Do we have a right to see a Presidential candidates birth certificate?

Do we have a right to see a Presidential candidates birth certificate? Topic: Ct case search
July 19, 2019 / By Chuck
Question: we are asked to vote and make an informed choice. there are some on here that think it's against the law for a presidential candidate. if that were true, how come I have to show a bc to get my son into little league. I think it's time we should set the record strait. what say you. quit whining? I should just go along to get along like the rest of you sheep. Obama has never shown a bc and this issue is far from settled. there is no one in this country that has the responsibility to vet a candidate, I repeat NO ONE! so how is this question settled, it's not. ppl you have got to wake up. when the country is gone it won't matter which party you belong to wendy, all I can say to you is your the one I think is confused. how can I possibly vote for a Pres if I don't know he's eligible. if you ran a business would you ask for proof of citizenship before you hired someone, of course you would. let this go to court and see what's real. a person doesn't spend a million dollars covering up a $12 birth certificate. so please stop being so damn blind to things around you. maxwell, this has nothing to do with race, this is about a crime and I'd even go after you for this fraud. peace.
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Ami Ami | 10 days ago
What we have a Right to, under ART2 Sect1, is an eligible Candidate, and President. Under the 1st Amendment, we have the Right to redress for Grievances. During the course of this Investigation, a few things have become evident... 1. Individual States authorize Ballot Access for Candidates, and are thus charged with verifying Eligibility, which in all 50 States is done only with an Attestation on the Access Form... a check mark, no visual inspection of Documentation. 2. Each Party was assumed to confirm Eligibility, but the reality is they do not. 3. The public assumes incorrectly that all Candidates, and Elected Officials in General, are subject to an SSBI (commonly, a Background check) by the FBI, or any Federal Agency... however, that is not true either.. go to pg 68... Candidates, nor Elected Officials,do not receive a Background check. Special Agent-in-Charge C. Frank Figliuzzi of the Cleveland FBI has gone public with that admission as well as have others in the Bureau. 4. The State of Hawaii does indeed have a way that Birth Certificates, or rather, Certification of Live Birth's, can be issued to children foreign born. http://www.capitol.hawaii.gov/hrscurrent... This was Law when obama was Born as well as currently. which makes the next Statement dubious... There is much more, but that should suffice to show why folks are in doubt... and why we are asking a Court of Law to verify the Issue... not 1 case has been denied for anything beyond Standing... not 1 case has gone to Discovery, nor been denied for Merit... We want the Courts to see it, and they have not... and not the Certification Of Live Birth, questionably produced on some web sites, and verified, if you will, by folks who are not experts...
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Ami Originally Answered: Presidential candidates are the most unpresidential?
The state of politics today is the product of a much larger system: pop culture. Politicians indulge in cat fighting and name calling because Americans have shown that they just eat that up on reality shows. They talk in sound bites because the majority of Americans don't bother to watch a debate from start to finish, or even read the entirety of a newspaper article. The political system and electoral process was always intended to be representative of the American people in some fashion. That is more true today than it ever was in the past. We won't be able to reform American politics until we understand why crap like American Idol becomes popular.

