for any fish is 5 gallon. 10 gallon+ is recommended. You also (must) have a heater for tropical fish unless you live in a tropical area yourself. You also (must) have a filter system for (ALL) fish, or they will die to ammonia poisoning. You also (must) do a fishless nitrogen cycle before adding any fish at all, or they will die to ammonia poisoning. For more details on step by step instructions and tips http://petskeepersguide.com/forums/Threa... Another article about common beginners' mistakes which lead to fish's deaths. You must avoid them http://petskeepersguide.com/forums/Threa...
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Brennan Originally Answered: 8 neon tetra and betta?
This tank is plenty big enough for 8 small neon tetras and a beta the beta is one of the smallest bio load fish that there is. do some research before answering these questions people aqua advisor says that witj 8 tetras and a betta its only 66 percent stocked see plenty of room.

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