So. what did you do today?

So. what did you do today? Topic: Homework answers website sucks
June 17, 2019 / By Coty
Question: :) Well went to school, gave my friend a late v-day card! Then my friend walked me to my class and talk to more ppl in my way to class, come home. Sign here asked a question about my homework but I only got one answer I that didn't really help me:(
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Asareel Asareel | 7 days ago
omg forever 21 sucks, all there stuff on there website is really cute, but when you actually go to the store NONE OF IT IS THERE! LIKE SERIOUSLY!!! im so mad, so all i got from there was a shirt, and new shoes. Today was a waste of time!
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Valentine Valentine
Woke up, watched TV, talked to my besfran <3 did homework [it's soooo long D:] Mom made me study for algebra took a shower ate marshmallow fluff :D made lunch, watched charlie the unicorn on youtube[: ate a chocolate bar, talked to my boifran for like 2 hrs[: finished math hw,did research paper on The Beatles, watched the secret life, got on Y!A answerd this question. Finished this sentence. And now i shall preview :D Wow that was thorough haha.
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Seanna Seanna
I woke up at 6:00am, I took a shower and went to the gym, then I'd got back to my apartment at 10:00am, took another shower and had breakfast watching tv. After that I fix my clothing and at 2:21pm drove to my office to start to work at 3:00pm and here I am at the office.
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Ocean Ocean
Lets see wope up at 11am, eat food 12-3 did hw watched tv and eat again since 4:30 i been on Ya
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Maddison Maddison
nothing really been a boring day i did go get my dogs some treats so they dont eun at other than that just another boring day
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I am the dispatcher in one of those work today get paid today businesses. I can not vouch for the one that you saw, however we are very legite. You fill out an application, come in around 5 am and I send you to work for the day. Some jobs are just construction clean up jobs, however I have had housekeeping and receptionist jobs as well. Some of the jobs repeat the next day, some are over in one day. Either way you have the ability to choose whether you want to work the next day it is up to you.

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