Till Till
Yes we have a right to see it. How else would we know for sure if a candidate meets our Constitutional standards of being a natural born citizen? Are we just supposed to take his or her word for it? I always thought this was done in the vetting process. Apparently I was wrong! Now that this ordeal is dragging out and Obama won't make his long form certificate available, I'm starting to smell a rat! He needs to show it to put an end to this growing body of disgruntled citizens before things really get out of hand.
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Roxanna Roxanna
This issue is NOT going to go away ever....until he decided to for once be honest with us and show us the proof. There are still people fighting to have this looked at in the courts, and eventually we'll find someone to do this who isn't one of Obama's puppets. There is absolutely no reason if he's telling us the truth that we can't see the original "long" form certificate! I don't care if i see it personally, but let someone see it that we can trust to tell us the truth. He'll never be "my" president unless this is proven without a shadow of doubt. A majority of the military feel the same way!
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Nanny Nanny
I have the birth certificate of the illegitimate daughter of President Warren G. Harding, who was born October 22, 1919 in Asbury Park, NJ, just 1 year before her father was elected president (November 2, 1920).
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Lorina Lorina
I think the question you should be asking everybody on here is DOES OBAMA HAVE THE RIGHT TO HIDE HIS LONG FORM BC FROM THE NATION HE HAS CHOSE TO PRESIDE OVER? I believe that since it is a Constitutional requirement for a candidate to be a "natural born citizen" to even be considered for the post of POTUS, then yes, the POTUS should be required to prove he meets the requirements for this position. The DNC never checked on this requirement before electing Obama to represent them in the election of 2008. The Federal Elections Commission never checked on this requirement, and neither did our Democratically controlled Congress. He (Obama) should be required to show the entire country his actual long form BC, in order to continue to be POTUS. Otherwise he needs to vacant the post of POTUS if he can;t provide proof that he meets this Constitutional requirement. If he can't provide proof that he is a natural born citizen then he is committing a fraud onto the American people.
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Katharyn Katharyn
I say you still don't grasp the law. Every state legally protects birth certificates from 3rd parties. Notice.. that does not include govt agencies with legal authority and reason. THAT MEANS.. A BIRTH CERTIFICATE CAN BE SEEN BY LAW ENFORCEMENT, THE CIA, HOMELAND SECURITY.. ANY OF THOSE.. there is no prohibition, because they have valid cause. Aside from that.. Obama shows his birth certificate for background/ security clearance, by his choice. That is his legal right to do. The demands to see "proof" means that you or other private citizens are defying the govt's conclusions and authority.. and appointing YOURSELF as able to investigate. And.. no.. you don't have that right. To protect your birth certificate from people that you choose to not see your record, is your civil right. Being President does not mean he gives up his civil rights. NOR DOES IT MEAN THAT HE HASN'T already given that document.. and more.. to the govt. Did you think they publish security clearance files in the Sunday paper? So.. why do you have to provide your son's birth certificate? Because YOU CHOOSE TO. They have a reason to ask (verify his age). You also show it to schools, because they have legal authority to see it. Like many others.. you are running in a false circle. You ASSUME that you showed your son's birth record.. and you ASSUME FALSELY that because YOU have not seen Obama's records.. wow.. the govt hasn't seen them either. You are confusing yourself with the government. All of this is nuts.. for the simple reason that records being restricted by law (which is true in ALL states) means that it is restricted from the govt. Now, that is a real joke. Your basic question.. do you have any legal authority to demand or see Obama's birth certificate? and the answer is no, you do not. You are confusing popular opinion with actual law. NO LAW EXISTS to give you that authority. You do not get to "enforce" a law that is non existant. And you don't get to file a lawsuit to give you such non existant power..since it would be contrary to law. It is the job of the govt to validate or investigate anyone. Not yours. edit ONE LAST TIME... You are blatantly and completely misinformed. It is the responsibility of the govt to fully investigate ANYONE HAVING A SECURITY CLEARANCE. No..he does not have to show ANYONE ..OUTSIDE OF THE GOVT... anything. Nothing sheeple about dealing with reality. It is settled because the govt ALREADY has investigated, and knows this thing is a hoax. edit EVEN IF THE FBI DID NOT INVESTIGATE.. the law still is the same. You don't have the legal right. Everyone seems to confuse what they THINK they should, or what they WANT.. and could care less about the law.
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Helena Helena
of course but don't expect to see this idiots birth certificate any time soon the original was destroyed years ago and only forgerys have surfaced to try to get people to back off but only the morons that still believe Obama is something he is not accept it//man he's a fraud and really none other than Barry Soetorro the closet muslim///// there isn't and never was a Barrack Obama///// "wake up America"
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Dulcibella Dulcibella
1) Pres.Obama's "Certification of Live Birth" (COLB) is a certified copy of his original birth certificate held on file by the state of Hawaii. (1st link below has links to close-ups) 2) ยง338-17.8 of Hawaiian law does allow for the registration of the birth of children born out of state. However, this didn't become law until 1982, as designated by "L 1982" near the bottom. Regardless, Obama's COLB states he was born in Honolulu, Hawaii. 3) Despite claims being made for over 1.5 years that Obama wasn't born in Hawaii, nobody has produced evidence proving otherwise. If someone has legal, documentary proof that Obama wasn't born in Hawaii, please provide it.
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Cecelia Cecelia
We have the ABSOLUTE right to see it. The Constitution of the United States clearly points out that a candidate for President MUST be at last 35 years of age, and MUST be a citizen born in the US. THe ONLY exception are US citizens who are born overseas, who's parents are ion the Military or Diplomatic Corp. their birth certificates read UNITED STATES DEPARTMENT OF STATE. Obama has yet to show his alleged Hawaiian Birth Certificate.
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Cecelia Originally Answered: Are voters lazy when it comes to learning about presidential candidates?
For a good number of voters, yes! It is sad, but true. For example, a lot of critics talked about how important it was for Obama to explain what he means by change and how he is going to pay for it. However, those of us who have done our homework already knew the answers to those questions. I was very happy that he did explain it so that he could make these critics shut their mouths. This election is too important to be lazy learning about the candidates. I have read several books on the candidates and viewed their plans for America. I suggest that everyone do the same!

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